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Heating Things Up Or Melting Itself Down?

The vibration is very powerful, but the rotation is very lacking. A pretty good choice for a quiet, hygienic, soft density, vaginal vibrator, but not well suited for ladies wanting any G-Spot play.
Hygienic, soft density, strong vibration, pretty to look at.
Rotation weak, lacks variation for intensity, may be too soft, little to no G-Spot play.
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I ordered The Flame in the violet color as I found the pretty, translucent shade to be much more appealing than the pink. This fun and pretty toy is made of Elastomer which is less porous than Cyberskin, but more porous than silicone, so it is recommended to use condoms if you plan on sharing. This near scentless material is very slick and smooth. It is a wonderful density which has a lot of give if I squeeze it, yet doesn’t lose its shape (however, this may be a bad point if you are looking for a firm toy). There are several “flames” placed around the shaft, which remind me of leaves on the stem of a carnation. Two push levers, powered by 4 AAA batteries, control the intensity of vibration and rotation.

A tiny complaint is that it is a little difficult to remove the last 2 AAA batteries nestled in the bottom of the battery compartment. I have to use the battery compartment cover to get them out. The plastic circuit board will also sometimes slide out when I remove the batteries.

Anyway, on to the good stuff! I applied my favorite water based lube to The Flame to become better acquainted with him. I had no trouble using the controls as they are extremely easy to use: push up for more and down for less.

The tip of the toy has a little nub on its head which wiggles wildly when the vibration is on. I held the toy just far enough away from me so that just the tip touched me. The nub danced on top of my clit, which felt really gentle and nice, however, just the one nub isn’t enough – if there were more, the wiggling nubs could really add an interesting sensation and become very arousing indeed!

As far as vibration goes, goodness, this is pretty powerful! It made my thighs vibrate with the toy fully inserted, but since the vibrating bullet is placed in the middle of the vibe, it was hard to pin point exactly where I wanted to place the vibration.

The “flames” on the shaft do add some texture as they are raised quite a bit. I definitely noticed them sliding in and out of me. They too wiggle like mad when the vibration is on, but I couldn’t feel the wiggling while I was thrusting.

The rotation was pretty disappointing as it isn’t very strong. In fact, after each use, I have noticed a sort of burning plastic smell and it makes me wonder how long this toy will last. Is the circuit board melting? There is noticeable difference between the lowest and highest setting, but not a lot of variation in between. It almost seems as if the toy has just low and high.

I have yet to find a rotating toy that really rubs my G-Spot, and The Flame proves to be no different. Especially if you practice your kegels and put a lot of pressure against the shaft, the rotating toys tend to have some difficulty continuing their intended motion. I’m starting to think rotating beads would be a much better option.

Speaking of doing kegels, this actually makes a very nice kegel exerciser. I noticed that, because of the bulb shaped head, when I squeeze, I can actually pull it into me with my PC muscles and use my hand to pull against it, creating resistance. Pretty neat!

Rotation is much louder than the vibration, not to say that this is a loud toy. One would definitely not be able to hear this toy from behind closed doors, especially if being used under the covers. Taking a tip from another reviewer, I turned the settings on high and placed The Flame under the covers, stepped outside and closed the door. I really couldn’t hear a thing, even with my thin walls. It is definitely something one could use when wanting to hide what’s going on behind the closed doors.

This toy feels wonderful as a vaginal vibrator, but I would not recommend using it as an anal toy. First off, there is no flared base to prevent it from sliding too far inside, but also because the rotation is not going to hold up well against the super strong muscles in the sphincter.

The Flame is a pretty good choice for a hygienic, soft density, vaginal vibrator, but not well suited for ladies wanting that heavenly heavy G-Spot play.
I had the most fun with The Flame when I used it as a sort of oral simulator. How did I do that, you ask? Well, it's pretty simple. After putting lube on myself and the head of the toy (yes, just the head), I held the toy so that the head of the toy rotated around my labia and clit. It felt really, really wonderful with the wiggly tip and this is really how I use it most now.
Follow-up commentary
After months of having this toy, I just can't get past that burning smell. Not to mention, I have other toys that perform much better. The flame now rests in the bottom of my toy drawer, all alone in its plastic baggie.
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  • Oggins
    Great review TinyTease! The burning plastic smell concern me that maybe there's another reason it's named, "Flame." Hopefully not though! It's great to know that it worked out well for kegels though! Smile
  • Carrie Ann
    Oy. Burning plastic is skeeery! Good review. Smile
  • TinyTease
    Haha, Oggins! Oh, could you imagine? Bed Fire By Vibrator...funny headline for the papers. Yah, I really do like using it for kegels. This material feels really great when you squeeze it!
  • TinyTease
    Thanks, Carrie Ann! Yeah, it does make me wonder...it's definitely not a pleasant smell, either.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    These flames seem bigger than "nubs" on many toys. Would quick thrusting possibly be painful? Or are they softer than that?
  • TinyTease
    Adriana, the flames are more pronounced than most nubs. I have used it with quick thrusting and didn't have any pain. Elastomer is much softer than say silicone or rubber, so they aren't hard or pointy. But, it would definitely be a good idea to use water based lube with this toy to keep the flames from sticking to your skin during thrusting.
  • zeebot
    Awesomely detailed review, thank you!
  • Devz
    Thanks for the review
  • JoeVic
  • badk1tty
    Yuck. Burning plastic? :O
  • Cat E.
    Thanks for the honest review.
  • lzee
    Thank you so much for reviewing!
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for an honest, helpful review. Burning smell is a REAL issue to us.
  • Peres2013
    Good review!
  • Kenneth Fort
    Excellent review.
  • Dawnwill
    Nice review
  • DirtyAngel7
    Very sorry this toy did not work out for you! :L I would like to tell you though that I am very pleased with your review, it is excellent! You provided amazing information. Thank you very much for all the details. I do believe that The Flame would be a fun toy though, it sounds like. Also, I wonder if that smell happens to everyone or if maybe there was just a defect with your toy. Anyway, thank you again for the great review! God bless.
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