Wonderland - The heavenly heart - traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by aliceinthehole

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For the Faint of Heart

For the fantastical daydreamers who yearn for the adventurous nature of their youth, for collectors of art and sex combined, there's Doc Johnson's Wonderland series. Multi-functional and complete with the sexiest-feeling silicone I've ever encountered, this clitoral vibrator will take you for a ride. Members of the clit o' steel club will want to look elsewhere, however - this vibe's only got the power to please beginners and those with sensitive genital areas.
Sexy, sensual smooth silicone, collector's item, package is discreet, multiple settings.
Moderate to weak vibrations, buzzing sound is a bit noisy.
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If you're like me, you've loved Alice in Wonderland since childhood. The story is so fantastical, the characters magical, the imagery timeless. Growing into adulthood, I found myself more and more attracted to the image of the young Alice, scared and lost in this magical world, helped along by strangers who gave her a hand and showed her the way... Sexy illustrations litter the internet, cartoon porns have been created, and even an XXX-rated feature-film was created from this same idea in the seventies. Alice has accompanied me on my journeys into Wonderland since puberty.

And now, the long-anticipated Wonderland series from Doc Johnson is here! With a stellar trailer advertising the crew of clitoral vibrators, this Alice fan was certainly pumped to get her hands on one. I love sex toys. I love Alice in Wonderland. The two together? Almost too much excitement to handle. Let's get to it.

This 100% silicone vibrator is slightly phallic in design, created for clitoral stimulation, multi-function with patterns and steady vibrations, moderately powerful, fairly quiet and waterproof. Each toy comes in an elaborately designed case, complete with magnetic closing system and storybook design. The packaging couldn't be more beautiful, or more discreet.

The very power-hungry caterpillars will perhaps want to collect this, but not use it during sex play. The weakish vibes won't be enough to satisfy their cravings. More timid toy-collectors, however, will find this is just the perfect plaything. If you don't need much power, there's bound to be a setting out of the 10 offered here to bring you to your own private Wonderland.

Material / Texture

The silicone used here just blew me away. I am a silicone snob as well as collector, and I've never felt a silicone like this. It's simply delicious. It got me excited just running a finger along it! It's by far the absolute silkiest sex toy material I've ever felt. Fantastically firm and velvety smooth, this silicone will never collect lint. A light brush of the hand over it removes any dust that may have settled there, but it's never collected like every other toy I've encountered. It's really wonderful.

There is no texture to the toy at all - just seamless, sensuously smooth silicone.

One slight drawback of the silicone is that it does carry a light chemical smell. It's nothing I've ever detected in a silicone toy before, and it is bothersome to a point. After a handful of washings, however, this should diminish and eventually disappear. If you are very sensitive to smells you may want to wash this several times before use. Otherwise, you may not even notice it.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This somewhat-discreet toy is pocket-sized. At a mere 5.3" long with an insertable length of 4" and a width of 1.3", it can go wherever you do, with ease. Taking a tampon to the bathroom may be more difficult than hiding this in your palm when you're in a rush to fall down the rabbit hole.

The design of this particular toy brings us a heart-shaped flexible silicone head atop the slightly phallic body. Three raised hearts seem to be functional buttons, which would've been an intelligent design - the bottom two could easily be 'up' and 'down' buttons for increasing and decreasing levels of vibration, or flipping through patterns. As it is, the vibrations are controlled by a one-push button at the base. A single click of the base and the battery compartment lights up. Another click and you're off, cycling through the patterns. Holding the button for 2 seconds shuts off the device.

The Heavenly Heart features setting memory - so if you find your favorite setting and turn the toy off at that setting, when you come back to it it will be ready for you. This makes it so you don't have to cycle through each of the 10 settings to find your preferred one.

A small silicone o-ring at the battery compartment renders the toy waterproof.

I don't recommend this for insertion, but if you're one who enjoys odd shapes in their vagina, you'd love this. The silicone is soft and silky and the vibrations will travel throughout the shaft, though they're less intense as you near the tip.
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

This is where this toy loses a star for me, Miss Clit o' Steel. Ten great functions are included in the Heavenly Heart - three steady vibrations and 7 patterns ranging in intensity and variety. I realize this toy is only powered by one AA battery, but I'd still really like more power out of a toy that is this cool and with this much promo and anticipation preceding its arrival on the market. Also, it advertises 10 'intense' functions, and these are quite moderate.

If the silicone were significantly more firm, I can imagine the vibes traveling better to the heart on the tip. As it is, they are lightly deadened by the journey from wiggling motor to the heavenly heart-shaped tip.

Now, if you're a beginning toy user or one who is very sensitive to clitoral stimulation, this toy is going to be a dreamboat for you. There's a wide variety of functions here, and the three steady vibrations have something for beginners of all levels.

I would also prefer the small hearts on the handle to be functional buttons. The one-push button on the base is easy enough to operate, but the hearts look as if they're just begging for a purpose!

For me, the best function was setting 3 - the highest, strongest vibration setting. This was a buzzy, high vibration, and a bit noisy as well. The body of the vibe rattles a bit on certain settings, making its presence known. I doubt it'd be heard through a closed door with light music playing near you. The best way to masturbate or have sex is with music playing! Covers up the sound perfectly...

This is waterproof, but please be sure to screw the base completely tight onto the toy before submerging this bad boy.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

Use only waterbased lube with this waterproof toy. Lint won't be an issue here, as a simple light brush of the hand over the toy or even blowing it off removes all lint. This is one of the best features of this toy.

Never boil toys with motors, even though this is silicone. Antibacterial soap and/or regular soap and water will help keep this clean between uses. You'll need nothing for storage other than the glorious package this came in, which is the best part!

You can discard the not-so-discreet outer sleeve of the package, which features a photo of the toy, and use only the beautiful case it comes in. The case closes with a magnetic side-flap, features a custom, velvety inlay to hold the toy, and appears to be nothing more than a collection of fairy tales when placed on a bookshelf. The 'spine' of the case is embellished with the word 'Wonderland' in gorgeous, gold embossing. Not your average sex toy packaging, eh?
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Unlike many toys, the Wonderland series packaging is one of its neatest features. Designers obviously slaved over this design. It is epic, beautiful, and innovative, to be modest.

This would make a lovely gift, and even renders the toy an excellent collector's item.

Personal comments

You can check out the Doc Johnson trailer for the Wonderland series here.

The trailer for the Heavenly Heart toy itself is here.

And see a promo video with a DJ representative showcasing each toy here.
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