Posh teaser 3 - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by xoheartsyou

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Identical to Posh teaser 4.

Posh teaser 3 is a two in one toy. Externally posh is a complete tease and leaves you wanting more. Internally the vibrations and pulsations hit your g-spot leaving you pleased. The ridges on this vibrator are placed just right and make thrusting a must. Beginner friendly and waterproof posh is a great beginner g-spotting vibrator. It is also identical to the purple Posh 4.
-10 different settings
-Pure silicone
-Basic settings
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Posh Teaser 3 is a one of the four different teasers from California eExotics. Posh 3 has a unique design that features deep waves and 2 veins. Having 10 different settings, the Posh 3 is sure to have a favorite setting for everyone. What I love about this toy is the fact that the vibrations are the same throughout the whole vibrator. Even though I couldn’t get much pleasure from it externally, the Posh 3 definitely rocked me internally, hitting everything from my g-spot to my opening.

Posh 3 would be a great vibrator to add to any relationship. Since this vibrator is considered a teaser, you can easily explore your partners body and discover what drives them crazy. For size queens, this would still be a great toy if you want to hit your g-spot. The small size and smooth waves also make this toy great for beginners.

Posh 3 has no base, so it cannot be used for anal play and is not harness compatible.

This teaser is waterproof and performs great in the water. This toy is silent when used in the shower. When used in the bedroom it can be heard if the door is shut. If the toy is completely inserted it is silent with just a blanket over it.

Material / Texture

Posh 3 is made of pure, odorless, smooth silicone. Silicone is rated 10 on the safety scale. Silicone is so safe becauae it is non porous and doesn't harbor any bacteria. Silicone is also great because you can disinfect it. The silicone does have some drag, but that can easily be fixed with a little lubricant. Posh 3 has a solid shaft with a softer, non-flexible tip. The head of this vibrator is a wider, blunt tip that makes it hard to pinpoint certain areas. Posh 3 can be easily used externally. Posh 3 is made of a very smooth purple silicone.

The button on the bottom of Posh 3 is made of ABC plastic, and so is the silver ring.

Posh 3 features 3 deep ridges that add a great sensation. There are also 2 veins on the toy that can not be felt easily. The veins are mainly for visual reasons. The is also no seam visible on the Posh 3.

Design / Shape / Size

I love the shape of the Posh 3. I have never owned such a wavy toy, and at first the deep ridges intimated me. I came to realize that the waves and ridges don’t give this toy any extra texture. Posh 3 has the average length of a penis, but is defiantly not as wide as the average sized penis. The head of Posh 3 is round and smooth. During penetration your G-spot is in for a total surprise with 10 different vibrations that range from low to high. Not only does the head hit your entire g-spot, but it also has a steady vibration throughout your vagina.

Posh 3 is not realistic; it features no balls and has designer veins. If you were to leave the toy out in the open, people would know what it was. It is not discreet. Posh 3 is a great toy to travel with.

Since Posh 3 has such a rounded, blunt-head you don’t have to really worry about your partner bruising you. While playing solo, you can easily control it. For partner play, express to your partner the ways this toy hurts you and the ways it pleases you. Communication can make sex and toy play that much better since it is all about pleasing your partner. Being a medium sized toy, a person with larger hands could easily control the toy.

Length: 6"
Insertable length: 5 1/2"
Circumference: 4"
Diameter: 1 1/2"

Functions / Performance / Controls

Posh 3 has 10 different functions that range from escalating, pulsating, surging, and vibrating. The high vibration and pulsate are the only vibrations that can be heard with the door shut. The power of the vibrations is really good for a beginner because you also get to test 10 different settings. If you need strong vibrations in your life this toy is not for you.

Settings stated on the instruction paper:
1. Vibrate (HIGH)
2. Vibrate (MEDIUM)
3. Vibrate (LOW)
4. Gradient Burst
5. Intermittent
6. Surge
7. Inta-surge
8. Even Step
9. Roller Coaster Spurt
10. Pulsate

Every time you turn your vibrator back on it starts on the next vibration, not the one you ended it on. I do wish it would turn on to the setting you left it at because most likely that setting is your favorite, and I wish I didn’t have to run through all 10 settings to find it again.

To turn the vibrator on you just click the button located at the bottom of the shaft. To change the settings just click the button again. When you are done playing with your toy hold button for 3 seconds and it will shut off. The light around the button will illuminate when the vibrator is on.

During play, the settings can be changed easily. Posh 3 also does not numb your fingers. The vibrations run evenly from shaft to tip. I love the fact you can feel the vibrations throughout the entire toy. The battery cap is really secure and does not become loose.

Care and Maintenance

This vibrator is pure silicone, which makes it super easy to care for and is not hazardous to your health. Silicone is rated 10 on the safety scale. Silicone is great because you can disinfect it. To disinfect this particular vibrator, you should wipe with a 10% bleach solution instead of boiling it. If you boil this vibrator the battery compartment could melt. Also, do not place in the dishwasher because the water could potentially be forced into the battery compartment. When you disinfect a toy, you can share with a partner and switch orifices.

Silicone should not be stored with other toys, as this could discolor your toy and potentially damage it. To store your vibrator, you can just throw it in with your delicates. What I love about this silky silicone is that it does not collect lint at all. Make sure to always wash your toy with warm water and soap before and after play time. The vibrator is very easy to clean.

When it comes to using lube with your vibrator, make sure you NEVER use silicone based lube with your silicone toys, as this will result to a melting of your toy. ONLY use water based lubes with silicone toys.

This vibrator also takes two AAA batteries.


Posh 3 comes in a small, white box. The toys image is on the front of the box. Along with the image is a handful of information about the toy. When you open the box the vibrator is in a clear, plastic bag. Along with the bag, there is a little white piece of paper that features the instructions and a visual diagram of the vibrations.

Posh 3 can easily be gifted wrapped in its original box. You could store the vibrator in the box, but you can easily store it without the box.

Personal comments

I personally can't tell the difference between posh teaser 3 and posh teaser 4. The only difference I see is the color.


When I first saw this vibrator I was intimated by the waves in this toy. I came to realize that the deep ridges are GREAT! I am happy to add this toy to my collection. The shape and design are the best part of this vibrator. I happily went through all 10 settings, giving each one a fair chance. I am happy to say only 2 settings on this vibrator are complete duds. The drag on the toy was easily fixed with a drop of lube. I received more stimulation while the toy was inserted. This toy is not meant for stimulating other areas, unfortunately.

I rated this vibrator a 4 because the only problem I have with this toy is the two weak settings.
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    Okay, I'm a little confused...you're selling this toy on the Classifieds brand new, still in bag and never used. So how can you write a review on something that you never used or even took out of the bag?
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    @hot4you, if you actually read my review you would see it is identical to the posh 4 that I have already reviewed and own.
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  • xoheartsyou
    @hot4you either way both toys are the same except the color. I own the posh 4 && my friend owns this one. They do the same exact thing!! The only difference is the color. SO now you shouldn't be confused.....
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    And you basically copy and pasted your review for the Posh 4 here, which is against the rules.
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