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G-spot rabbit vibrator by Downunder Toys

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I won't be snugglin' with Snuggle Puss!

Whose anatomy is it supposed to fit, a child's? The area from my entrance to clitoris is not exactly long, and the petals reaching the clitoris were beyond off. The vibrations are too weak to excite. Kudos on the great, safe material, but it doesn't matter if it's safe or not if it's unusable. Downunder Toys pride themselves on their toys fitting "real women" gets to me. This could have been a fantastic toy had it been carefully thought out.
Safe material
Extremely weak,
Petals do not fit anatomy
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Snuggle Puss is a simple, easy to use vibrator that tends to look more like an amateur toy, but I quickly learned it isn't limited to beginner play. Snuggle Puss is meant to be inserted into the vagina while the two petals stimulate the clitoris and the perineum. However, in my case there was no pleasure, stimulation or satisfaction. I expected it to be a very small toy that rested right inside the vagina rather than being long. While it is shorter than most and doesn't look like a fancy, fancy toy, the design is what I really fell for, but it won't fit me. I was shocked when I pulled it from its package and saw the size. I even told my sister I wasn't sure how easy this baby would go in. It's not huge, but it is firm and really has no give. I'm not complaining. It does take me some warming up and even requires lube every time. Being that this vibrator is not huge and intimidating to the eye and isn't realistic, I think it makes a decent beginner's toy unless like me, you have had many problems with average sized toys going in easily. I think it's best for a user with a bit of experience unless you know you like a decent size and have no problems with average sized toys slipping in. The size is a bit fat. The beautiful purple iridescent color is pleasing and that makes it more friendly to a beginner.

Snuggle Puss is designed for clitoral stimulation as well as G-spot stimulation and is supposed to lightly massage the perineum with one petal, but I doubt it will be able to touch any perineum. The shaft is bent to better reach your G-spot, but the bend plus thickness of it makes it very hard to insert, and as far as G-spotting goes, this toy is not likely to do much besides caress your G-spot. There are two petal-like things that are on either side of Snuggle Puss. One is supposed to kind of cover over the clitoris which would have been amazing had it actually reached my clitoris and vibrated. The second petal is smaller and is supposed to lay right over the perineum providing a light massage, but it doesn't even touch me when it's inserted as far as possible. Upon first glance at it on the site, it stood out to me and I was so into this toy that I still can't accept that it just won't work for me. It could be fun for couple and solo play.
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    • Clitoris
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Material / Texture

While I love that Snuggle Puss is made from a "premium grade silicone which cannot absorb any moisture," it does have a very grabby feel to it. It isn't awful and thankfully, it didn't grab my lady bits and try carrying them all inside. That is a very painful thing and some vibrators made from materials that are grabby tend to cause my lady parts serious pain afterwards! Snuggle Puss has a drag to it but won't grab and pull at your parts. It collects every thing except coins! Actually when it arrived, it was covered in fuzzies and dust. Yuck! I immediately washed it and it really showed its pretty color after it was properly cleaned. Sadly, only laying it on the bed caused it to pick up lint and fuzz and a cat hair, so I did take several washes. It's nothing I would complain about, but it's worth noting. I haven't had a toy that held on to fuzz and lint like this one does. If you wash it then wrap in a paper towel or a wash cloth (if the fuzzies don't bother you), it will keep it clean until you're in position and ready to go. This toy has a rounded, flat base, but it won't sit upright with the cord protruding from the bullet lodged inside. The bullet is removable, but I cannot get mine out without it ripping the cord.

I have a thing about smelling things. When I pick something up, it immediately goes to my nose, even paper! My family and partner give me a hard time about it, but my sniffer has finally come in handy! I have learned to remember the scents of toys so I can report back here. I expected it to smell rubbery, but there's absolutely no scent! For those who care, it also has no taste.

