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"I come from the land down under...." I'll never be able to listen to that song the same way again. This little koala is all set for a trip down under, if you can hang on to him! This isn't the greatest toy ever invented, but it's a fun change of pace!
Unique shape and texture, 10 interesting vibration patterns, quiet!
Can be hard to hold on to, vibrations not very strong, not everyone wants a koala down there.
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This cute little koala-shaped vibrator from Doc Johnson is intended for clitoral stimulation, but can also be run over any part of your body that enjoys a little buzz. Although animal shapes don't appeal to everyone, this may be perfect for those that find realistic-shaped toys a little intimidating, or for those who simply enjoy toys with a whimsical design.
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

The clitoral stimulator of this toy is made from TPE, which rates a 6/10 on the EdenFantasys safety scale. This material can be kept clean with a mild soap and water or with a toy cleaner, but because it is somewhat porous and can't be sterilized by boiling, this toy should not be shared unless you are covering it with a condom. The good news is that this material is compatible with both water based and silicone lubricants, and is also pthalate-free.

The TPE koala is basically a sleeve covering a generic bullet vibrator. The koala's features and ears provide a variety of textures to play with, ranging from the fairly bumpy face to the smooth back to the protruding ears. The material isn't at all sticky, but does offer a fair bit of drag. Because he's stuffed full of a vibrator, the koala isn't flexible, except for his ears.

There was no odor to this toy when I opened the package, which is always a nice surprise.
    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

The basic design is pretty simple- a koala-covered bullet attached to a remote via a wire. The koala measures about 2" tall by 1.5" wide, and the remote is about 3.5" long. The remote's shape makes it easy to hold on to, ans the velvety plastic feels nice in the hand. While the toy's small size and weight make it easy to travel with, the fact that the koala is so small can make it a little difficult to maneuver, especially when things start getting slippery, since it isn't attached to any kind of base.

A cap at the base of the remote twists off so that you can load the 2 AAA batteries that power the toy. You simply drop the batteries in, and a handy guide to which direction each battery goes is printed right on the battery compartment. The cap is spring loaded, so you just press down and twist again to close. There is an o-ring to keep water out, but there is no mention of this toy being waterproof, so I'd suggest keeping any water exposure to a minimum.
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is one button to turn the toy on and off, and another to cycle through each of the 10 functions. I love having a separate on/off button, in case you need to shut it off quickly. One thing I don't like is that there is no indicator of which of the 10 functions you are on. I like toys that display a number (or something similar) for each function to make them easier to find, rather than having to count as you go to find your favorites. There is a small red indicator light above the function button that blinks in time with the vibrations.

All of the patterns of vibration are pretty similar intensity, around a 2-4 out of 10.
I'm kind of terrible at describing vibration patterns, but here's my best attempt!
1) Steady vibration. (1 vrooms)
2) Steady, slightly pulsing vibration. (2 vrooms)
3) Steady but a bit more intense. (2.5)

I think the first 3 are supposed to be the standard low-medium-high, but I can barely feel a difference between them.

4) Quickly escalating vibrations (2-3)
5) Short, fast pulses (3)
6) Shorter, faster pulses (3)
7) A quick escalating vibration followed by a couple of pulses (2-3)
8) A mix of numbers 5 & 6, followed by a steady vibration
9) Mostly steady with occasional moments of escalation.
10) A variety of pulses ranging from low and quick to longer and stronger.

When you hit the on/off button, it always starts back over at 1.

One of the best things about this toy is that it is QUIET! I had the heater in my bedroom running, and I basically couldn't hear the toy over it. A blanket will almost totally mute the sound of this.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned above, you can keep the koala side of the vibrator clean with mild soap and water, or with a toy cleaner. The remote side isn't likely to need cleaning, but I'd suggest wiping it off with a damp cloth if cleaning is required. Although it appears to be splash-proof, I wouldn't submerge either half of this toy in water.

One nice thing I noticed is that the koala-shaped sleeve looks pretty easy to pop off of the bullet, so you can clean it separately, or even throw it away when it starts to get old and just continue to use the bullet on its own.

The texture of the koala's face and hands provide a little extra challenge when it comes to cleaning, since there are lots of little bumps and crevices for fluids to get into. A foaming toy cleaner might be especially helpful here!


While the packaging isn't really discrete (it mentions being perfect for clitoral stimulation several times), it isn't explicit, either. The toy comes in a resealable plastic clamshell package with a cardboard insert decorated with a cartoon koala in a tree on both the front and back. The back of the insert also lists the basic info such as batteries needed (2 AAA), trademark info and a summary of the features. While the plastic clamshell isn't the greatest storage option ever, it isn't bulky and will work just fine to keep this toy separate from others in your drawer or box.


I was pretty pleased with this, no pun intended. Although it's obviously not a luxury toy, it is fun. The weak vibrations are more suited to foreplay or warming up for another toy than actually being the main event, but the variety of textures and patterns make this a fun change of pace. Beginners can enjoy the simple controls, low intensity and non-threatening shape, while advanced users might find fun in the unusual shape and the sensations the different textures provide.
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