Get Down and Boogie with the Disco Rabbit!

I absolutely loved the way this rabbit worked its magic on me! If you don't have any issues with using PVC and you've been contemplating a pearl-filled rabbit vibe, this one is worth taking a look at. The price tag is hefty, but it's a solid, well-performing toy.
Powerful, 7 levels of vibrations/pulsations, independent on/off switches.
Cost, material safety, and the initial smell.
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When the lights go out, it's time to party! California Exotics presents Krystal's Strobing Bunny, the rabbit vibrator the wants to "get down" with you. Whether you use it solo or with a partner, it also provides some groovy flashing strobe lights to create a sexy ambiance. This dual-action, battery-powered, action-packed vibe is designed to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris, so don't use it anally.

The design and performance of this toy are both pretty good, it's the material that's not so stellar. Not that it doesn't feel good or because it's not durable, but because it's highly porous and there's no indication on the packaging if it's phthalates free. For those with valid concerns and/or sensitivities, this is one you will want to avoid unless you use it with a condom. The material in question is called Crystalessence, which is just another fancy term for PVC. It's initially clear like glass (may discolor), very smooth, and warm to the touch. It's flexible where it needs to be. There is some drag, but a quick damp wipe-down before playtime will remove any particles.

This one doesn't come shrink-wrapped within the box for nothing. It's probably because the smell alone would permeate through the box and scare off potential customers. At first, I couldn't quite place the smell, but then it came back to me: it had a faint essence of deer piss. You know, the kind sold in sporting goods stores that hunters use? I only know this because I once caught a whiff of a broken bottle. F-U-N-K-Y! Don't worry though, it will fade away just by washing it and letting it air out, often!

Essentially what you have here is just your regular rabbit vibrator with a flexible, angled tip to tease the g-spot and a standard bullet encased in the clear crystal "bunny" clitoral stimulator, which actually looks like a rabbit, complete with ears, pointy nose, arms, feet, and tail. Overall I felt that it did a good job of providing both pinpoint and surrounding-area stimulation. The center of the main shaft is filled with a multitude of hot pink pearls that spin around a rotating device. Within a few uses, the constant motion of the pearls against the clear material will cause it to become scratched and "cloudy" looking.

It's a weighty vibe once the 4-AA batteries are inserted in the removable tray, but it's certainly manageable and has a nice handle to grasp. It measures 9-3/4 inches in total length with about 4-3/4 of that being insertable. The circumference isn't that large, about 5 inches, but the beads make it more challenging to insert without a good dollop of lubrication.

The top on/off switch only turns on the power for the clitoral stimulator, but you will need to press the larger button just below that next to the number "7" (indicating how many levels there are) to get things going. Each press cycles through: slow, medium, high steady vibrations followed by 4 fun repeating pulsation patterns. You can't return to the previous without cycling back through all of them, or, you can just turn it off wherever you are to start back at the lowest speed. The pearls are controlled separately with an "on" button to incrementally increase the speed of the rotation or the "off" button" to decrease it. Four-AA batteries power the toy and are inserted a tray that can be removed and replaced quickly so you don't have to fumble with single batteries.

The clitoral stimulator isn't very loud by itself, but once you activate the pearls, you might want to bury yourself under the blankets because it does get pretty noisy and bright with the flashing lights.

This toy is not waterproof but it is very easy to carefully wash off with warm water and antibacterial soap or just a toy cleaner. Either silicone or water-based lubes will work. The packaging is made of recylable paper or you can use it to store the toy in.
Compared to other pearl-filled rabbits I've tried that felt as if they were literally scratching my vagina, this one was actually very pleasurable. I was seriously blown away by how well this toy got me off, multiple times per session. I would start just by turning on the clitoral stimulator to warm me up, then turn the pearls on the lowest setting. As soon as those would hit the entrance to my vagina, the feeling was electric. Within 15 minutes, I was able to cum twice and squirt at least once. The angled G-spot tip hit mine perfectly, but if I wanted to insert it deeper for some light thrusting, it wasn't painful at all.

Here is a pic comparing it to my all-time favorite "Eager Beaver" (purple one) and a larger one that I have which is almost too long.

Follow-up commentary
What's can I say? This bunny is still burrowing itself deep inside me. The clear jelly is still a bit cloudy, but the initial smell has mostly dissipated. It's still not a favorite, but it's fun, when I remember that I have it!
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  • Contributor: js250
    This one sounds pretty good.
  • Contributor: wetone123
    Thanks for the great review and video on this groovy looking rabbit! Love the disco lights!
  • Contributor: K101
    What a stunning review! I almost got this yesterday! I backed out though after giving some thought to how horrible my experiences have been with cal exotic, but I was sad to not get it. Now I'm so glad I watched/read your review because I think I'm going to give it a try! It's just perfect and I love how different it is from the normals. I like that the pearls lie flat and seem they'd provide much more stimulation that way. From the looks of your video it looks like this one is very nice! My rabbit pearl froze up from the time I got it and eventually died. I expected all to do that. Now I'm wanting this baby bad! Thansk so much for the wonderful review! You done an outstanding job and the video was so adorable!
  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    Great review. I have yet to find a rabbit vibe I like, but then I haven't tried many. This sounds like a good one, but I'll likely never try it either since I'm teally sensitive to some materials, plus allergic to latex so I wouldn't be able to cover it with normal condoms. Sigh.
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    Nice! I like the shape and the design looks like it would fit my anatomy well.... Thank you for the review and vid!
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    nice review, sounds like you enjoy it
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