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Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Power queen: dethroned. Tulip, you're my rechargeable, sanitizable, quiet, silicone, waterproof love. I'll look past your super high pricetag and look forward to our many nights together.
Quiet, sanitizable, rechargeable, otherwise perfect.
Very expensive, the rotation in the shaft isn't very fast.
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The Vanity Vr11 is a rabbit style vibrator (without the rabbit) that's meant for female clitoral/penetrative dual stimulation play. While it could be used for anal play, the clitoral arm might make it difficult to insert completely without worrying that you'd break the arm off completely, so gentlemen should check out the Paul and Paulina if you're looking for something that'll work for anal play.

Tulip, as I've affectionately named my Vr11 (since the clitoral arm design reminds me of a tulip in bloom) is 9 3/4 inches of pure, soft silicone. The insertable portion is pliable and squishy (it reminds me a lot like jelly in silicone form) but there is an inner core to it, which means you cannot actually bend it; the clitoral arm is a much firmer silicone--while it's soft enough to be gentle, it cannot be squished at all. The clitoral arm is flexible, you can bend it up to 90 degrees for better positioning, though it does pop right back down once the pressure is released. The clitoral arm is decorated with V's (or W's?) around it, giving it the look of a tulip in bloom, though this cannot be felt at all during use.

The shaft features three bumps (grooves?) slightly above the clitoral arm; if you are sensitive to texture, you may not care for them. I find that if I'm properly warmed up, I find them nice, or don't notice them at all but if I'm not lubed up and ready for action, they are painful.

Tulip is large and in charge--and this fat bottom girl DOES make my rocking world go 'round. After the shaft of the toy, Tulip flares out into a large, round base that's very easy to hold during partner play. The toy is controlled by two buttons (housed in plastic at the base of the toy), each operating a separate function. The topmost button controls the spin of the toy, the bottom controls the intensity of the clitoral arm. Both the clitoral arm and the spinning shaft have seven levels of power, from gentle vibration/spin, to intense vibrations and serious motion in the ocean. To change the level of the toy, just hold down the button, and stop holding it down when you're at your preferred intensity.

Once Tulip is on, she doesn't very much like to slow down, so once you've passed an intensity level, you must turn the whole thing off to get back down. So, for example, if I accidentally pass intensity 4 and go to intensity 6, I must stop the vibrations off completely and start over. If you wish to go higher, though, you can simply hold down the button again and increase the speed. To turn off the toy, just tap the buttons once, and the vibration/spin stops.

The vibrations are REALLY strong. I thought they were powerful in the Jopen Vr10 but I was so totally incorrect: this thing has POWER. The vibrations range from gentle and rumbly, but they become very powerful (though a bit buzzy) on the highest setting; I generally keep it on vibration 5 or 6, and have never used it for more than ten seconds on 7. I give my Intensity Queen crown to you, Tulip: your level seven is too much for me. The rotation reminds me of someone twirling two fingers around--it doesn't move a lot, but it's enough that you can definitely feel it. The seventh level of movement isn't very fast, though it does definitely feel nice. Even though she's vibrating intensely and spinning nicely, she's very quiet, and would be fine for a housemate situation.
The silicone used in the Jopen line is the kind that is very attractive--that's right: Tulip attracts dust, dirt, fluff, hair... Everything but money to it. No worries, though: to keep it clean between uses just house it in the protective pouch that it comes with, or give it a quick rinse before use. It's not a big deal when Tulip gets dirty, because she's also completely waterproof. Since there are no ports where water can enter, you can take Tulip with you into the tub, bath, sauna, rainforest or sink without worrying you'll kill her. The Jopen line also features a travel lock, which can be activated by holding down both buttons at once; when all of the lights are lit together, your toy is locked and can be put away safely (this way you won't alarm the people at customs on your way to the rainforest).

Sanitizing is a breeze as well, because she's silicone she can be sterilized using a 10% bleach solution--although the only point of caution is the plastic base. Although she's not completely silicone, all the important parts (the insertable piece, clitoral attachment and, really, 98% of the toy are) can be made safe between partners, though if you've got any concerns, put a condom on the shaft of the toy, and a separate condom on the clitoral arm for extra protection. Please keep your Tulip away from the dishwasher and stove, as the extreme heat can make her delicate parts (i.e. her motor) very unhappy. Because Tulip is a very finicky lady, you should keep her away from silicone lubes; they can cause her face to melt, and that would make her very self-conscious.

You can recharge your Tulip by setting her on the included base; no plugs to worry about, and as long as she's seated on the base, you should see her light up and begin to charge. I've found that the battery lasts a good long time; three to four uses before I put her on the base to juice her up--though if you're running her at top levels the whole time you will have to charge her more frequently.

Rabbit vibrators are often the bane of my toy collection--I think of it in terms of this pyramid:

I can have any two--but I can't have all three. In this case, though, I'm pretty sure I made the right choice--this is a toy that's powerful that also fits me perfectly and WORKS for my body. It's expensive, yes, but I'd rather have one vibrator that fits my body and does what I need than have fifteen that only work a little bit.
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