Air pulse finger vibrator

Good 2-player Toy!

A good toy for two players or for someone with long fingers & a flexible wrist. Vibrations are buzzy, but manageable. This toy can and will make most people cum. Pressure-wave portion is great for the price but if you're looking for luxury, look elsewhere.
Body-safe silicone
Finger/vibrator portion too big for my hand, can't use on myself.
Vibrations very buzzy
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

First impression

The Air Touch arrived alongside my Womanizer Premium 2 in an unmarked cardboard box, as is typical of EdenFantasys. The box itself is simple, has a brief description of the toy, and is shrinkwrapped for your safety.

box front
box back

Inside the box, I found the Air Touch, its USB charging cable, and an instructions pamphlet, all wrapped in some plastic. The toy itself has a bit of an odd shape, but it's rather flexible. I also noticed that inside the "mouth", you can see the telltale signs that it is, indeed, a pressure wave toy, not a suction toy! After my initial "inspection", I went ahead and took it with me in the shower for some solo play.

air touch next to rubik's cube
inside the air touch's mouth

First Use

Before even inserting the Air Touch into myself, I realized that this toy is probably not for small hands like mine. My finger doesn't reach all the way into the hole of the vibrator portion of the toy, making it impossible to control on myself. I applied some lube, turned it on, and gingerly inserted it into myself.

I'll get straight to the point. The vibrations are quite buzzy, and the pressure waves are decent. You get what you pay for. If you're looking for a luxury pressure-wave bunny with rumbly vibrations and deep pressure-waves, you're probably looking for the LELO Enigma or Womanizer Duo.

Regardless of it not being a luxury toy, it's a decent starting option. The sad thing is, is that I can't control the vibrating part on myself. My hands are too small, I can barely reach down there to begin with, much less get a finger into the toy and control it. Very straining on the wrist. I can see it being a good option if player 2 joins the game and controls it for me, though.

That being said, I ended up leaving the vibrating part of Air Touch within me and just squeezing at it with my kegels. I eventually achieved an orgasm, but it was after almost-draining the battery to zero. The toy had already turned off when I was close, and I had to try and get myself to cum on the lowest settings because I didn't have another toy with me. The orgasm itself was pretty average.

Further Experience

Further experience was pretty much a repeat of the first time. I'm completely unable to control the vibrator part of the Air Touch, period. And that sucks, because I really wish I could move it around. It's too flexible/flimsy to control it like a normal dildo/vibrator (where you hold the outside and thrust it in your hand), so I have to settle for just using it as kegel training.

The orgasms continue to be rather average. Mine are elusive, and the ones achieved by the Air Touch are nothing out of the ordinary. Because orgasms are difficult for me, I don't always even get them with this toy, but that's normal for me.

The charger is meh. It disconnects very easily from the charging port, even if the toy is laying flat. Be careful not to disconnect it. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge, and you get a bit over an hour of playtime from that.

Vibration Map

The Air Touch's are pretty buzzy. Not unbearably buzzy, but still buzzy nonetheless. The pressure-wave sensations are alright. They travel pretty deep, and they feel thumpy, like as if you were hitting something hollow. Most of the time, I think I look for something more thuddy, where the sensation isn't hollow. Not sure if that makes sense, but that's how I see it. The different vibration/air pulse patterns are a little weird. I just stick to the constant options as those get me off the best. Additionally, the entire toy buzzes. Your hand (if you have it in your hand, that is) will absolutely go numb very quickly. Even my thighs went numb while I was holding it between my legs.

Long press either of the 2 buttons (vibration or pressure-wave) to turn the individual feature on.
Short press to go through the different speeds/patterns.
Long press to turn that feature off. Turning it back on will start you from the beginning (toy doesn't remember last used setting).

Vibration settings:
1 slow
2 medium
3 high
4 quick pulses
5 7 long pulses (with 2 random pauses?), ~10 short pulses
6 2 short pulses, 1 long pulse
7 ~20 short pulses, 1 long pulse
8 3 short pulses, 1 long pulse
9 3 *very* short pulses, 1 long pulse
10 quick pulses (version 2?)

Air pulse settings:
1 low
2 low 2
3 medium
4 medium 2
5 high
6 quick pulses
7 5 medium pulses (pause), 5 medium pulses (longer pause), 5 quick pulses
8 2 quick pulses, 1 long pulse
9 many quick pulses, 1 long pulse, low speed
10 3 short pulses, 1 long pulse
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I'd say orgasms with the Air Touch are quite average. The buzziness is off-putting. I strongly suggest using this with a partner to spare your wrist potential carpal tunnel.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    Excellent review. i found the Swish to be the way. A bit stiff, and easier to insert with some assistance.
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