Hard to Stay Undetected, but this Butterfly has a Flight Range!

This butterfly can fly a long way! It is mainly designed to use with a second person in crime holding the remote. The range is impeccable! Unfortunately, the noise is a bit much due to the high power, so unless you DEFINTIELY want to get caught using it in a remotely quiet public environment, this might not be the best choice for public play. It however is great for couple or solo play especially if you like high intense vibrations and fast speeds.
12 different settings
Buttery smooth, no odor and soft material
Long remote range!
Noise level makes using it in public more difficult
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First impression

Having not reviewed a toy in a LONG time, I chose some that would help liven up our sexcapades during our busy schedules! This is an excellent choice for that. I've always liked the idea of these type of toys that allow someone else to remote control the fun and doing so in public is always an extra level of excitement.

First impressions on the packaging were underwhelming. The box is just a thin baby pink cardboard with a plastic insert. The box is fairly discrete in that the picture is blurred and the font type is small, but my fairly vanilla brother in law still coyly asked me what it was when I tried to move it from his view during a visit to the house unannounced. It doesn't draw a ton of attention with vulgar pictures or anything like that though, so it makes it classier as a gift. Unfortunately, it doesn't impress either. Inside the box you get the toy, controller, charger cord (find your own port), and a mesh bag for storage. Batteries are not included for the remote. It requires one AAA.

The toy itself, however impresses with it's design! The color is gorgeous. The material is silky. And it also feels like it's the perfect size and weight. But is it?...

First Use

In short, this toy is really well made! I was impressed with the design, material, and variety of functions.

Material/texture: This toy is made of silicone for the butterfly portion. It's the silky, buttery kind too, which is great. It is firm, flexible, and incredibly durable. The silicone is smooth in texture except for where the design of the toy includes ribs on the underbelly of the butterfly. It has no smell.

The remote is plastic and has a matte texture, also making it feel buttery smooth.

P.s. I love the fuscia color! It's vibrant and fun.


The size of the butterfly is pretty perfect. Smaller than a curved Roku remote, it is perfectly contoured and curved to fit snuggly with the outer labia. There is some genius to the design in that the front has a metal plate. It took me a minute to figure out what the purpose was of this silicone plate that magnets to it. It's purpose is to be put on the OUTSIDE of your panties. I didn't find it necessary to use the magnet, because in jeans or yoga pants it stays put really well anyways. I could see this being more useful if you're wearing a dress and have panties on underneath alone.


The Butterfly itself has one button. You hold it down for what feels like longer than 3 seconds and it will take off!

1. Fast pulse, High intensity
2. Longer faster pulse, Same intensity
3. Increasing flutters in speed and intensity and then repeats. This one is fun :)
4. Short pulses, then two longer pulses
5. Roller coaster, constant increase up then decrease down in intensity. I enjoy this one a lot as well.
6. Fast pulses, then two long
7. Alternating between low and high intensity pulses.
8. Slow, Medium, fast pulses
9. Long pulse, Short pulse, Repeat
10. Constant lower rumble. I wish more of the settings were this lower rumbly level.
11. Higher steady buzz.
12. Highest insane buzzzzzzzz

The remote has one button as well. You can either press the button on the butterfly or the button on the remote to cycle through the various options.

The range is amazing! I had my partner at one end of the house and I was on the other and it was still working!

Further Experience

So what worked and what didn't? For me, this toy's design is the winner. It's comfortable to wear and use. The speeds, however are too much for me! I enjoy rumbly deep vibrations over the high intensity ones that this toy packs for the majority of settings. I could get around this by not having this IN my underwear with direct contact with my clit.
The biggest issues with the toy, however is the noise. It's totally fine for home of course, but I unfortunately would never use this in public unless maybe I was at a loud club. It simply is too powerful so that transfers to more noise, even when covered by pants or other clothing.
I like how you really don't need any lube with this toy at all, unless you would like to get creative and glide it around other body parts, you can save the lube for another day.

I want to further explain that the noise level is rated higher as a toy like this since it can be used in public with the remote. If it weren't for that, it rates a little lower among other at home only use toys.

Cleaning is easy with wipes or a toy cleaner. The silicone material cannot be boiled because the toy is not submergibley waterproof (at least I don't think it is. I couldn't find info on this).

Vibration Map

Another cool thing about this toy is that other than the main solid body portion of the butterfly, the antennae and wings have different feelings of vibration which are less intense and just deliver the vibrations softer. They are distributed evenly through the body of the toy.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I definitely enjoy using this toy with a partner just sort of around the house instead of using it as a solo toy. Since it doesn't have vibrations intensities and types that I PREFER, I would choose to use this toy solely when I want to use the remote function. The orgasms were overly intense for me if I use the toy completely as intended. That's okay though! A little bit of tweaking and it became a better match.
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