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Fuckable, Yet Oh-So-Delicate Flower

If Doc Johnson's Red Flower vibe falls into your budget, I'd consider purchasing her just for the bendable shaft, which is an experience I haven't found often with other full-size vibrators. If that's something that doesn't get you off hard, or you already have a toy or two for such a purpose, save your money!
Flexible, bendable shaft, waterproof, strong vibrations.
Porous jelly, not durable in construction or reliable in vibration.
Rating by reviewer:
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The Red Flower vibe from Doc Johnson had me dripping wet before I even removed it from the packaging. She's a vision in translucent red, that catches the light just so. I was caught in a daydream fantasy about her curves in all the right places, and her incredible flexibility. It didn't take me long to caress her with a healthy dose of sex toy cleaner, after which I promptly handed her over to my partner, and waited for the festivities to begin!

The strength of her lowest vibrating setting made me lose my breath, as my partner danced Flower over my clit and around the entrance to my pussy. I occasionally fall into the impatient just-fuck-me-already place, and Doc Johnson's flexible Red Flower vibe inspired that lustful mood to arise within me.

The usual delights of foreplay felt torturous and drawn-out. This Flower is one that is made to fuck. Her highest setting is… just delightful. One of those things that made me feel as though she might turn me into a puddle on the floor, or reduce me to a pile of ash, or a frog or other animal from some mythical line of fairy-tales. In any case, I didn't become invisible as I spent time with Flower; instead I became a happier and happier lady.

As my lover indulged my desirous moans my pussy grasped hungrily at her shaft, hips rocking in tandem, pulling her deeper into me. If you're at all into texture, Flower feels like bliss inside. There are so many petals adorning her shaft, and they all hit a little bit differently. The various shapes, sizes, and angles make her a sensate's dream come true!

I'm a slut for sex toys, but it didn't take more than three or four thrusts before she enticed me to orgasm, and my heightened arousal intensified the ridiculous pleasure lent to me by her curves. Doc Johnson's Red Flower vibe is completely waterproof, and is equipped with a flexible, bendable shaft that holds the shape you mold her into. Having such a limber toy has its perks! My lover and I had fun bending her at a 90-degree angle and using her right up against my g-spot, and also making fun squiggles that made her curves juxtapose curves and propel me right into orgasmic heaven.

After our first play session with Flower I was soaring high and more than content, completely ready to rate her 5 stars. Thankfully, however, I pulled her out a few days later and went for Round Two. This time she wasn't nearly as satisfying. Don't get me wrong, her textured, bendable shaft still felt great as both an external clitoral vibrator and an insertable dildo (both with and without the vibrations going). So what's the problem?

I noticed that her bendable bits felt slightly off, and I looked more closely to see that the whole bendable core had detached from the base of the internal shaft. Yikes! She still bent, but it took a little more patience and TLC to coax her into position. The vibrations were still as strong as ever (she takes 3 AAA batteries, so make sure to have them on hand if you choose to play!) and Round Two was successful overall in that she brought me to another breathy release.

By Round Three the next day, my partner couldn't figure out why she wasn't vibrating even though he was spinning her control dial this way and that. I offered my assistance, and unscrewed the battery compartment cover and resecured it to find that Flower jumped to vibrating life in my hands once more. (I'm not quite sure what compelled me to respond in such a way, but if she dies on you, try fiddling with the battery compartment cover.) My heart sunk a little bit in that moment because Flower had such potential to be one of my favorite toys.

In the end, she didn't make the cut. Whether it was my pussy's iron vice-like grip, or some other variation of playing "too hard", or just that Doc Johnson fell short on this one, I couldn't tell you. What I can say is that Flower, while deliciously textured and fuckable, is not a reliable toy. She's much too delicate for my tastes.

If you do choose to go gallivanting with her (almost worth it just for the bendable shaft experience), I recommend covering her jelly body with a condom to make clean up easy. All those grooves are too much otherwise! Keep in mind that jelly cannot be sterilized like silicone, and it is porous, so definitely slip a rubber on Flower if you plan on sharing! Water and silicone-based lubes work best with her.
How would I improve the Red Flower Vibe? I wish she were made out of a more body-friendly material like silicone, and I'd love to see a remake that's more durable and up for play. She's the best working most functional broken toy in my toybox now, and it's nice that her construction-quirks don't compromise any safety issues (I'm having flashbacks to anal plugs that have lost their base!). Still, it's no fun when a toy breaks, especially in the first week of use.
Follow-up commentary
Dang-it. The Red Flower Vibe got my hopes up so high when she first arrived and we first became acquainted. As I stated in my original review, she was a bit too delicate of a flower and it became apparent that she is just not built for continuous play, or even mildy enthusiastic play as she did not withstand the duration of even one or two sessions before breaking.

She still worked in her discombobulated state, however sporadic her vibrations and flexibility capacity. And I was so attached to the [italics|idea] of the Red Flower Vibe that I kept picking her up to play time and again.

She's finally met the maker, though, and has become so... well, broken, that she's not any fun to play with anymore. She doesn't vibrate any longer; she has zero bend-ability; she's like a shell of her former self. A very, very sad shell.

I think I have a problem, though. I think I am one of those girls who just can't seem to throw out a sex toy. It feels sacrilegious, somehow. So the Red Flower Vibe sits in the bottom of my toybag, better known as the "Dead Toy Cemetery" where she is visited by her healthy, vibrant relatives daily.

I do still love her many petals, and they do still feel so fucking delicious inside of my pussy, vibrations or not. But admittedly, it's hard to find the motivation to take her out to play when there are so many other choices.

If you're willing to invest in a quick thrill, go for it--I still feel that the Red Flower Vibe is unique and a great toy to have experienced for the precious minutes that she lasts. Just don't be shocked when she falls apart in your lover's hands thirty seconds before you would've hit that mindblowing orgasm. I mean it!
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  • Mamastoys
    It sounded so good..sorry it faltered along the way!!!
    Thanks for the honest review!!
  • Arabella Eve
    @ Mamastoys: Of course! Honesty is what makes reviewing worthwhile to all of us.

    Do you have experience with any flexible vibes that are built-to-last?
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Gha! I despise Jelly, it always hurt the quality of any toy.
  • Arabella Eve
    @Viktor: Yeah. It hurts the quality. I'm happy to see that companies are making more body and environmentally-friendly toys, though!
  • lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
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