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Handy climax swirled

Traditional vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Handy, But Not For Me.

The Handy Climax Swirled vibrator is made of pink silicone. It has moderate vibrations that are controlled with a single push button. There are 10 functions to pick from. The shaft is aligned with swirled texture and the head is designed for G-spot stimulation. However, I can't help but think this is a total Doc Johnson knock off.
Silicone, moderate, pink, design, and texture.
Wonderland Knock off, weak, and how you control the functions.
Rating by reviewer:
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The Handy Climax Swirled Vibrator can be used for most of your vibrator needs. Though, with the lack of flared base and/or proper handle, it can't be used for anal penetration. However, you can use it for external stimulation around the anus. Therefore, this toy is mostly suitable for those with female anatomy. However, male anatomy can use it, but stay external! Due to this toys petite size, it's beginner friendly even to those who have never experienced penetration before.

This vibrator is labeled as a traditional vibrator, which means that it fits the basic needs for a vibrator. It will allow for vaginal penetration, but can also be used for external stimulation. The shaft is aligned with swirled texture to be more stimulating to the user. The design of the head reminds me of Lelo GiGi. It's curve with the flat surface are to help you find your G-spot.

Material / Texture

Handy Climax Swirled is made of Silicone. A man made semi-organic polymer. Silicone is a quality material that hypoallergenic because it doesn't contain harmful additives such as Latex and phthalates. Rated 10 out of 10 on the body safety scale, Silicone is one of the best materials you can purchase for a sex toy. Sharing is made possible because silicone's surface won't harbor harmful bacteria's that could cause infections. Silicone can be shared amongst partners with proper cleanings in between partners.

Silicone never has a smell or taste to it aside from a new plastic smell when you put it up to your nose. However, I think this might be a first for me. This silicone vibrator smells like lipstick. There is a lot of friction and drag to this silicone, but nothing a little lube can't fix. To the touch, this silicone is rubbery feeling. The head has some squish to it, but this is very minimal. Once you get to the textured part of the shaft, the silicone doesn't have any squish below the surface. This is because it's a silicone sleeve over plastic.

The shaft is aligned with swirled texture. It's almost ribbed. During use, it will be felt. Those who are texture sensitive won't enjoy this texture. It's intense, but the slender size makes the texture less intense. The silicone is virtually seamless; however, there is a seam. It's so faint that I can't feel is with nails. It's not going to matter to anyone.

Design / Shape / Size

If you blindfolded me and handed this vibrator to me to identify...I would swear it's a Doc Johnson Wonderland vibrator. While it might not look like on of those exactly, it looks damn close! It's like a combo of the Pleasurepillar and the Kinky Kat. However, it's not even made by Doc Johnson.

Handy Climax Swirled is 5.5" total, but only insertable 4". I'm not sure why the package says 4.5, but I assure you it's 4". The largest girth is around the flat head. It's 3.75" in circumference or 1.2" in diameter. After this, the shaft slims down to 3.25" in circumference or 1.03" in diameter. This size is smaller than average. It would make a great starter vibrator.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Handy Climax is powered by one AA battery that slides inside the toy when the bottom cap is removed. At the bottom of this cap is a single push button to cycle through the 10 vibration patterns. Again, if you blindfolded me and allowed me to go through the vibration settings...I'd tell you it's a Wonderland toy! They are the exact same!

One the bottom of the battery cap is a single press button. This is to control the toy's vibrations and functions. A single click starts the cycle of functions. There are 10 total. You must click through all of them to cycle back through. When you want to shut off your toy just hold in the button until it shuts off, which takes about 4 seconds. When you shut off the toy it will remember where you left off unless you remove the battery. However, it doesn't continue on the setting you shut off on. It starts with the next setting in the cycle.

1. High, but moderate, steady, and buzzy vibrations.
2. Medium, steady, but moderate and buzzy vibrations.
3. Low, steady, but light and buzzy vibrations.
4. A shaking pulsation that's buzzy.
5. A slow pulsation that works up the toy, making a light beeping nose with a buzzy sound.
6. A fast pulsation that works up the toy with a buzzy sound.
7. A throbbing pulsation
8. Slow escalating pulsation that is buzzy.
9. A fast pulsation in an on/off pattern that sounds like alarm clock's pattern.
10. A slow on/off pulsation pattern that makes a beeping sound with very light surface vibrations.

When you first turn on this vibrator you start at the highest setting. To change the setting, a single click to cycle through them. These vibrations are moderate speed, which I would rate at 3 vrooms. They can mostly be felt at the tip of the flat head, but they travel down the shaft nicely too. When you want to shut off this vibrator, you need to hold in the button until it shuts off. However, when you turn it back on, your setting will not be remember, but in fact, it will be skipped over. You turn it on at the nest setting from when you shut it off. This makes no sense and causes you to have to cycle around to get to your setting! There is an LED light around the button to indicate when the toy is in use.

The sound if different per setting. None are very loud. I would rate it at 2 bees tops. However, some of the functions make weird beeping or humming sounds that aren't the vibrations themselves. I remember this with my Wonderland too.

The back of the box labels this vibrator as waterproof. There is a rubber ring to seal the battery cap. The vibrations don't muffle under water, but the sound does. I didn't notice it heating under water. Should water get inside, leave the toy open to dry. Water can damage the motor is inside.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone can be washed so many ways. You can wash with warm water and antibacterial soap for quick cleanings. If you choose to use toy cleaners or toy wipes, they will work as well. If you plan to share, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. You can also use condoms.

Be sure to check the lube on the condom because silicone is only compatible with water and oil based lubes. Silicone based lubes can damage silicone products.

Silicone should be stored away from soft materials such as Jelly, TPR, PVC, etc. However, it's safe to store 100% silicone toys with other 100% silicone toys.


The packaging is very basic. It's a clear plastic box with a cardboard wrapped plastic insert that has placement for the toy. There is some useful information on it, but nothing I didn't already tell you. You should wrap it for gifting to make it more presentable with discretion.


I like the Handy Climax Swirled vibrator is a decent toy. I'm a little to advanced for this kind of toy, but doesn't make it any less of a great toy for someone else. For me, this vibrator is best for the days I am too sensitive to pull out my Salsa. However, these days are very rare. I am more of a clit of steel gal.

I am rating this vibrator 3/5 because it's a decent toy, but I have to take off a star for the controls and for being a Wonderland knock off.
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