There is no texture. Snuggle Puss is a very smooth, non porous silicone material which really makes me think of a dildo the way it's built, a vibrating dildo. It will certainly give you the "full feeling." I am pleased with the safe silicone, and since I am a clean freak, I steer clear from toys that aren't water proof because I don't feel they're properly cleaned. If you're like me, you'll be happy to know Snuggle Puss can be sterilized, although I have no idea how the bullet will be removed without the cord ripping out.

When using both hands, I'm able to bend this guy a tiny bit mid-shaft. Other than that, it has little give and is not flexible. That's not a complaint though. I thought the material was very nice.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I love the unique design. The petals would have been fantastic had they came close to reaching the clitoris and actually vibrating. They look pokey, but aren't. With Snuggle Puss inserted, the petal's pointy end will lie right under my clitoris and slightly above the urethra. It totally missed my anatomy and I'm not so sure it will fit anyone's well. I can tilt it up while inserted, bending the shaft so that the petal almost touches my clitoris, but still not quite. The petals carry almost no vibration and really the entire thing is very weak.

Now about the size. Snuggle Puss measures:
Length: 6 1/2"
Insertable length: 3 1/2"
Circumference: 5"
Diameter: 1 1/2"
Weight: 1 lb

Looking at it online, it may not look as big as it truly is. I expected something of the mini vibe variety but was surprised, not unsatisfied with the size as it wasn't bad, but I just have problems getting things in! So really that's just my own problem, not the toy's, but I wanted to add for those who may not want this much "girth." I must admit, for me, someone who isn't able to penetrate with some of the "average size" toys, this was fat. Average sized sex toys and average sized penises are totally different. A penis is much easier to insert (for me at least) than a toy even when they're similar in size. I still ended up liking the feeling of it inside without thrusting though. It isn't too large, but since it has very little give it does make you "full." For me, lube is a must to get this guy in. I tried it at first only rubbing around on it while it vibrated but could barely feel them.

I wouldn't call it discreet. It's cute, but clearly a sexual device. Since it isn't as long as most vibrators or dildos, it will "snuggle" into any drawer or suitcase or even small purse perfectly! I love vibes I can take in the car. Road trip!
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

I really didn't want to dislike this toy. I was totally prepared to force this thing to do it for me, but it won't. To be painfully honest, I am highly unsatisfied with the performance. When I turn it on, it sounds quiet but powerful. I can feel the vibrations when I touch it to my neck and chest, but I can barely feel a thing on my lady parts, even on the highest setting! My cell phone vibrates more powerfully than this. I can't tell if this is due to the material's thickness or the bullet itself since the bullet will not come out.

In the very bottom of Snuggle Puss, there's a small hole where the bullet vibe is located. The intensity of the vibrations are controlled by a remote which I'm usually not fond of at all, but this one was great. The cord runs from the bullet which is located in the very bottom in a hole. The cord is long enough and surprisingly didn't get tangled or wrap around us even with lots of movement. The other end of the cord is able to detach from the remote. You just plug it in. It's exactly how you plug in headphones to a walkman or computer. I loved that the cord detached. It made cleaning much easier and since this is a lint, dust, dirt and hair magnet, a good cleaning is needed more often than some toys. With the small remote in hand, you or your partner can control the intensity of the vibrations by twisting the turn dial. It carries an almost silent vibration throughout the entire shaft. There's a dial on the beautiful iridescent, transparent purple remote. It says "Downunder Toys" in silver and has silver text showing the words "OFF" and "S." I'm not sure why it says S. I guess that stands for start. You turn toward the OFF setting to lower the intensity or turn it off. Turn it toward the S for higher intensity. You can do this with one finger.

Opening the remote to insert batteries was a problem at first because I couldn't see the imprinted arrows showing to slide it back to remove. Similar to the way you slide some cell phone's backs off to get to the battery. The remote has a snap thing so I thought it was to be pulled. My partner figured it out and it's very easy to remove and is very durable.

