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This is a great little finger vibe that would make a great addition to anyone's toy collection. Its unique shape, soft silicone, and the ability to swap the bullet make it very versatile and should make it appeal to a wide range of people.
Small, versatile, silicone, can provide a range of sensations
Included bullet only has one mode, difficult to remove bullet without lube
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First impression

I was looking to add a new small clit vibe to my collection, and this little guy caught my eye. The unique shape, compact size, silicone material, and removable bullet were all features that really appealed to me. And for under $15, it seemed like a good value to boot.

The Finger Flicker arrived in Eden's usual nondescript brown shipping box. It was packaged in a simple sealed plastic bag, and as always, I appreciated the lack of bulky, wasteful packaging. There were no instructions, but this toy is pretty self-explanatory, so that didn't bother me. The only thing that annoyed me a little about the way the toy arrived was the fact that the bullet was already inside the silicone sleeve, and it was a NIGHTMARE trying to get it out. When I put bullets into attachments or other toys, I always add a drop of lubricant to make it easier to remove for precisely this reason, so I would have appreciated if Eden had simply shipped the product without the bullet already inserted. However, after about 15 minutes of pulling, squeezing, swearing, and being convinced I was going to break either the bullet, the sleeve, or both, I finally managed to free the bullet.

I opened up the battery cap to the bullet and realised that it already had the necessary 3 watch batteries inside it. However, there was a little cardboard insert to disrupt the contact between the batteries and the toy to keep the toy from turning on during shipping. To make the bullet work, you simply have to remove this little circle of cardboard, replace the battery cap, and press the black button on the top of the bullet, and it starts buzzing away. The bullet is made from silver ABS plastic and only has one mode, which I'd classify as a sort of medium-strength buzzy vibration. It has a small O-ring around the battery cap, so it appears to have some degree of waterproofability, though I'm not sure I'd trust it enough to submerge it. It kept water out just fine when I washed it in the sink, though, so I'd say it's safely splashproof, at the very least. The silicone Finger Flicker itself is made from velvety soft black silicone of a sort of medium level of firmness. The little petal shape flexes relatively easily, but it's rigid enough to hold its shape without drooping or flexing unless you actually try to flex it.

All in all, I was pleased with the product, especially considering the price. The included bullet is pretty entry-level, but it's also very standard size, so you could easily swap it out for a bullet that's more powerful and/or has more functions if you wanted (I found that my waterproof long 10-function bullet from Eden fits into the bullet slot in the silicone sleeve perfectly, and I'd imagine most of Eden's other bullets would as well).

Packaging upon arrival:

With bullet removed, and a standard Bic lighter for scale:

In my (small) hand:

With my long multi-function bullet inserted:

First Use

Before settling down to test out my new little toy, I took it off to the bathroom sink for a quick wash. The silicone part of the Finger Flicker can be cleaned with toy cleaner or mild soap and water (I use toy cleaner), and so long as you remove the bullet, you could also boil it or put it through the dishwasher (without detergent) if you wanted to sterilise it. You could also wipe it down with alcohol or a 5-10% bleach solution (just make sure to rinse well). The bullet itself is plastic and contains electronic components, so you should stick to just washing it with toy cleaner or soap and water (no boiling, dishwasher, bleach, or alcohol for the bullet part of this toy).

Not wanting a repeat of the frustration I experienced trying to remove the bullet from the toy after it arrived, I put a very small bit of water-based lube (as this toy is largely made of silicone, avoid pairing it with silicone-based lube and stick to water-based) onto the bottom portion of the bullet before re-inserting it into the silicone sleeve. As I have rather small hands and fingers, I found that the finger loop was a little too large to fit snugly around my index finger, but fit better around my middle finger (it was still a little loose, but not too bad). I added a small amount lube to both my clitoral area and the tip of the petal shape, turned on the bullet, and held it lightly to my clit. It felt lovely! Honestly, the tip of the petal didn't "flicker" as much as I'd expected, given the name of the product, but the vibrations from the bullet transferred along the silicone very well, and the shape of the silicone petal was something I found myself really enjoying. This shape makes it very easy to apply either pinpoint-precise stimulation to the very tip of your clitoris, or you can angle it so the flat part is against your sweet spot to stimulate a larger area. You can even use the more solid, bulbous section behind the flat petal part if you want to apply more intense pressure, so I feel like the shape of this toy really lends itself well to virtually any type of clitoral vibration stimulation you want, which is awesome. It was very comfortable to hold and manipulate, though it did buzz my hand pretty good as I was using it (though that's to be expected with any small finger vibe).

