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Traditional vibrator by Fantasy toys

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Gentle and reliable.

The Red Hot Helmet suffers from some flaws, like lackluster packaging and a tight battery compartment. Nevertheless, it is a quiet and moderately powerful traditional vibrator that is well-suited to water play.
Very quiet; soft, seamless material; waterproof; doesn't eat batteries.
Not very powerful; material may not be pure silicone; wimpy packaging; tight battery compartment.
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My relationship with the Red Hot Helmet has been rocky from the start. My mail room had a crisis and forgot to sort a whole week's worth of mail, so I didn't receive my package for nigh on 3 weeks. Then the actual toy packaging was messed up: this vibrator comes in a very thin, flimsy plastic box, the lid of which is bound to pop open.

The actual toy, however, is of much higher quality than the package it arrives in. Roughly 6 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches wide at its thickets point, the Red Hot Helmet is a little thicker than a US half dollar. It's not light, but it's fairly easy to hold, and it's short enough that you won't bend your wrist out of shape operating it. The toy has a pronounced head with raised bumps on it.

The vibrator is covered in a thick layer of bright red material, which is relatively firm, but is supple enough that you can push it around a tiny bit with your fingers. The toy itself is supple and can bend a little bit in all directions. There are no visible seams. While EF's details and the toy's packaging claim this vibrator is pure silicone, I have a hard time believing that. In my experience, pure silicone's scent is never anything worse than a very faint clay-like smell, while the Red Hot Helmet vibe has the more medicinal smell of TPR silicone. [Editor's note: The material was changed for TPR Silicone on Eden.] Regardless, silicone (and silicone composites) are easily cleaned with soap and water and/or toy cleaner. Do not use silicone lubricant with the Red Hot Helmet, or you may deform your toy.

The battery compartment is a half circle of dark red plastic, texturized with many raised dots. It's about half as wide as the actual toy; hence, the toy doesn't have a flared base and should not be used for anal play. You screw off the battery and insert a single AA battery, which is easy enough. Removing the battery, however, is much more difficult; the battery compartment is extremely tight, so you have to smack the top of the toy to pop the battery out.

The Red Hot Helmet is not a very powerful toy, most likely because the thick layer of material surrounding the motor muffles its power. It has several easily-differentiated speeds, ranging from a barely-there 1 vrooms to a buzzy 3 vrooms; you can raise or lower the speed by turning the dial that covers the battery compartment. It's not a powerful vibrator by any means, but it's strong enough to stimulate you, and it's more than powerful enough for more sensitive users. That thick layer of material also muffles the sound of the motor, and I was surprised by how quiet this toy is! It makes a very low buzzing noise that is hard to hear, even on its highest speed, and it's easily muffled by a blanket or a closed door.

The shape of the toy and the raised bumps on the head really don't add any extra sensation to the toy. I could feel the bumps a little around the entrance of my vagina when I inserted it, but that's about it. On the other hand, the raised bumps didn't make this toy more painful to use.

The Red Hot Helmet is also waterproof, and there is a very thick o-ring protecting the battery compartment from any moisture. I took it in to the shower once and submerged it in a bowel of water for a few minutes, and both times, the battery compartment remained completely dry. Just make sure you screw the battery compartment cap on tight!

In conclusion, the Red Hot Helmet is a reliable toy that more than makes up for its lack of power with its low noise level and waterproof properties. I highly recommend it to more sensitive buyers, people interested in water play, or anyone who wants a vibrator that won't wake up the neighbors.
My initial reaction to a toy is generally a good indicator as to how I will feel about the toy, and my initial reaction to the Red Hot Helmet was, "Meh." I was impressed with how quiet this toy was, but I knew it probably wouldn't be powerful enough for me; I liked the material, but I'm still almost positive it isn't pure silicone; I liked that the toy didn't have seams and was moderately sized, but I hated the crappy packaging it came in.

I did a dry run with the Red Hot Helmet, and while the toy wasn't powerful enough to push me over the edge, it definitely aroused me and got me very close. The same thing happened in the shower: it held up to the water and it got me close, but there was no grand finale. If only it could've been a LITTLE stronger!

I also decided to test this toy's appetite for batteries, and it managed to hold up at full speed for almost 2 hours straight with a fresh AA.

A few final notes, just in case you missed them:
1. Do not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys,
2. clean this toy with soap and water or toy cleaner, and
3. do not use this toy anally; it does not have a base.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Carrie Ann
    Great review! I love that you test battery life. Smile
  • Miss KissThis
    It looks more like a mushroom than a helmet.

    Darn mailroom!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    CA: Thanks! I hate it when toys eat batteries, so I often sacrifice one to the cause.

    Miss: that's what I always think of, but it's probably because I'm immature enough to know what "mushroom stamping" is. =P
  • Naughty Student
    It seems like the big ridge of the head could stimulate the g-spot, did you have that opportunity with this toy or was it lacking curve to reach the g-spot?

    Nice review!
  • Femme Mystique
    OK, I don't get it... why is it called the Helmet?
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Naughty Student: the head and the bumps on it really didn't add any extra stimulation; it was very similar to any other traditional vibrator. On the plus side, they didn't cause any problems, either!

    Playful Grrl: because of the helmet-shaped tip.
  • ToyingCouple
    The 'helmet' term just makes me think of Darth Vader and laugh! Use the Force Backseat!!!! Thanks for the review.
  • Epiphora
    It looks like it's wearing a hat. Uhh.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Toying Couple: Wow, thanks for making me nerdgasm.

    Epiphora: It's a HELMET, not a HAT. Hats are for old ladies. Helmets are for buff, manly soldiers!
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
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