This toy is NOT waterproof so I did not use it in the water, but I think it would make an outstanding water toy if it were waterproof.

This little guy runs on 2 AA batteries which is convenient since I can always steal them from my remote if need be.

Like I said, it's very quiet. When it arrived in the mail, the kids were already here and the youngest (1 year old) saw me take it from the package and had a fit to play with it! I couldn't resist since it is so appealing to a child's eye. I let her hold it for a minute and she managed to turn it on. We never even heard it making sound and when she held it to her tongue, I took it from her and sure enough, she'd turned it on the highest setting and was giving her tongue a massage! I couldn't believe how silent it was with her standing right in front of us. Now I'm not shocked at the quietness since it barely vibrates. If you touch it to the bed, a wall or the like, it will get louder, but it's not likely it will be heard at all. This would be perfect for those with roommates.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

This little guy is made of food-grade material, is hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous and Phthalates free. He has a material safety rating of 10 which I love.

Snuggle Puss is silicone. It is not water proof, so you should always make sure the bullet and remote are completely removed from it while washing. As I mentioned above, the corded bullet can be removed from the remote, but I have found it impossible to remove the bullet from Snuggle Puss' hole without tearing the cord from the bullet. Usually vibrators can be rolled or somewhat manipulated to remove a bullet, this one is not. You can't pull the thick silicone away. I suppose there's a way to loosen that hole up and remove the bullet, but I've yet to find one. I would hate to ruin it by ripping its cord.

To clean this little guy, I use an anti bacterial soap and hot water. I scrub it real nice with the soap and then run the entire area (carefully) under water without allowing any in that hole that houses the stubborn bullet. Remember to detach the cord from the remote, that way you don't accidentally jerk the remote into the water. Snuggle Puss can be sterilized if you remove bullet. This may be where your toy cleaner comes in handy. I personally prefer the job of a good anti-bac and hot water though. It cleans easily and quick, but with the bullet not removed it is a little harder. The material wipes clean quickly whereas some need a lot of scrubbing.

If you can get the bullet removed, the toy can be boiled for 5-10 minutes. You can also put it in the dish washer (top rack).

Snuggle Puss is non porous, but I still advise not to share toys. If you must though, to prevent STI's and other disease, you should be careful to clean between each use and/or use a condom. Since a condom probably wouldn't fully cover this toy, petals included, washing thoroughly before and after each use and between partners should be done.

I loved the box Snuggle Puss came in. It's a bit flimsy, but it is made for storage. It's a clear plastic container that has slide-in tabs to make sure it's perfectly inside. It has proven to hold up perfectly. The slide-in tabs are similar to those of a cereal box and are located all around the box. It holds up well so far and doesn't take up too much room.

Since silicone based lubricants can break down the silicone material in toys, Snuggle Puss should only be used with water based lubes.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Snuggle Puss came in a plain clear box that can be used for long term storage. It isn't fancy but works perfect and I like it. It has slide tabs like a cereal box and will hold the cute little guy in there until you're ready for him again. Surprisingly the box is very durable and I'd actually like it if all toys came in this type. It's small enough to throw in a drawer but does add a little extra bulk. I will continue using the original packaging to store for protection, especially with this guy loving lint so much. There was nothing else included in the clear box besides 2 small slips of paper. One tells about Downunder Toys and the other talks about Snuggle Puss. They are not instructions and do not provide proper cleaning instructions. It only states that it can be sterilized, is non porous, premium grade silicone, non-toxic, 100% pure silicone, silky sensations and delicious vibrations. The packaging is totally clear. There are no photos on the box, no paper or writing. The 2 sheets of paper have writing and a cartoon woman dressed in a fancy corset. There is no nudity. Since the cartoon woman is not exactly showing anything or looking too seductive, I felt it was discreet enough to leave out in the open, besides the words. On one sheet of paper it says "Because a real woman loves to play, too" I guess some people thought only fake women loved playing? (Only kidding.) The paper talks about how much Downunder Toys care about their products and pleasing women. I like it. I like their ideas, unique designs, but this is not the only toy from them that has had issues like the ones I experienced. It seems Downunder's company is passionate about bringing women items that are pleasing, but with each toy I read about they seem to have these continuing problems with them not fitting most female's anatomy and the bullet not being retrievable. The paper doesn't give any instructions but says that they never try to use other company's ideas. They come up with their own based on feedback of what real woman want. My feedback however is not exactly a positive kind. I wish so badly that it were though.

