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If this vibe was a term paper, I would give it a C+

If you are a fan of the traditional style vibes, this one is a bit better than most for the price range, except in the noise department. It's basic, but is made well, has strong vibes, and comes in bright colors. If you are looking for something quiet, or want something new and exciting, this is not it. If you like having a traditional vibe that you can always count on to get you off, and you don't mind the loudness... you should be happy with this product.
Better dial base than most, soft coating, powerful.
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The "All Night Long" is a traditional style vibrator made by California Exotics. The packaging this toy comes in suggests it is being marketed to college students. Aside from the picture on the front of a hot young blond sporting a baby tee, boy shorts, and a belly ring, it also advertises it as a "Sorority Party Vibe" that has "Extra Power for Long Study Sessions". I chose this to review because I thought that it would at least be quieter than the other vibrators of this type that we own. I just assumed that the makers of a vibrator being marketed towards college students would take into consideration the need for privacy and discretion when living in dorms. Of course I was wrong in my assumptions, because this thing is LOUD. Not just the average loud you expect from toys of this type, but even LOUDER. This was just another thing that reminded me how new I am to sex toys. Then again, if you are in college, maybe you would be new to sex toys as well, so the package could be misleading. Don't expect to be using this in your dorm, even alone in the shower, with no one being able to hear it. I guess you could always turn up some music or tell your room mates it was your electric tooth brush.

Aside from the loudness of this vibe, it feels really good. While I mostly wanted to get this for my partner to use, I enjoyed it as well. The coated plastic feels nice on the skin, and the vibes are easily felt over your entire body. It feels great during foreplay on the sensitive parts like nipples, and thighs. It also works really well for stimulating your balls and taint during a blow job. It feels good on the anus and can be inserted a bit, but I would use extreme caution, because there is no flared base to keep it from slipping inside. Although my girl uses this mostly for her clit, she did have some fun inserting it vaginally as well. It is a rigid toy though, so hard thrusting could hurt you if you aren't careful.
    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

This vibe is made from PU coated plastic. The package calls it "Velvet-Cote". To me this just means it is had a matte finish and makes it feel a bit softer on the skin. There is no smell or taste, and the entire surface is smooth and velvety in feel. There are no textures or bulges so this shouldn't be intimidating for beginners. The plastic is rigid and has no give to it at all.
    • No odor
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this vibe is typical of the "traditional" styles. There are no bells and whistles. It is just a long smooth tube of plastic with a slightly tapered and rounded tip. The total length is 7 and 1/2 inches with only 6 being insertable. It is only 1 inch in diameter, so beginners should find this comfortable inserting.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

The dial base on this toy is what makes it a bit above average for this type of vibe. Most have a cheap turn dial base that either breaks or gets loose. This can cause even more rattling noise during use, or can affect the controls in many ways. They usually are very sensitive to touch so it would be easy to accidentally switch settings during use or in worse cases, turn it on or off at the worst moments. The typical dials can also be a bit tricky to manipulate with slick fingers. Thankfully, this toy has a much better base. A simple twist takes you from low to high smoothly and steadily.

The vibrations themselves are pretty standard as well, but the highest is pretty powerful. The quality is a bit better too. Typically you get vibes that are rattly or too buzzy. The vibes on this are more steady and won't leave your fingers itchy (or your balls for that matter).
    • Long lasting power
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Plastic is easy to clean. Toy wipes, toy cleaner, soap and water, or even a bleach solution will get it clean. If using this around the anus, I would make sure to use condoms or antibacterial soap at the very least between orifices, so you don't get any bad bacteria into the vagina. The packaging states to "always use a water based lube with this product for maximum pleasure", but this site says you can use water or silicone based lubes with it. As for storage, we use a big plastic ziptop bag, but you can store it anywhere and it won't harm any other toys.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


My girl has quite a few of these traditional style vibes. With her HUGE collection of sex toys, she somehow ends up pulling out what she calls the "Old Faithfuls" more than she does her more expensive vibes. She just likes them more for some reason, and because of this she goes through them pretty quickly. Generally speaking, these types of vibes are cheap and cheaply made. She will use one for awhile and it will start getting louder and louder the more it's used, or the cheap turn dial control will break, or it will just stop working altogether. After the last one starting making the tell tale sound that we have started to call the "death rattle", we started looking for a replacement. When I had another chance to choose a product to review I asked her what her "requirements" were for a new vibe. Her only requirements were that it be waterproof, at least 6 inches insertable length, and something that took AA batteries. So I started looking, and immediately saw this one. It caught my eye because it was my girl's favorite color; bright green. Seeing that it had all of the requirements, and it could also be quieter than the others we had, I snatched it up.

Aside from the noise, my girl and I found this vibe to be above average for a toy of this style. It seems to be made a little better than others; sturdier somehow. Maybe it's just the "Velvet-Cote" it advertises that gives the plastic a matte finish, but it feels a lot better on the skin and just feels more solid than the others. The dial control is a made a lot better and is easier to control with slick fingers. So far, it doesn't have that rattle sound so common with these types of vibes when the batteries rattle around during use. Only time will tell on that one though. It is truly waterproof, as it claims to be. We used this in the tub and didn't find any moisture in the battery compartment like we have with others. The vibes are powerful and easily felt, and the batteries aren't eaten up as quickly as they are in the other vibes. All in all, it's the perfect traditional vibe aside from the noise. If it had been quieter than average, it would have exceeded our expectations and I would be giving it 5 stars. As it stands, this is the loudest toy we own, so that takes off huge points for us. I would give it three and half stars if I could, but since I can't I will give it 3.
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately this toy has some how managed to get LOUDER, if you can believe it. Maybe the dial got loose or the cap doesn't close as tightly as it did at first, I'm not sure. It just has more of a loud rattle now that we've used it a few times. It could be the batteries moving inside? I don't know, but the toy was loud enough before and now it has just become too distracting for us, when we have other toys that will do the job better and much quieter.
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  • Alys
    Great review! I often find that a toy being really loud is a deal breaker for me
  • Annemarie
    You'd think that being marketed towards college students, that it'd be super duper quiet. Sigh.

    Very nice review.
  • Purpleladybug
    Awesome review!!!
  • Daddy
    Thanks for all the comments and votes!

    @ Annemarie- That's what I was hoping for, at least quieter than vibes of this type usually are. They tend to be pretty loud as it is, and this one seems even louder !
  • girl next door
    great review! Very helpful! I hate loud toys
  • liilii080
    Ha, this review made me chuckle. Sorry it's so loud! Awesome review!
  • Daddy
    Thanks all!
  • barrettbn2
    thanks for the review
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