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Good Rabbit For The Right Person (Which Wasn't Me)

I have bad luck with rotating rabbits. They either don't fit or aren't strong enough. This one falls in the not strong enough camp. The rotations of the beads are at a nice speed, but I can stop them with my PC muscles. I would still recommend this IF you don't need strong vibrations and you don't clench down when you orgasm or just in use. It's made of silicone, waterproof, quiet (for a rabbit), and not bulky.
Silicone, Waterproof, Good speed rotations, Will fit small to average spaced anatomies, Easy to use
Rotation can be slowed or stopped with PC muscles, Vibrations are weak
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The Petite Tripler is a small rotating rabbit by Cal Exotics. Unlike so many rotating rabbits on the market, this one is made of silicone. It's also waterproof, another hard to find feature in the rotating rabbit market. It's a smaller rabbit that won't make you feel like you're wielding a weapon when you hold it, thus "Petite" in the name.

Rotating rabbits are great for lazy days. You insert the shaft into the vagina and turn it on. The shaft rotates inside of you while the small attachment arm vibrates to provide dual stimulation to the clit. No thrusting or self rotating involved. The only requirement is to just hold it in place. Due to this, I find rotating rabbits are best used in solo sessions as there's not much for a partner to do or see with them.

This toy isn't really intended to be inserted anally. The attachment arm provides a sort of stopping point if you did decide to use it this way. You could also insert the shaft vaginally and flip the rabbit around so the attachment arm stimulates the anus.

Material / Texture

The Petite Tripler is made of silicone. Silicone rates a ten on the safety scale as it is non porous and phthalates free. It is one of the safest materials you can get in a toy.

When I saw the picture of this toy I was very skeptical that it was actually silicone. In the photo it looks more like a TPR material. I flame tested this rabbit and it is indeed real silicone. I can't tell you how high quality the silicone is, but it is silicone. The flame test was performed at the tip of the head, near the beads, and at the clit attachment. All areas passed.

When I got this in my hands I was more willing to believe it was silicone due to the feel. Many rabbits are made of TPR materials which gives them a squishy feel. This rabbit is much firmer due to the silicone. You can squeeze it in a little but it pushes back against you. You can twist the material around some near the head. It holds its shape very well.

The silicone has a moderate amount of drag. I would recommend using lube to insert this toy. Once lube is applied the drag disappears. It does not seem to eat up the lube where I needed to keep reapplying.

The texture is smooth aside from the area with the beads. The silicone is still pretty thick where the beads are which makes it very hard to feel them like you would be able to with a thinner material. I could feel a difference between the beaded area and the regular, but it wasn't a big one. The beaded area feels more bumpy. There are 30 beads total in this area. Each row has 5 beads in it.

There was a smell to the rabbit when I got it. It was not a silicone smell. It was a strong chemical smell. I assume this is because it was manufactured alongside toys of different materials. The scent was gone very quickly even before washing. Now it doesn't smell like anything at all.

Design / Shape / Size


Petite Tripler is 8 3/8" in total length. It is 4.25" insertable length. From the tip of the shaft to the tip of the clitoral attachment is 2.25". The tip of the shaft is 1" in diameter and 3.25" in circumference. Right underneath this is 7/8" in diameter and 3 1/8" circumference. At the beads is 1 1/8" diameter and 3.5" circumference. The clitoral attachment is 2.75" in length and 1" in diameter.

For size reference, here it is in my hand:

One of the things that makes rabbits so frustrating is that women are spaced differently and finding one to fit your particular anatomy can be difficult. I am spaced 1cm from clit to vaginal opening. The way this fits me is that little extension falls above my clit a bit but the main attachment does hit me. I do have to pull my clit up a little bit to make this happen.

This rabbit should fit women who are closely spaced (like me) to average spaced women. If you are further spaced you may have some trouble getting the attachment arm to reach.

Another nice thing about the size is that the diameter isn't large. This means it could be a rabbit for someone who doesn't have experience with penetration or for those that prefer smaller sizes. Many rabbits come in much larger diameters that wouldn't work well in those situations. I like smaller sized toys, so I found the size of this to be fine. It would likely be too small for those that want something more filling or just prefer larger sizes.


The tip of the shaft curves upward some which I assume is for G spot stimulation. This is a very slight curve and will probably only work for those with very easy to hit G spots. Your G spot will also need to be a bit further back since you'll have to have the whole thing inserted to get the dual stimulation.

The beads come up a little almost in a point and then come back down. The shaft is then straight the rest of the way down.

The clitoral attachment is non-animal. It's just a nub that has one large extension at the end and two small nubs underneath it. It has a little bit of flexibility. I can move it to the side just a little. It doesn't offer as much flexibility as a rabbit made of a softer material, but it isn't so firm you can't move it.