I enjoyed learning about the company and would like to give another toy a shot if they did a bit of reconstructing.
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

Neither my partner nor I have had the best experience with this. It was disappointing that it wouldn't fit me well.


Despite my not so beautiful words about this toy, it may fit your anatomy better. I still won't give up and hope that one day I'll be able to write something positive in my follow up review, but being that our bodies don't just change their design to fit a toy, I doubt it will happen.

With it inserted, you can kind of rock the toy up and down and get a nice caress over your G-spot, but it isn't likely that it would get me very far. It's OK for light internal stimulation, but it isn't really a toy for thrusting, and since the purpose of it is to stimulate your clitoris and perineum while being inserted, it fell very short. It simply does not do what it is designed to do.
Follow-up commentary
The Snuggle Puss, unfortunately is still not getting anywhere with me. I find myself getting high hopes every once and a while and trying with it again and only to fail. It's simply too large for comfort. My last try resulted in a torn vagina! It was a small tear, but painful and enough to make me put it away for a very long time. If the vibrations were stronger and I could actually feel them, I could at least use it for clitoral stimulation. Other than that I have no desire to tear or put my vagina to the point of a major overload. I am still on the hunt for a similar made vibrator only smaller and with stronger vibrations! I find Snuggle Puss a bit too blunt for insertion to be comfortable. The curve seems to give me even more problems with inserting. It almost seems to make Snuggle Puss larger! There have been times where insertion hasn't been horrible, but mostly it's still way too uncomfortable.

I doubt there's much use for Snuggle Puss. For someone who likes larger toys and doesn't need intense vibrations or a long shaft, this could be a nice tease if nothing else.
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  • That Man from Mars
    I'm wondering if you could replace the bullet with a more powerful one? And how long are the petals?
  • Sunshineamine
    Thanks for the review. Shame it didn't work for you.
  • Beck
    Sorry this one was not better. I looks more like an anal toy. Thanks for the review.
  • Antipova
    Such a thorough review, but what a big disappointment! It's great that you tried a few times to make it work... but if it doesn't fit, *and* the vibrations are so weak... that's just a shame all the way around. At least it can be sterilized so the little one can give herself tongue massages? Maybe that's the best use for it ?
  • K101
    Thank you all for the comments and for reading Yes, I actually thought this was an anal toy when I saw it for the first time on the site, but it is not intended for anal use, but if you choose to do so, I suppose that would be at your own risk. I did not try as I have not ever had anal experience and that is why I didn't include how it works anally in the review. It is more in the category of a dual or triple (perineum petal) vibe. It's a vaginal toy, not anal just to be clear.

    Lol Anitpova haha that was funny. It can be sterilized, but the little one will not be giving herself another tongue massage since I've now used it. Lol. Just wouldn't be right.

    And about the petals, with their weird shape, it's impossible to get a perfect measurement, but the clitoral one is about one inch, but it's more like a curved petal so it more than likely won't reach an acutal inch. If that makes sense? It is very hard to really give the details of measurements especially being that I had to measure myself. The perineum petal is close to 1 CM but also has a curve and it is not flexible, it doesn't touch my actual body when inserted all the way so it may or may not for some people.
  • wetone123
    Nice review! Sorry this one is a dud Just move on to the next one I guess. The name is cute! SnugglePuss indeed! Thanks for the highly informative review and the heads up on this toy
  • married with children
    great review, as always. thanks for sharing.
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