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Hop On Down My Bunny Trail

The White Heat Double Delights is a great rabbit for those who just aren't sure about rabbits. Most seem to be hit or miss, with a large number being mostly miss. The girth of this toy makes me lean away from recommending to those completely new to the world of toys, but for those who like a bit of a filling, and are unsure of whether or not a rabbit vibe is for them, this is a great start.
Waterproof, Flexible, Very Quiet.
Might be too girthy for those new to toys.
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Rabbit vibes are great for when you want to be filled up vaginally, as well as get some clitoral action going on as well. Unfortunately, rabbit vibes seem to be a hit or miss, mostly miss. Either they're really expensive, or just plain awful in design.

White Heat has managed to come up with a design that should work for just about everyone in a really affordable package.

This toy by far is not the biggest toy out there, but it's not exactly the smallest either. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to someone who's completely new to the world of toys, but it shouldn't take much to work up to it either. White Heat is a great toy for those still starting out in exploration and don't want to spend an arm and a leg on something they're not sure is for them.
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    • Solo
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    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool

Material / Texture

The White Heat rabbit is made of TPR Silicone. This makes it hypoallergenic as well as phthalates free.

The texture itself is very smooth. There's a shine to the material and a bit more of a 'grab' to it than I've experienced with other products of the same material. Your finger will slide fairly easily over the material, but it also doesn't take much pressure with your fingers to get a really good grip either.

There's a faint, almost chemical smell to the material, but only if you've got your nose right up against it. It's stayed there since right out of the package, and after numerous cleanings. It's never been overwhelming, but it is there, and is only noticeable if you smell your toy.

The texture isn't going to 'wow' many advanced users, and is best suited for beginners who are unsure of how they feel about extra textures.
    • Flexible
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The general design of White Heat is the same as all rabbits: a shaft, and a clitoral nub. What sets this one apart from most is that the clitoral nub is not an adorable little animal. It's just a plain hunk of white silicone. There's a bullet located in both the nub and the tip of the shaft.

This rabbit has an overall length from end to end of 8", with just about 4 of those being insertable. The shaft has about a 4" circumference all the way down to the clit nub, which comes up about 1 1/4" up from the shaft at about a 45 degree angle.

With the exception of the battery cap, the only material you'll come in contact with is a very thick silicone. This does dull the vibrations some, but also makes the toy really squishy with a bit of give to it.

Where the base of the shaft meets the base of the toy and the battery compartment, as well as where the clit nub meets the shaft, White Heat is very, well, floppy is the best word I can come up with. It's meant to give you an extra level of control while using the toy.

I wouldn't leave this out in the open for anybody to see.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is a bullet located in the tip of the shaft, as well as one in the clitoral nub. Because of this, vibrations are easily felt throughout the entire toy, while being strongest where the bullets are located.

To start use, first get out 2 AAA batteries and unscrew the battery cap at the base of the toy. They go in right next to each other, and there are little illustrations inside the battery compartment that let you know which way each battery should face.

Once you've got the batteries in correctly, close the battery compartment, and twist the dial at the base to start vibrating. There are basically 3 variations of vibration: low, medium, and high. The vibrations really just transition from one to the next and back down again.

Since White Heat is made from a pretty thick silicone, even at its highest settings, the vibrations won't be earth shattering. But they are still strong enough to make your hand go numb if you've been holding it for a few minutes. Even at its highest setting, White Heat is still really quiet. I was on the phone with a friend and turned it on just to see if she could hear anything, and I held it fairly close to the phone, and nothing. I would be comfortable using this with just the door shut and no real background noise. Underneath a blanket, you'd have to be standing in the room and listening for it to be able to hear it.

The core of the vibrations is on the medium pitched, somewhere between thuddy and buzzy variety. They almost pack the punch of a good solid thuddy vibration, but just come up short.

One big feature of White Heat is its waterproofness. It worked fine in the shower, and I have submerged it while running just to test it. As long as you haven't damaged the battery cap in any way, you should be just fine using in aqueous environments.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Being made of silicone makes White Heat pretty easy to care for.

You can wash it (before and after using)in the sink with warm water and antibacterial soap (after making darn sure the battery cap is on properly and closed tightly), spray it down with your favorite toy cleaner, or even wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. Of course short of say, autoclaving something (please don't try that with White Heat), there's no way to really make sure you've gotten rid of absolutely everything, and due to the extremely catchy nature of this toy (picks up every speck of everything known to man) I would strongly suggest using a condom if you're planning on sharing.

The box says that White Heat is compatible with silicone based lubes, but I would stick to water based just to be on the safe side.

For storage, I've personally been keeping mine in the original box. But for those who don't want that headache, or want something a bit nicer to look at, you can always use a larger ziploc bag or a non shedding toy pouch.
    • Easy to clean
    • Hard to keep clean


This packaging is not discreet in the least bit. The box itself is plastic, with the front being see through to allow you to see White Heat inside its little plastic tray. The box basically just tells you, in many different places, that you have a waterproof, two bullet, multi-speed vibrator for dual zone stimulation.

If you leave it out, there's going to be no doubt as to what it is. However the packaging itself is of a just high enough quality as to be able to use it in gift giving, should you be presenting this to somebody you're comfortable with giving sex toys to. There's no way around the fact that this is, in fact, a vibrator.

It comes with no real instructions, but it does tell you that it runs on 2 AAA batteries.

It's not the best for storage, but in a pinch, it will work.

Personal comments

Because there is a nub that would prevent this toy from getting sucked all the way up into your bum, you could use this anally. However I would strongly suggest using a condom for any backdoor action White Heat may get.


This was my very first rabbit vibrator, and I'm really happy I chose this one. With all the others that have all those tiny adorable little animals, and none of them seem to line up with the clit really, I wanted something that was more function than form.

I needed lube to use it, but that was no biggie. And even after my body had gotten used to it I still added some more lube just because I liked how nice it would slide for thrusting then.

I've tried it in a multitude of positions, with laying down on my back working out the best. I flipped it around to see how it worked that way, but the clit nub is too big to get anywhere productive and just hits awkwardly. Because the base of the toy and the base of the nub are so flexible, what actually ended up being my favorite 'position' for this toy was fully inserted and just moving the base to move the shaft in and out a little but, but pounding on my clit.

I normally need fairly strong vibrations to get off, and I was worried because of how thick the material is and how well it seemed to damped vibrations, but I was pleasantly surprised. This toy made me work for my orgasm without frustrating me.
Follow-up commentary
I'm so sad about this one. It got buried for a little while, then when I went to bring it out to show a friend, it wouldn't turn on anymore. I tried a few sets of fresh batteries, and nothing. It won't be a "forever" toy, but if you don't neglect it, it should last you a while.
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    Thanks for the review! I hate it when toys die with no warning... and they always die with no warning...
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