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Hold tight, it's a bumpy ride....

At first glance this toy can appear a little frightening. Trust me when I tell you, the Ripple is a lamb in wolf's clothing. It took me a minute, but I now worship at the temple of Ripple regularly.
Safe solo material, heavy duty bullet in clitoral stimulator, visual appeal
Can appear a little scary for the novice, battery compartment door
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When my Wabi died an untimely death, I sought out a similar elastomer replacement. Funky vibes are my schtick, so the Ripple was my selection. I decided to forsake the girly choice in purple and chose the vibe in a turquoise green hue.

I was very intrigued by the appearance of the Ripple. First, I noticed the clit stimulator was extra large and (unlike most rabbit vibes) does not resemble any animal I have ever seen. It is simply a large turquoise colored bullet encased in elastomer with two triangle shaped ticklers on the end. The shaft is crystal clear revealing the metal rod responsible for the rotation and the turquoise colored bullet in it's head. Up the shaft are four sculpted grooves that create the namesake ripple. On the backside of the vibe, these grooves combine to create six fin like nubs. The fins are incredibly soft and pliable. The head itself is shaped a little differently, almost like a tear drop.

The controls are push button, in for on out for off. The handle is the same shade of turquoise as the bullets, and I was happy to see that the elastomer material extends into the handle's housing instead of being just a sleeve.

The battery compartment door is the slide type, and this is really my only gripe. It can be quite easy to errantly pull off the door while in the throes of passion, so be cautious.

Noise wise, the Ripple is moderately loud, emitting the familiar buzz and whir of any other rabbit vibe. I have had much louder. Personally, I would have the radio or television on while playing if you want complete discretion.

My initiation into the Ripple's fan club was a glorious one. A dab of water based lube and we were off to the races.
My initiation into the Ripple's fan club was a glorious one. A dab of water based lube and we were off to the races.

The clit stimulator knocked my socks off. The large bullet put out some real serious action. I had to pull it away to prevent myself from using it alone, lest I forsake the rest of my review.

The rotation was sufficient, nothing to single it out from any other rabbit vibe.

What really deserves notation is the sensation of the rippled shaft. In the initial stages of my test, I almost cursed myself for buying such a strange toy, feeling it bump it's way inside me was almost an unwelcome sensation. I could feel every ridge....Like speed bumps or rumble strips...

I didn't like it at first. It felt strange and foreign.

I refuse to give up so easily so I pushed on.. Once seated deep inside of me, I clutched around it with my beloved PC muscles and let my body savor the new sensation it had discovered. I slowly began to inch it back and forth, easing into it.

It's almost like a massage for your pussy. Tiny thrusts rub those fins and ripples up and down your vaginal canal, and the sensation is definitely strange at first then it becomes rather delicious. I began to work myself into quite a frenzy doing just this so I threw on the rotation and the clit stimulator. I flew roaring and bucking into orgasm.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Sounds... fun. :) Thanks for the review!
  • Bulma
    I'll admit, this one does look a little intimidating, glad you like it though. I thought walrus when I saw the clit stimulator...weird I know. I'm really loving the elastomer material, even though it won't replace silicone.
    Thanks for the review, glad to know this one isn't as scary as it looks! :)
  • Minxy
    Hi Betty,
    I've had my eye on this one for a while and now,thaks to u I want it badly! Inticing review,Thanks.
  • Betty Rocket
    MInxy-Glad to have helped! I think you will like it!
  • Minxy
    Hi Betty,
    Have you tried this in the shower or tub?
  • Betty Rocket
    MInxy-I have not tried it, but I have a real phobia of putting my more expensive toys in the tub with me---however, I think it would do fine.......
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