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Hustler Oral pleasure sex toy review

The pump is simple; it's a bulb attached to a long tube.  You simple squeeze and the toy is on.  Or hold the toy and the pump, and squeeze and release for more of a pulsating suction.  All in all, on my hand, it seemed like it'd work fabulously.
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My Hustler Oral Pleasure vibrator arrived in the mail today and I have to say it looked promising.  Strange, but promising.

This toy is a larger purple jelly mouth-shaped suction cup that fits around a gold bullet vibrator and has a pump attachment to mimic oral sex and suction.  I tried it on my hand and the suction was strong and vibrator felt really quite good.  The bullet has a sliding switch and multiple levels of stimulation that feel like they'd be effective.  The pump is simple; it's a bulb attached to a long tube.  You simple squeeze and the toy is on.  Or hold the toy and the pump, and squeeze and release for more of a pulsating suction.  All in all, on my hand, it seemed like it'd work fabulously.

However, when I moved it from my hand to my pussy later that night, I was massively disappointed.  This is by far the most frustrating toy I've ever used.  The mouth is too big to target my clit kind of engulfed my whole vaginal area.  It is the actual size of a mouth, only in a permanent elongated oval shape that cannot be molded any other way.  The way the bullet is positioned allows for no direct contact (the bullet sits half way into the suction cup and I couldn't get it in any farther), so any vibration is transferred from the bullet to the jelly mouth and it just kind of vibrates AROUND my clit.  I tried everything to cum with this toy...I repositioned, I switched the way it was suctioned on, I pushed, I pulled, I pumped, I rubbed...I worked myself into a frenzy where my hips were thrusting because I WANTED to cum, it did feel good...but I couldn't.  It just wasn't enough.  I thought about tossing off the mouth and just using the bullet, but it started to hurt and I just gave up entirely and rolled over.  In the end, I ended up sore, itchy, and a little raw from all of the suction.  This toy may work for some women, but it certainly didn't work for me.

If you do try this one, keep in mind that it will work best on a woman who shaves.  I would imagine the slightly sticky jelly would catch hair and pull when the pump is used.  Also, lubes will make it slide off.  It might appeal to someone who wants to try the suction on their nipples...that was actually pleasurable and as I wasn't expecting to orgasm just from that, I was happy that it did function reasonably well on my breasts.  The bullet itself will work just fine on it's own, however I can't recommend spending the money on this one, good bullet or not.

It is reasonably quiet; I'd rate the bee on this toy a three. Three vrooms.  It was a tease at best.  I give it one star.
Follow-up commentary
I did away with the purple mouth piece and just kept it as a bullet vibe. The bullet itself was great, but I managed to kill it somehow. That's not unusual for me and my toys though.
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  • The best way to use this is to spread your vaginal lips apart, press the cup HARD against yourself and squeeze the heck out of the pump. Sometimes it loses suction and slips off when you get overly excited and wet, all you have to do is clean up a little (I keep a clean face cloth by the wet just for this reason), spread your lips again and repeat. First time use is a little awkward, only because there's no direct stimulation to your clit- the bullet vibrates but it doesn't immediately touch your clitoris, after a while though, you get into a groove and it can be a fantastic toy!
  • Dame Demi
    I've been frustrated by these types of toys for exactly the same reason--they feel great, they just aren't quite ENOUGH.  I thought something like the Penetrating Mini Clitoral Pump, which allows you to adjust the pressure directly onto your clitoris, would be more effective, but the motor in that is just not powerful enough.  I wish someone would get this style of toy right!
  • nipplegasm
    the reasons i'm SO excited about this kind of toy but SO hesitant to buy one were pretty much summed up here. even when an "oral" pump works great elsewhere (hands, breasts) it generally seems next to impossible for it to passively (and passably) function as a clitoral stimulator. the only other details i could've used would be the width of the mouth (i see it's supposed to be 3" in length) and a subjective rating of the suction power.

    sleeping dreamer, your comment was very helpful as well. i just wish these things didn't require so much work! how are you supposed to cum and simultaneously stay dry? LOL it seems ridiculous.
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