Stephanie's plush playmate - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Red Riding Hood

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It's a love/hate thing...

I liked this product generally, I just thing the price seems a bit high. Otherwise it would probably be a great addition to an experienced toy user's collection. It's vibrations are strong and the size is just right without being too threatening and the material feels great! If the controller was better quality and the product was waterproof, this price might fit. I do think that there are better products out there for the price.
Soft material, strong clitoral attachment, great classic functions, easy to operate.
Rubber-like smell, high cost, poor rotation function, delicate material.
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This is a futurotic vibe with the standard rabbit style in mind. The idea, of course, is that there is a rotating shaft for internal stimulation and a clitoral attachment to achieve pleasure in both ways! Great idea and good product. There are some things to keep in mind before buying this product. For one, this product was made when futurotic was "new" and the design is around 10 years old. That said, the material is delicate and the functions are bare bones. This is before everything was waterproof and rechargeable. Don't let this scare you away entirely. This is a good product. I just feel that the price isn't right for it. That said, the details will help with explaining the quality of the product and my personal opinions on why this isn't worth the dosh it takes to buy it. Also bear in mind that being such a difficult product to clean and being so bulky, it's probably not best for beginners in general unless this person knows for sure what they want. Also, concerning the size and sound of this product, you'll want to remember it's not ideal for travel or discretion.

Material / Texture

When the description says ultra soft, it means it. This Futurotic material is the best I've felt and it certainly is soft. The outside has a velvety texture that may take getting used to and the density has a lot of give. This is EXACTLY the material I've been looking for in a toy and has suited me wonderfully. With the rotating base inside the shaft, there's no reason to fear that the product won't be firm, but there is a nice "squish" to it that I absolutely adore! The downside to this is that the material also feels very fragile and should probably be used and cleaned with care. There are little holes in the material that are placed there intentionally to help the material breathe, and the risk of tearing the product around those holes seems high. That said, I am sure use with a condom and cleaning gently will prolong the use of the toy. I am not certain if the holes are in different places on the vibes, but mine were three holes along the back of the clitoral attachment. I didn't not see any others.

As far as smell goes, it has a rubbery smell that I didn't care for at all. However, this isn't very strong and it fades after a few washes. You basically have to TRY to smell it in order to notice. A small price to pay for such a great sensation! The material on the clitoral attachment that spreads into prongs is basically useless with the material being so soft, so keep that in mind and use the tip more than prongs and that shouldn't be a problem.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is quite average for a rabbit vibe. The shaft is ribbed which creates a nice sensation during thrusting movement, although it's not super strong with the soft material. The shaft's head is designed like the head of a penis and is tapered nicely for easy insertion which I liked a lot. The shaft is less than 5" long and 1 5/8" thick, so size queens may want to stay away from this. I personally found the size to be almost perfect for me and the insertion space was just right for lining up with the clitoral attachment. No complaints there. The clitoral attachment is a standard bullet at the base of the shaft that is nestled in the same Futurotic material. There are two prongs at the end that resemble a slug... Which... is a bit gross. But I just close my eyes anyway. It's not the toy I'm having fun with anyway. *wink wink*

The prongs on the attachment are not strong enough to create much stimulation, but it's easy to just slide the product around until it feels right. It's not extremely flexible, but is certainly fine for any woman that isn't riding the vibe like a prized pony. It's a pretty bulky toy, so be sure to have plenty of room to hide it in. This thing isn't going to fit nicely in your purse, so let's just keep it where we know it's hidden, shall we? Perhaps at home in the nightstand or dresser drawer? The base of the entire product is the controller and battery compartment. That is exactly what makes any rabbit vibe a bit on the clunky side. Again, small price to pay for so much pleasure.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This is where the product fails me. I begin to question the price when I think about the function and performance of this product. It's not horrible at all. I just don't feel it's worth more than $50. The rotating shaft works quite well sometimes. But it's a bit on the weak side, so once inserted, the handle wants to rotate and the shaft wants to just sit still. Occasionally the rotation gets a bit of a pop to it at the end of the cycle. That gets annoying, but doesn't happen often. I'm guessing it's something catching in the shaft. I also think that the product could be improved with the option to change directions of the rotation. This one only goes clockwise. The clitoral attachment is a dream. It delivers strong vibrations on the higher settings which are actually a bit too strong for me. But on the lower settings, it's just right. I have no complaints with the performance of that particular function.

Now onto controls and batteries. Again, improvements could be made. The controllers are little sliders that move up and down to control the intensity of the rotation on the shaft and the vibration in the clitoral attachment. This is alright, but I prefer the push-buttons myself. It's just easier for me. Also, the battery compartment can be a pain in the neck. The back of the controller slides off to reveal three battery spots. Two go side by side and the third overlaps. Easy enough, but there are no directions that explain this, so it may take examining the product for a moment or two to see exactly how they go. Once, the batteries are in place, the door does NOT want to stay in place. It just wants to keep sliding off. ANNOYING as it is, after being determined to make this thing work and mashing it into place, it worked alright.

This thing is NOT waterproof and with the door being so contrary, you may want to avoid as much moisture around the controller as possible. No using this in the shower or the tub. Another improvement that could be made. I prefer waterproof myself and I'm sure most people would agree with me. I'm sure I'd be much more forgiving if the battery compartment would stay closed, but I guess that's too much to ask! This is a moderately loud toy that probably would be a bad idea to use with your nosy mother-in-law in the next room. It's not among the loudest at all, but it's also by no means discreet.

Care and Maintenance

This thing collects dust like craaaazy which is annoying, but to be expected from any "realistic" material. A good washing with toy cleaner or anti bacterial soap and some warm water should do just fine. That said, condoms are suggested when using porous products like this one for easy clean up and safety reasons. Do make sure when cleaning to get around those little ribs on the shaft. Those seem to be easy to trap soap and dust in. As far as storage goes, I just use the box it came in. Just be sure to store it in a clean dry place away from other Futurotic, cyberskins, jellies and silicones. We don't want your new friend to "melt" do we? That said, also be sure to use only water-based lubricant to ensure a long life with your new buddy.


The packaging for this product is so poor it's ridiculous. I'm glad EF ships with such great packaging, or else my poor toy might have fallen to pieces. This thing is placed in a plastic shell that has a cubby hole fort the product. This shell is made of a VERY thin plastic that just caved in and let the product slide about like crazy. This shell slides into the box that is also thin and easy to tear. This certainly doesn't make good gift packaging and certainly should be shipped with care. There were no directions in the package, but there was a warranty registration card.
Follow-up commentary
I LOVE this thing. Perhaps it took some time to grow on me, but I love the way the material feels. The size WOULD be a bit big for me, but the material has enough give to fit just right. It took some time to get used to the product, but now it is one of my favorites! IN FACT, I'm going to edit the old review to include another star!
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