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Fun to use with a partner

Definitely gotten rid of this toy. It was okay as far as anal but from the few vaginal uses I have now come down with some sort of reaction/infection and I don't even want to touch Jelly again. Please ignore all the pros about this toy and find something made of silicone.
Multiple uses, Realistic design, Beads don't stick
Beads aren't big enough, Buttons are too easy to press, Smelly, No safety features
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I think this rabbit is best used with a partner, as it's length is quite hard for one to manage on their own. I am very flexible and I had a hard time holding this rabbit without either accidentally hitting a button, hurting myself, or accidentally misplacing the rabbit extension.

Material / Texture

This jackrabbit is waterproof, but as usual, I don't recommend taking it for a dive as water can leak into the toy under pressure.

This vibrator is made out of jelly, which is a very porous and extremely smelly material. I took this one out of the box and the smell was so awful that I had to let it sit out on the counter in the open for a while so it could lose some of it's scent. I even sprayed it down with toy cleaner to remove a little more smell. Honestly, even after all that, I'm still annoyed by the smell. Worse than many jelly toys I have owned in my life.

I would say that this is great for a beginner, and could still be fun for someone who is advanced as the clitoral attachment is very intense (and even painful if you aren't careful).

There are a few nubs near the head of the dildo which to me are felt more than the rotating beads themselves. I can hardly feel them unless I use the rotate function on the first level, as it is more rumbling.

I wish the beads were larger and stuck out more so that they could be felt more intensely. On the bright side, I'm glad that they do not get jammed at all. That is a huge plus. This is my first rabbit but my old roommate used to get so upset when her beads jammed.

This jelly toy is about a 5 on a 1-10 scale of "stickiness". If you have a cat or a lot of lint on your fabrics, you are going to see that showing up.
    • Bumpy
    • Somewhat sticky
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

I love the shape of the penis. Very realistic and would be almost identical to my husband's penis if it were just a little longer and thicker. So, what I mean to say is that it feels and looks like a real penis - except it's pink, of course.

The design could use improvement. I think the clitoral attachment should have more flexibility because it doesn't quite hit my clit the right way, and is honestly very painful if it is placed directly against it. I have to turn the rabbit to the side so that it hits only the side of my clitoris, causing no pain. This, for me, means no orgasm unfortunately.

I do think it is better used with a partner. The length of the handle is so small and it's hard for me to hold. My husband has a lot of fun holding the toy for me so this isn't a huge issue.

What is an issue is that the buttons are extremely easy to press. For some, this may be great. No one likes a toy that you have to practically break your fingers for. However, you could easily set this toy off on accident or turn it off on accident. I could imagine for a girl living on campus or at home with her family, she would not want to accidentally set off this toy. It's quite noisy and awkward if someone is in the room with you.

It's not discreet - which is a given. I mean, it looks like a dick. However, it can be hidden easily in a box and traveled with easily as well.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Like I said, controls are all too easy to use. You have three intense levels of vibration for the clitoral attachment, and three levels of a somewhat intense rotation for the shaft. You can also switch what direction the shaft rotates in, which I think is really neat. I seem to respond to LTR rather than RTL.

The beads offer somewhat of a vibrating feeling, but they are hardly felt texture wise. This is something I don't quite like and I have actually picked out another rabbit already with larger beads. Some people may be more sensitive than I on the inside, but I can hardly feel anything. This means texture is important for me, and this rabbit didn't do the job.

As far as the head goes, the bumbs and "mushroom tip" felt really awesome. The penis had a very pronounced head and the bumps were felt better than the beads.

I used this one in the shower with no problem, but it isn't a jackrabbit that can be dunked. I noticed some water leaked into the battery compartment as I took it apart, so I will no longer be using it near water. However, the rabbit worked just as well and no signs of damage have been shown.
    • Long lasting power
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

To care for this toy I recommend the following:

1. Keep it clean with a toy cleaner that is compatible for jelly toys.

2. Clean immediately after use

3. Use a condom with it if you want to prolong the life of the jelly material, and for safety reasons. Jelly is very porous so it absorbs whatever it comes in contact with. This jackrabbit did feel really awesome anally, as I had mentioned, in which a condom is necessary. I had a little trouble keeping the condom from rolling off. Lucky me, I have an old jelly cock ring that I slid over the end of the condom to keep it secure. Worked perfectly as my husband and I did some anal play.

4. Switch condoms when using between partners. My husband also enjoys anal, so it is important to switch the condom when going back and forth. Especially for anal.

5. Store this toy somewhere where it can breathe, especially if you prefer to wash your toy with soap and water. A small plastic storage box with some holes drilled into the lid works perfectly.
    • Difficult to store
    • High maintenance

Personal comments

Personal comments: This toy feels awesome when used for anal. Although I am going to buy an entirely different rabbit, I am keeping this one for anal use. I don't know why but everything is felt so much better when I use this toy anally with my husband. Actually, if you use this toy vaginally and find that the clitoral attachment is too much for you or doesn't fit your shape, turn it backwards and let the rabbit tickle your anus. Feels amazing!
    • Good for anal
    • Multiple uses


I had to add to this review because something really awful has happened. I did use this toy with a condom, however there were a few instances when the condom slipped up and the clitoral attachment was touching my vagina at all times during the use of this toy. Even though I only used it once or twice I began to start having a thick creamy/egg white/chunky lotion-like discharge from my vagina for about a week now. It was mostly noticed after using the toy, and I figured I was ovulating or pregnant or anything - but I am most certain there is something in this toy that is unsafe. I want to be completely honest with everyone that nobody should buy this toy. There are no "safety" features and a lot of bad things can be found in Jelly. I hate myself for even buying this toy to begin with because I've always been against this material, even with a condom. Now I am dealing with a lot of vaginal pain, especially around the cervix, tons of discharge, and nausea/vomiting. I did have my OBGYN test me for pregnancy, UTI, and yeast infections but I came up clean for all the above. He thinks it may be the toy and is sending me to another doctor for further testing. Please, think twice before buying Jelly and if you do please cover the entire toy with a latex condom or cover!
Follow-up commentary
Mr. Waterproof Jack Rabbit decided to leave me hanging the other night and completely died out. I noticed it first when the clit attachment started to become weak, but when the rotating shaft started to jerk back and forth I knew something was wrong. It hasn't really gotten too wet except when I wash it with toy wipes, so I'm not sure what happened. I tried new batteries and it didn't seem to do the trick. It's a shame!
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  • JoshJosh123
    Nice review, thanks
  • Slutty Girl Problems
    Did your vaginal issues with this toy clear up? Any answers about if it was from the toy?
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