I didn't have an orgasm on my first date with this toy, but I honestly wasn't really trying to. I was just sort of playing around with it and seeing how it felt, and my first experience definitely made me eager to play with this toy more.

Further Experience

When I sat down to play with the Finger Flicker again a little later that same day, I decided to see if/how it worked with my two other bullets. My long 10-function bullet fits perfectly, as it appears to be exactly the same width as the bullet the Finger Flicker came with (it's longer, so it sticks out of the sleeve more, but this also makes it easier to remove, which was nice). I also tried it with my more powerful rechargeable bullet. This bullet is a little wider, so it was a tighter squeeze to get it in (and I added a fair amount of lube and didn't push it quite all the way in, because I wanted to be able to get it out again), but since the Finger Flicker is made of silicone, its bullet chamber has some stretch, so you can squeeze a slightly wider bullet into it if you want/need to, which is nice. I noticed that with the more powerful bullet, the end of the petal shape DID flick back and forth quite a bit, which created a much more intense sensation. Honestly, it was a little TOO intense at times, almost like it was slapping my clit really hard and really fast, which was a little too much for me personally. I think I'll probably stick to my slightly lower-powered bullets with this sleeve, but for those who DO like a more intense clit-flicking sensation, know that you can easily achieve that with this toy if you swap in a more powerful bullet.

I decided that I liked the Finger Flicker best with my long 10-function bullet (which has adjustable intensity plus 7 patterns, I just like the variety better than the single-function bullet that came with it), so I stuck that in it (with a little lube, of course) and decided to try for an orgasm by pairing the Finger Flicker with my Pink Heart glass dildo. The wider base on the Pink Heart is great in the sense that it makes it safe to use anally, but that wider lip can sometimes interfere with me being able to properly position a clit toy while using it. I was hoping that the small size and low profile of the Finger Flicker might be a solution to that problem, and I was right! I had no trouble positioning the tip of the petal of the Finger Flicker right on my clit while I gently thrust the Pink Heart in and out of my vagina, with its lovely bulged shape stimulating my G-spot. The only real issue I encountered was that because the long bullet I had in the Flicker was...well, long, I sometimes found myself accidentally pushing the function button on the bullet with the heel of the palm of my hand, which would change the bullet's mode unexpectedly. However, once I figured that out and could be conscious about avoiding it, I also found that when I DID want to change the bullet's mode, I could do so easily without having to re-position either of my hands. I could just sort of bend the palm of my hand to hit the button, so that was kind of a neat discovery (although I did continue to hit it accidentally a few times as well, haha). After only a few minutes of using the Pink Heart internally and the Finger Flicker externally, I had a lovely orgasm. It wasn't out-of-this-world strong (those typically only happen for me with more high-powered toys), but it was still very pleasurable and satisfying.

So far I'm very impressed with the Finger Flicker, and I look forward to testing it out with some of my other toys. It strikes me as a very versatile toy that could be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from people looking to buy their very first sex toy up to experienced toy-users who have been collecting for years (and everyone in between). The fact that you can swap out the bullet to provide yourself with different intensities, functions, and qualities of vibration adds to its versatility and appeal.

Vibration Map

I feel the vibrations most strongly in the really flexible petal-shaped part of the toy, but the vibrations can be easily felt all over the toy, which allows you to pick what sort of stimulation you prefer, which is really nice. The only downside is that it vibrates your hand quite a lot, but again, that's to be expected with a finger vibe.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

So far my orgasms with this toy haven't been super intense, but they've still been very satisfying and enjoyable.
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Follow-up commentary
I still really enjoy this little finger vibe. I don't find myself using it as much as some of my higher-end clit toys, but I'm definitely glad to have it in my collection. It's a great little vibe for the price.
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