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This cute little vibrator works well as a standalone vibrator, or as a bullet inside other toys. It will likely not be the most powerful vibrator in your arsenal but will probably be strong enough, except for those who require powerful vibrators.
Waterproof, attractive design, quiet.
Not terribly strong, buzzy vibrations.
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This small vibrator is perfect to keep beside the bed for easy clitoral stimulation. Or, take advantage of the fact that it's waterproof and use it in the shower or bath. Mood Powerful is small enough to work well during partner play, too. It also works well to hold it on your clitoris during your kegel workout to add motivation and encourage strong squeezes.

Mood Powerful can be used inside toys that accommodate bullets. It's a bit longer than a standard bullet so it will be easier to remove and will provide the advantage of multiple patterned vibrations and greater strength than a standard bullet.

Material / Texture

The mood powerful vibrator has a hard plastic exterior and a velvet coat finish. It feels smooth and luxurious to run your fingers over it. It is not flexible. The button used to control it is made of a soft, squishy, rubbery material.

It has no scent at all.

A rubber ring that is the same color as the rest of the vibrator separates the cap from the rest of the vibrator.

The logo for PowerBullet is etched into the side of the vibrator. You can feel it if you run your fingers over that area, but you will likely be using just the tip of the vibrator so that small bit of texture will not cause problems during use.

Design / Shape / Size

Mood Powerful is an attractive bullet vibrator. It has a colorful, smooth, matte finish with gold swirly designs printed on its surface.

It measures three and a half inches long and has a circumference of two and a quarter inches. It is powered by a single AAA battery. Inside the battery compartment is a small piece of paper with instructions on how to insert the battery. There is room to leave this paper inside and insert the battery. That may be the intention.

A small rubbery ring at the base of the threads ensures that it is waterproof. The battery compartment does indeed stay dry when Mood Powerful is used under water.

It is a convenient, easy size to hold and use. While it doesn't have a locking feature, its small size makes it a good choice for travel, although you will want to keep the battery separate to avoid it unintentionally starting.

A sticker at the button end says "must close cap tightly."

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibrator has seven functions, three of which are steady vibration speeds. They are:

1) low steady vibration
2) higher steady vibration
3) highest steady vibration
4) roller coaster
5) long pulses
6) fast pulses
7) very fast pulses

The vibrator is controlled entirely by a single button at the end of the toy. Press it once to start it vibrating at the lowest steady speed. Each additional press of the button moves it to the next vibration setting. To turn it off, either move it past the seventh vibration mode or hold the button for two seconds. When holding the button down, it moves to the next vibration mode and becomes louder before it turns off. There is no way to instantly turn it off unless you use it on the seventh mode.

Vibrations are concentrated at the tip and are of moderate strength. It is reasonably quiet. Others will not hear it through a closed door.

This is not strong for a vibrator, but is strong compared to other bullets. It is much weaker than Tango, somewhat weaker than Siri and about comparable or perhaps just a bit weaker than the Seed. Each of these comparison vibrators emits a lower, deeper noise than Mood Powerful. This is no doubt due to the fact that Mood Powerful has buzzier (less back and forth movement), higher pitched vibrations. It is, however, stronger than a standard bullet.

Even though it is powered by the PowerBullet, the same type of high quality motor used in the powerful Jopen Vanity vibrators, this vibrator is not quite in their league as far as depth and strength of vibration.

Care and Maintenance

Mood Powerful is waterproof, and therefore an easy care product. Simply wash with soap and water when cleaning is needed.

Any lube except oil-based lubes are suitable with this product. It does not require a storage bag or container.

Personal comments

Even though this isn't a particularly strong vibrator and doesn't have deep vibrations either, and even though I usually require stronger vibrations, I've been successful with this vibrator every time I've used it. I even was successful while using it on the lowest setting. I have no explanation for this. Perhaps Mood Powerful's vibrations are of higher quality than they would at first appear.
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