While it's not shaped like a penis, most people will know that this is a sex toy. Rabbits are well known and this looks like a rabbit. It's small enough to hide or travel with so long as you remove the batteries.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Three buttons control the Petite Tripler. There's a power button, a button with a wave on it, and a button with an arrowed circle. The power button turns it on or off. The wave button controls the vibrations of the attachment. The arrowed circle controls the rotation. The buttons are easy to operate and use. I never accidentally hit them during use.

When you first turn it on with the power button, nothing comes on. The buttons light up blue so that you know it's on. You have to press one of the other buttons to get something to happen. You can have just vibrations, just rotation, or both.

There are seven functions on the clit attachment for vibrations. The first three are constant vibrations and the rest are patterns.

The lowest power setting is a low 2 vrooms. The second is a low 3 vrooms. The third is a high 3 vrooms.

The first pattern is a moderate pulse. The second is a building pulse followed by a short constant vibration. The third is stronger moderate pulse. The fourth is a 1-2-3 pulse followed by a constant vibration.

The vibrations are midway between rumbly and buzzy. They don't really lean one way or the other. The don't cause any numbing or itching in use. I do find if I place it on my tummy and let it vibrate that it will cause my skin to itch. The penetrate the skin somewhat, but not particularly well.

The vibrations are located near the tip of the attachment arm. The translate well into the extention which causes a flutter.

The vibrations of this toy are just nowhere near strong enough for me. They are right at moderate and I need at least a high level 4 to be able to orgasm with a preference for 5s. At a level 3, these weren't even enough to warm me up.

There are three levels of rotation to the beads. I would put these at the high end of slow, the low end of moderate, and the high end of moderate. Pretty much similar to vibrations. Unlike my need for strong vibrations, I don't need as much internally. The fastest level rotation on this felt very good for me.

The problem I ran into with the rotations is that I can stop them completely with my hand. In use, I can bring them almost to a stop with my PC muscles. When I orgasm I clench down causing the rotations to slow down a lot.

The noise level on this isn't bad at all. It's louder than a regular vibrator would be but nowhere near any other rabbit I have. For a rabbit, it's really quiet. It still gets a 3 on the noise scale because you can't exactly muffle the amount of noise it makes and with everything on you could hear it a bit through a closed door. It's enough noise to distract me a little, but it's the least distracting rabbit I've heard.

You will need 3 AAA batteries to run this toy. They are not included. The bottom unscrews to reveal the battery compartment. The battery compartment comes out of the toy and is then placed back in.

The battery compartment is protected with an O ring. This makes the toy waterproof. I have washed this and submerged it with no issues.

Care and Maintenance

To wash the Petite Tripler you can use soap and water, toy cleaner, or toy spray. Since it's waterproof there is no concerns about messing it up during cleaning. Just makes sure the battery compartment is closed properly before cleaning. You should not boil this or place it in the dishwasher due to the motor.

Only water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lubes could damage the material.

For storage you can either try to use the box it came in or use a baggie. If you have a pouch this will fit in that could also work.


The packaging on this is a box with a clear front that makes the toy visible. The front says "Petite L'Amour Premium Silicone Massager Petite Tripler." The back has a photo of the toy and lists the features of it. It has contact information for Cal Exotics. No instructions come with the packaging.

The packaging is not discreet at all. The box can kinda be used for storage if you're very careful with it. It tends to want to rip so you'll have to be delicate.

Personal comments

While I personally cannot orgasm with just this toy, I would recommend it under a few conditions. The first is that you don't need a lot of power in external vibrations. The second is that you don't clench down hard either during use or when you orgasm. The vibrations aren't so pathetic that I would say no one should get this. It could be suited for those who are more sensitive. It is made of silicone and it is actually waterproof. The controls are nice and it's not huge and bulky. There's a lot of things that could make this a good rabbit, but you have to really fit the specification given above.


The vibrations on the clit arm are just too weak for me. I tried this a few times with no additional toys added and got nowhere with it. The rotations went at a nice speed but the external vibrations just didn't do it for me. I decided to try it with another clit vibe to see how that went. When I added in Life or MiMi, this was able to bring me to some pretty strong orgasms. Then the problem was that the beads screeched to a halt when I clenched down. Given my personal needs and the way I vice grip on my toys, this just doesn't work for me. I will say that the rotations (before they slowed down) were some of the nicer ones I've felt. I'm also very happy this is actually silicone.

I'm giving this a 3/5. I don't think it's bad but I don't think it's great either. I can orgasm, but I have to bring in other toys to do it. This alone cannot bring me to orgasm. Anytime I have a rabbit that needs additional toys to make it work that's automatic points off. The slowing of the beads when I clench down is the other point knockdown.
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  • chantalgiardina
    its pretty but dont think its for me
  • Femme Mystique
    I just got one in this same collection with similar issues. I have another Cal Exotics silicone rabbit that I love, so I thought this would be great as well, but it's just too weak in the clit attachment and the rotations are strange.
  • Do emu
    If you have to bring other toys into the mix, it's probably not a good enough toy. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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    thanks for your review.
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