In my Top Three!

This toy is a fail-safe, fool-proof gem. It is irreplaceable in my collection and will be a personal favorite for a long time to come :) I only wish it was waterproof!
Rotating, powerful vibrations, textured and delightful!
Not waterproof, noisy, material attracts dust, hair, fuzz, anything!
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I actually have the original version of this toy, which has been discontinued and replaced with this one. Being that this one is the improvement upon that, I cannot imagine how delightful it is! Really, it seems the addition of some new advanced speed options can only improve upon this fantastic toy. The original jack rabbit is the exact same size and shape, but with a different design for the control panel.

Some problems I have had with this are that it is not waterproof and that everything seems to want to stick to it! Hair, fuzz, etc, etc. A quick rinse or some powder takes care of the sticky situation, but it can still be sort of a pain...especially if I'm in a hurry to use it! Big smile Also, I live in a one room dormitory with another girl and privacy is minimal, so having a toy that is waterproof is very important since one of the only places I have time and space to myself for play is in the shower. It is very unfortunate that this toy is not waterproof and I find myself constantly wishing that it was! However, since it isn't, it serves as a rare and exciting treat when I do get the room to myself Winking It is rather noisy, but worth the wait for some time alone!

Despite the drawbacks, this toy has never failed to bring me off. The bunny ears are powerful and well-placed for my build and the rotating motion really adds another dimension to my play. One of my favorite things about this toy is the moment I slide it into myself, even before I turn it on. The shape of the head and the textured nubs along the underside feel delicious. One thing I really like to do with this toy is to soak a rag in some hot water and then wrap the toy in it for a bit so it heats up...It feels like real flesh as I press it into me.

This toy is an all-time favorite of mine! When/if my original version breaks down, I will absolutely be coming back for more and seeking out this toy with the new speed and rotation options!
Follow-up commentary
I think I've just gotten bored with this toy! It's gotten progressively noisier with time, and has thus become more difficult to use without attracting attention. The fact that it is not waterproof has definitely been its downfall for me. I'm on a search to find one that hits my g-spot every time. This one sometimes gets it, but not consistently enough! This is a great toy for someone who is looking to try out rabbits, but I think that for me, it's time for an upgrade!
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  • Contributor: Victoria
    Do you think that there's a chance your original version is less powerful than this edition? What are your controls like? How is the battery life? Thanks!
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Do you have any "versions" of this in your own collection that are water proof? I hear that a lot of times they say water proof but still break very easily.
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    I'm sooo happy I didn't fall in love with sex toys until I was out of dorm life...Smile
  • Contributor: lexical
    In the pink - Yes, I think it's pretty likely that this new edition is more powerful than mine. I mean, it has more settings...Mine only has two speeds, this one has, I believe, seven? I'm totally guessing, but I don't think they'd make a new version with *weaker* settings, right? Winking The controls on mine are four simple buttons. From top to bottom: turns on the rotation, changes the direction of the rotation, turns the bunny ears on low, turns the bunny ears on high. They are easy to used without looking. Smile The battery life seems fine to me, but I have a hard time keeping track of that, as I don't use this toy on a regular basis, so sometimes the batteries end up being switched out to another toy while this one is on a break! Big smile

    You're welcome! And thanks for commenting!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Lauren, I don't have any versions of this particular toy that are waterproof, but I do have a waterproof rabbit. It's the "Passion wave stimulator", which is also available here, and which I have also reviewed. That toy and I don't get along so well, though, so it also hasn't gotten much use in the shower (or out of it, for that matter)...However, all of my toys that I do use in the shower (or even fully submerged in the tub) have lasted *years*, though none of them are rabbits. I'll be reviewing those soon as well. I'm sorry, I can't be of more help!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Dame Demi...You're tellin' me! It makes things really difficult sometimes! But this semester, I have a new roommate who is also a close friend and who I know for a fact would appreciate some time alone with her *own* toys!!! Big smile So, I might be a little more comfortable now just flat out *asking* for some private time if I need it! Winking
  • Contributor: imp
    I had one of these and it lasted me a whole 4 years worth of use before I broke it LOL. It was one of my favourite toys back when I began exploring sex toys and I would love another. But yes everything bloody sticks to it and the rabbit is one of the best features of the whole toy.
  • Contributor: lexical
    A good way to stop the sticking is to powder it Smile I'm pretty meticulous about my toys, so I always wash them before and after use...And after, I dry them off and powder them if they have stickyness problems Winking Hope that helps!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Just wanted to mention...This toy is CONSTANTLY turning on in my bag! I have to take the batteries out each time so that I don't have "mysterious" noises coming from inside my otherwise innocent looking bag...It's such a pain because then I have to rummage for batteries every time I want to use it and sometimes it's URGENT, if you know what I mean Winking
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    Great review!!
  • Contributor: Ms. Spice
    thanks for the review! any chance there's a similar vibe made of better material?
  • Contributor: Nemon
    Nice review, thanks.
  • Contributor: Cherry21
    hey! nice review!
  • Contributor: lexical
    Thanks, everyone!
  • Contributor: musicownsmysoul
    Great review
  • Contributor: Bignuf
    Thanks for a good and helpful review.
  • Contributor: Red Rum
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