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Although this may be intended for the super flexible and contortionist couples out there, the rest of us can still enjoy this little baby solo and get the added bonus of double stimulation! What can be better than two vibration settings going at once to tantalize you? So come on, dive right in and enjoy some pleasure.
Stimulates two areas at once, powerful
Awkward as a couples toy
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First impression

The French connection feels like it is out of a sci-fi movie. I thought it was going to bring my partner and me closer together, and it did, in an awkward, trying to position ourselves right, sort of way. Let me explain. In couples, play, each person takes an end. The result, feeling like you are connected by some futuristic looking device! To make it work properly for couples, play requires some skillful maneuvering and positioning and the toy is not all that long. Now, can this toy stimulate the penis and testicles or vagina and clit at once? Yes, it can, and this is where it really shines!

First Use

So, I was not all that successful at the couples play. Lets face it, I'm not a gymnast (although I am flexible) and positioning the toy where it stimulated both of us was, well, awkward to say the least. So, I found the best use for it. A penis and testicle or vagina and clit toy! It was powerful and superb at this task. Most toys can only stimulate one area, but this one can stimulate two, and that was where it really shined.

So, I thought it would be a couples toy, but it ended up more of a solo toy while lying on the bed. Even so, I have to say I liked my first experience, because even though the couples play fell short (literally with the short cord) the solo play was phenomenal.

Further Experience

I have come to view this toy as a solo toy. It just preforms better that way.

The toy has multiple functions (described below) and is pretty simple to use.

The entire toy is velvety smooth without any taste or smell. It does not have a lot of drag but you might want to add some lube.

The toy is just under 2 feet in length and each bulb is close to an inch in diameter.

Lube enhances the experience.

Vibration Map

The vibrations were incredibly strong and carried pretty well throughout the bulb areas of the toy.

Push the power button to turn the unit on. Push the mode button (either side) to choose a mode for that side.

1: Low steady vibe
2: Medium steady vibe
3: Strong steady vibe
4: Strong pulsation
5: Rhythmic pulsation
6: Long pulsation
7: Rhythmic long pulsation
8: Fast pulsation
9: Medium length pulsation
10: Strong then fast pulsation
11: Steady
12: Pulsation

To switch through the modes, simply push the mode button corresponding to the bulb side. Each bulb can preform independently which can lead to some very intense and unique sensations that are not possible with other toys. To turn the unit off, hold the power button. The unit will remember the setting you last chose and start from there the next time you play.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Climax is pretty strong with this toy. Not earth shattering, but good all the same. The best use is to use it to stimulate two areas at once which will heighten the climax. I mean, you can stimulate your g spot and your clit with this toy at the same time!
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