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Rocks Off Ltd has taken three of their most popular bullet vibes and put them together in this set. Each bullet has different different functions and speeds. There's a traditional bullet, a longer bullet that allows for internal vaginal stimulation and an oval/egg-ish style on a necklace for discreet storing. 2 are waterproof to spice things up and all are fairly quiet for privacy.
2 are waterproof
Decent power
2 are multi-speed
Slimline has patterns
Slimline is weaker than the other two bullets
RO-VAL isn't waterproof
RO-80 is only one speed
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The Golden bullet collection is a set from Rocks Off Ltd that features 3 of their vibrating bullets: The RO-150mm Slimline, RO-VAL and Gold RO80mm.

All three of the bullets are good for clitoral stimulation while the long one is good for external and internal stimulation of the vagina. All three bullets can be used on other erotic body parts on either partner. Anal use of any of the three bullets isn't recommended due to safety precautions. They can be used solo or with a partner. The two traditional style bullets can be taken into the shower or bath with you. The bullet on the necklace is not waterproof.

All three bullets are small enough to be tossed into a purse, suitcase or overnight bag. Though the oval shaped bullet is on a necklace, I think it is just intended for looks for you to keep it in your jewelry box or wherever you keep your necklaces. I wouldn't attempt to wear it out as an accessory because one, it just looks odd (in my opinion) and two, while it won't flip over, if it rubs against you, you could end up turning the dial on the back of it and turn it on. Then you'd have to explain that one!

These bullets are for beginners and experienced users alike. Those that crave a lot of power probably won't get much out of either three of the bullets.

Material / Texture

All three of the Gold bullets are made of a hard, firm, smooth plastic. The branding of the company's name can be felt on each bullet when running your fingers over it. It can't be felt on the insertable bullet when used internally. Besides the emblem, there isn't any textures to the bullets. They are just slick, smooth plastic. With that being said, they are suitable for any user.

I'm not sure of the material of the necklace cord (my guess is nylon, the Rocks Off Ltd. website didn't say), but it does have a metal chain attachment in the back and lobster claw hook allowing it to be adjustable.

There weren't any smells to the bullets.

Design / Shape / Size

The Ro-150mm Slimline and the Gold R080mm are shaped like a typical bullet style vibrator, with the Slimline being twice as long as the R080mm. The RO-VAL is oval shaped, almost egg shaped but longer and slimmer. All three bullets are friendly in size making them good for any user. They are easy to hold onto for clitoral stimulation and the Slimline when using it internally. The Slimline is the easier choice if using during sex in the missionary position just because it's longer and you don't have to have your hand down there right near your vagina.

All the bullets are easy to hide, though the RO-VAL is the only one that is a little discreet, as long as someone doesn't pick it up, turn it around and see the dial on the back of the cap. Being on the necklace, it would blend in with the rest of your jewelry (though it is an odd choice, if you ask me).

The RO-150mm Slimline is 5 3/4" in length with 4 1/2" being insertable, with a 2 1/2" circumference and 3/4" diameter.

The Gold R080mm is 3" in length with 2" being insertable, with a with a 2 1/2" circumference and 3/4" diameter.

The RO-VAL is 2" in length with a with a 2 1/2" circumference and 3/4" diameter.

Functions / Performance / Controls

All batteries are included with this set. The box indicates that you should NOT use rechargeable batteries. Batteries are inserted by unscrewing the cap on the top. You will need to remove the little round plastic piece inside the battery compartment in order for them to work. Keep the plastic part is fitted down into the compartment wrapped around the batteries, this helps quiet the vibrations. If you take it out then the bullets will be louder than you'd like.

The RO-150mm Slimline takes 2 N batteries. This bullet has 5 functions using a push button on top. Press once to turn it on.
1. Low
2. Medium
3. Low pulsing
4. Medium pulsing
5. High pulsing
To turn it off simply hold the button in for about three seconds.

The RO-80 is powered by 1 N battery and has one single speed, high. Push once to turn it on, press again to turn it off.

The RO-VAL takes 2 LR44 batteries. It is controlled by a black dial located on the back side of the bullet on the cap. It is multi-speed. Just turn the dial until you reach the max. or preferred speed.

The vibrations can be felt throughout the body of all the bullets and are felt best in the tips. Pressure slightly dulls the power. The vibrations are buzzy and can cause your fingers to feel that way. They are all quiet enough that they won't be heard outside of a closed door.

The RO-VAL and RO-80 are the strongest ones in the set, for some reason the RO-150mm Slimline is slightly weaker, I'd say about 3 vrooms. But when you check out reviews of each one separately, they seem to show the same- the longer bullet is weaker. They are about 4 vrooms, though some people say the Salsa and Tango are 4, which I feel these are no where close to the strength of the We-Vibes.

The RO-80 and RO-150mm Slimline are waterproof, they were tested and held up well. The RO-VAL is not waterproof, so be careful when washing and keep it out of the shower/bath.

Care and Maintenance

The bullets are easy to care for. If you choose washing with soap and water for the RO-VAL, just be careful that the cap is on tight and no water gets into the battery compartment. The other two can safely be washed in the sink with no worries, just makes sure the caps are on tight. You can also clean the bullets with toy cleaner or wipes (the box says no alcohol products as it could damage the finish).

They can be stored in the box they came in because the velvety feeling inside has three spaces where the bullets fit down in snugly. There are fingertip dips that help you pull the vibrators out of their homes.

You can use any type of lubricant with the bullets.


The box comes in a sleeve style, you just push on one side to slide out the middle to access the vibrators. the box is not discreet as it pictures all three and says "bullet collection". The back has pictures showing how to insert the batteries and has instructions and information about the bullets.


I asked to review this set for my monthly assignment because I thought it would be a decent set to keep at my fiance's place because I don't want to have to keep my Salsa, Tango or Mimi stashed in my purse at all times. I figured the longer one would be decent in certain positions while the other two would be better for others.
While I prefer the strength of the vibes I just mentioned, these were enough to do the job coupled with sex. The Slimline wasn't strong enough to do a whole lot for me, so I kept one of the others near for when the strength of it wasn't enough anymore. I don't think any of them would be enough to satisfy me if I were alone. But if you don't have to have the strength of the Salsa, Tango or Mimi, then these should do.

I enjoyed the buzzy vibrations and liked the fact that they weren't audible outside the door. Pressing them to your skin muffles the sound a bit more. A lot of pressure slightly dulls the vibrations.

This is a decent set. Do I like the price tag? No. Would I buy this set at this price? No. However, if you look at the price for each individual bullet, buying all three would be about $77 (not including taxes and rounding the .99 up to the dollar). So, you actually are getting a deal by buying the set if you're interested in having all three. Eden sells the Slimline and RO-VAL, they do not sell the RO-80 but sell the larger sized RO-120 for about the same price, tough the R0-120 only comes in silver. They have similar to the RO-80 which is the High Intensity bullet and The Original bullet vibe by Tantus.
Follow-up commentary
These are bullets to get screwed with. I didn't expect Eden to screw me like they did. Don't shop here, run for the hills!
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  • Contributor: Zombirella
    I can't recall the company, It was a high end one. But they sold "jewelry" that are vibrators. Like a dangle necklace with two strands and it was made to vibrate against your chest/breasts/cleavage, what have you, I just thought that was odd looking as well. And I have yet to come by anything that makes NO noise when on so I'd like to see how you hide the humming noise coming from your boobs?!
  • Contributor: SweetSaffron
    Thanks for the review!
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