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Harmony: A Love Story

The Harmony is a vibrator worth checking out. It's simple and to the point, with seductive curves and a hefty amount of power in a petite and quiet package.
A smooth, powerful, discreet vibrator with a good amount of oomph.
It is battery operated.
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The Harmony is a smaller vibrator, but it packs a crazy amount of punch despite its size. It features a small, flared head that comes to a soft point, and a swelling midsection that glides outward to a hearty diameter. It does well as a clitoral vibrator, its skinny head makes it easy to focus in a specific area, and its fatter body provides a broader surface for grinding. It also excels as an internal vibrator, its powerful vibrations focus on its top, providing easily accessible vibrating territory for teasing around the entrance of the vagina, or dipping inwards on a g-spot hunt.

Material / Texture

The Harmony is made from candy slick plastic - shiny, hard, and lovingly unyielding. It is so smooth that with just the tiniest touch of lubricant, it slips and slides with ease along even a prudish and un-primed vulva. The combination of the plastics slickness and hardness make this a solid well rounded vibrator, capable of toe curling delights for external and internal vibration fans alike. This is definitely the sort of toy a beginner would be wise to buy - but it's also a glorious accent to any toy box.

Design / Shape / Size

The brilliance of this toy cannot be overstated.

First off, lets talk about how the vibrations are concentrated in the tip. You see, the Harmony would be a cylinder or a cigar shaped toy, but it has a nipple of sorts at its top - an area that is skinnier, if you will. Well, the vibration is concentrated right around the area where is drops in size, and as such, the vibrations concentrate into its tip brilliantly. This is a bonus for clitoral stimulation, especially if you love your stimulation focused. Moreover, if you prefer vibration over a wider area, the nipple is wide enough that it can be rolled around to disperse the vibrations with ease.

But wait, it gets better! When used vaginally... oh my. The skinny narrow tip pierces in, widening gracefully to the maximum with of this toy with a simple thrust. On its way out, the toy tapers back down to the vibrating tip, simultaneously giving the sensations of smooth stretching/relaxing as well as focused, intense, vaginal opening vibrations. With a little tilt of the wrist, the 'nipple" can be pushed up against the g-spot with each thrust - or it can be simply swirled around the vaginal entrance, waking up the nerves there and making everything swell to attention. It's truly a beautiful thing.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Harmony has three speeds, and no patterns. The three speeds may be chosen, systematically, via a quick push on the rubber button on its battery cap base. Dead simple, really. Noise wise, the toy rattles away at a level I am comfortable with behind closed doors, so no problem there, and as an added bonus, the low setting is quite quiet - but proportionately way more powerful than the noise level suggests - making it a real winner in the discretion department for those times when you want to be extra sure you're not heard. Power wise, the vibrator is potent on its high setting, and as I mentioned, even the low is pretty good. It is more powerful than I would expect from a two battery vibe.

As for control, the Harmony has a bit of texture and banding around its base, right where the battery cap opens for battery insertion. This creates a great handle and spot to hold onto, even when things get slick, and allows for precision control of the vibrator despite being found at one far end of it. Speaking of that, the vibrator is waterproof, and that's a good thing. A mere six inches in length means that wetness can and will spread to the joints that would otherwise leak into the battery compartment.

Care and Maintenance

This is a hard plastic toy, so the world is proverbial oyster with respect to lube choices. If you use too much lube, you'll be quite glad the toy has texture around its 'handle', because it would surely slip free from grasp otherwise. For clean up, do pop the toy open and take out the batteries before washing it with soap and hot water. If you'd like it to get well disinfected, it may be soaked (without batteries) in a 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes. Take extra special care to get the crevices around the banding and texture clean - I would recommend a soft bristled toothbrush after a good soaking/softening with warm water. To avoid the cap area from getting dirty (and from having to clean out the seams and crevices), you could also certainly use a condom. This toy is completely unsuitable for anal penetration, but may be used (just be sure to disinfect) to tickle and tease the anus. Store the toy without batteries in place, and give it a nice Ziploc or satin bag as a home to protect its smooth surface from scratches.


I wasn't crazy about this vibrator when I first turned it on. I kind of thought "ho hum, just another plastic vibrator". You see, I'm not much of a girl for focused spot vibrations, nor am I really all about the clit - it's really more of a g-spot centered world over here. I foolishly looked at Harmony and assumed it was all about focused clitoral vibrations. Sure enough, it's nice as a focused clit vibrator, but as soon as I broadened my view of what it could do, I was truly amazed. Lazily letting it wander all over my vulva had me grinning from ear to ear. Letting it wander south, down my perineum and around my anus made me giggle and coo. Flicking and rolling it over my nipples made me start to blush. It was then I realized - I was falling, fast.

When I dipped it into my vagina, I truly understood - Harmony was in Harmony with what I needed to make myself feel amazing. It was like a light flickered on and I finally saw how enchanting and amazing a simple plastic battery operated vibe could really make me feel. A few toe curling strokes later, I realized I was only on "low" setting... "High" was enough to make me want to call in sick to work!

Ever since then, we've been inseparable - I take Harmony everywhere. Work. The bathroom. The Shower. My car. Everywhere. This is *not* the "OMG MOST AMAZING VIBE EVER!!!!" It is not as powerful as a Hitachi. It does not do anything truly novel or unique. But it really is a charmer, and a winner. It truly excels in its class of battery operated, plastic vibes.

Harmony, my love... I think I hear your call...
Follow-up commentary
Although my love affair with the Wisper Harmony was intense, it was, alas, short lived. You see, eventually the batteries got wet...or something....and it somehow stopped working. So it was good while it lasted, but it wasn't built to last....
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