Tender Moments Pleaser by Cal Exotics - review by Nashville

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Fun Twist On An Old Favorite!

The Tender Moments Pleaser is a vibe that will keep you guessing. From it's shingled shaft down to it's thick, nubby base, this is a toy that is full of fun, unique sensations.
Fun, unique sensations.
Some may find they need to use a little more lube than usual with this vibe.
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The Tender Moments Pleaser is a "safe and pure" hygienic, flexible TPR vibrator that is an unique twist on an old favorite.

The best feature of this vibrator is that it's 100% waterproof. It's easy to use in the shower and water play is very fun due to the tapered, textured shaft. Unfortunately, since the box suggests only water-based lubricant which does not hold up well in water, the stream from a shower head will quickly wash away your lubrication leading to either a short session or often reapplication of lubricant. This vibe can be fully submersed in the bath, just make sure the cap is screwed on tightly.

A tapered tip graduates into a shingled shaft and ends at a thick base with 3 rows of nubs. The spine of the vibrator allows it to be bent so that while the vibrator is inserted, you can rub the bumpy base against your clitoris. Once past the triangular head, there is a bullet placed within the shaft to allow for deep vaginal vibrations. This bullet is fairly powerful and allows for both cervical and g-spot stimulation.

As the bullet is mild, it's also surprisingly silent. However, if you're looking for discretion, the vibrator is only silent once inserted into your vagina; if you're using the vibrator externally to rub against your lips or labia, there will be audible buzzing. The Tender Moments Pleaser vibrator is multi-speed and is controlled by a dial on the base of the vibrator. The dial easily turns back and forth with varying speeds, allowing you to choose the precise level of vibrations you want.

The Tender Moments Pleaser is moderately sized. As it's tapered, the tip and first inch of the vibrator are fairly thin, however, as you thrust the vibrator in further it becomes quite girthy. It's filling but not to the point where you feel stuffed. If you're able to insert the vibrator to the bumpy base, you'll notice some pleasing stretching of your vaginal opening. The bumps at the base also stimulate your vaginal lips and add just one more fun element to this unique vibrator.

The only issue with this vibrator is that some may have trouble with insertion if they are not lubricated enough. If any such situation arises, this TPR vibrator is compatible with water-based lubricants. (The box urges that you use only water-based lubricant, however, EdenFantasy's material guide says that silicone lubricant can be used on TPR toys.) The reason there may be trouble with insertion is that the flared tips of the shingles on the shaft have a tendency to "dig" into your vaginal wall as you thrust the Tender Moments Pleaser vibrator inside. While this may sound uncomfortable, it's actually a very interesting sensation. The TPR is soft, so while your vagina may show some resistance, these shingles will form to the contours of your vagina resulting in them "digging" in. Removal of the vibrator is surprisingly easy, so thrusting the vibrator back and forth will result in fascinating sensations that may feel like a fun game of tug-of-war consisting of focused pushing and easy pulling.

As the vibrator bends, with manipulation and a little effort, you may be able to angle it to rub against your g-spot. The feeling of rubbing the shingled shaft against your g-spot coupled with the semi-powerful vibrations makes this a vibrator you'll want to use often.

Because of the varying widths in the shaft of the vibrator, in the gaps between the triangular layers, you may notice some "sucking" sounds as you thrust. If sound effects turn you on, you'll get an absolute kick out of this vibrator. However, if you're focused on discretion, these sound effects may be too distracting to allow you to truly enjoy the funky flair of this vibe. Also, the gaps between the layers have a tendency to build up gunk so make sure to thoroughly wash your vibrator after use with either soap and water or antibacterial toy cleaner.

The Tender Moments Pleaser is a surprising vibrator. It's fun, unique, and the TPR material is very pliable with a lot of give. While the textured shaft may seem extreme for some it's really very mild. While it's semi-powerful it's also virtually silent, this is a must have for anyone tired of traditional vibes and looking for a chance of pace.
I'd like to point out that while the box claims that this vibrator is unscented, it actually had a faint smell reminiscent to gingerbread cookies.

This was a fun vibrator, I rather enjoyed using it however it wasn't as powerful as I would have liked it to be. If you're someone that uses lubricants every time you play than this vibe is a keeper.
Follow-up commentary
This little vibrator has grown on me. The vibrations really are great- they aren't AS powerful as I'd like but they're the deep, thuddy kind that resonate throughout your entire vaginal regions. The fact that the bullet is situated so close to the tip really makes this a great vibe to use on your clitoris when you're not using it for penetration.
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  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Yum. Gingerbread. Is that a common scent or is this one a first?
  • Sammi
    This looks like fun - I can see why the extra lube may be necessary.

    And yum to gingerbread!
  • Naughty Student
    Lol, gingerbread cookies thats a first!

    Nice review
  • Nashville
    It's the first time I've ever smelt it, Cin.
  • Nashville
    Sammi- yea, lube is a must- and definitely yum, it was a pleasant surprise.
  • Nashville
    It really was a first, NS. I'm just glad it wasn't a chemical smell, I'll take cookies any day.
  • TinyTease
    Do you think the ridges feel really pronounced and may be too much for someone who shys away from texture?
  • Nashville
    Yes. They don't hurt, they're not uncomfortable but they're obviously there and easily felt. If you like a smooth, flat shaft you won't like this. I think it's different though, especially for people who want to try a new type of penetration.
  • Nashville
    I'd just like to say that I've had the chance to use this more often and the vibrations are great. They aren't powerful but they're the deep throaty, thuddy kind that resonate throughout your entire vaginal regions.
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
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