Climax Clicks double click - sex toy by Topco Sales - review by Jewelweed

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Interesting variation on a classic, but with a few big flaws.

In general, this toy is fairly easy to use and versatile. It can be used by all genders, and the possibilities are really only limited to the life of the batteries you put in it! However, there is a certain level of awkwardness in trying to operate 2 dependent bullets while trying to actually reach orgasm. It is certainly a great toy for playing around with, but I would recommend something a little simpler and direct for those times when you just need to cum.
Good material, color scheme, design, vibration power, non-intimidating shape, imaginative patterns.
Bullets cannot be operated independently, touchy controls, only splashproof, can be awkward.
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The addition of another vibrating bullet to the classic bullet vibrator is an interesting idea. In my opinion, this toy is really fun to use for experimenting and playing around... But it's a little more difficult to use it to just "crank one out," so to speak.

The possibilities for a single lady are quite endless, though. I liked to put one bullet on either side of my clit (well lubricated,) place my palm over the two bullets, and rub up and down. This felt quite good, unless I slipped and the two bullets vibrated very loudly against each other. I also enjoyed the sensation of using a bullet on both nipples at the same time. I enjoy external anal stimulation, so I could use one bullet on my clit, and one on my anus, but it becomes fairly difficult to juggle the two without the help of a partner. I would not recommend using this toy for internal anal stimulation, even inside a condom...there is nothing to prevent it from slipping too far inside other than the thin wire connecting it to the controller, and pulling on the wires could potentially break them!

With two bullets, a new dimension can be added to the good ol' world of lesbian sex. A lubricated condom can be put on each bullet, and then each partner can slip a bullet inside her vagina. Although this looks quite funny with a wire coming from each partner, it's an effective way to spice up the act! I found that the sensation of grinding my cunt against that of my female-bodied partner's was exquisite with a little vibrating bullet buzzing away on the inside.

This toy can also be used by a solo male-bodied person. One of my male-bodied partners greatly enjoys vibration, and this toy allows him to vibrate the head of his cock and his taint at the same time.

Material / Texture

The toy is made out of hard plastic, coated with a velvety soft outer layer, and I noticed no smell nor taste. The texture is very smooth (and when lube is added, VERY slippery)...but it allows you to grip the controller with ease. I would recommend this material to users with all levels of experience, as it is rigid hard plastic, but the coating makes it quite comfortable to use.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of the vibrating components is fairly standard, two small, approximately 2" long bullets attached to a wire, attached to a controller. The controller has a power on-off button, and then has a "clicker" built into a handle at the top. The clicker button is very large, but cannot be accidentally pressed. Due to the looped handle around the top, it is quite easy to operate enclosed in a sweaty fist in the heat of the moment!

It is certainly a suitable size and shape for both beginner and advanced users, and can be coiled up quite small to hide in a sock drawer or in the bottom of a suitcase if need be.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls can be a bit confusing. There is one on/off button, then there are patterns to "click" through. The packaging says seven functions, but I used this over and over, and I can discern only six, which I have described below:
1. When powering on, it's a standard strong vibration.
2. One click yields the repeated pattern of: "buzz buzz buzz BUZZZZ buzz buzz buzz BUZZZZ buzz buzz buzz BUZZZZ buzz buzz buzz BUZZZZ BUZZZ BUZZZZ"
3. Next pattern is a "chugga chugga" sort of vibration.
4. Next, five seconds of "chugga chugga" and 12 of strong vibration.
5. 6 seconds of longer buzzing vibration (as in, "BUZZZZZ",) 4 seconds of shorter "BUZZZ", then 3 seconds of rapid "chugga."
6. The last pattern I can discern is 6 seconds of lighter vibration, 5 seconds of stronger, 6 seconds of strongest.

These patterns are great for teasing, but I feel that the double-bullet design makes it rather difficult to use this toy externally to climax. It is easy to do once you have one in the vag and one on the clit, but sometimes I don't feel like breaking out a condom so that I don't have to juggle two vibrating bullets while simultaneously attempting to achieve orgasm!

The bullets are pretty quiet, but when they touch while vibrating, it's a very loud clattering noise. So keep 'em apart!

The double click is waterproof too, so any of these steamy activities can be made steamier by taking place in the shower! (One caveat, however: although it is advertised on the packaging as being fully waterproof, the battery case on the Double Click does not close firmly enough for me to recommend submerging it in water. I would say it is "splashproof.")

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very easy to clean with just some soap and water. When I store it, I just make sure it is clean and dry, and then I loosely loop the cord around the controller. I make sure not to loop it too tightly so as not to damage the wire. This makes the toy a nice compact package that is easy to just slip into the bedside drawer!

The material is compatible with all lubricants, just remember that if you're using a condom on it, make sure the lube you use with the bullet is compatible with the type of condom you use!


The packaging is pretty standard, a paperboard box around a thin plastic package molded around the toy. The color scheme on the package is nice though, and it's not covered in photos of gasping porn stars like some other toys I've had.

Personal comments

If I could make any recommendations to Topco regarding future versions of this toy, I would definitely emphasize the importance of making the bullets operate independently of each other. It would be nice to be able to turn one off, or perhaps tantalize a partner with a different vibration from the one that you are experiencing!

Secondly, the clicker button needs to be fiddled with. Sometimes you need to press it in a very specific way to get the function to change, and it occasionally will not pop back up!
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