Air pulse and tongue remote control panty vibe

It's....oooohhhh....It's....aaaahhhhh....It's....(laughing that she could not speak + great feeling)

If you have never had a "clit mover" which moves and sucks before I would suggest the SECRET PLEASER as it gives your whole area including the perineum area stimulation. The cycle of vibration modes and air pulsations modes can be controlled via the remote which you can do to yourself for solo or give to your partner to go through. I have achieved orgasms with the device alone as well as it was a VERY good foreplay and had my husband finish me off.
-3 stimulations
-great vibrations and modes
-orgasm alone or prepping for an incredible finish
-would like magnet ability
-longer tail and curve able so could reach anus if wanted to
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First impression

The package came a day earlier than expected via email notifications. We did not mind. It was not opened until that evening when both of us could see and start to read/play with our new toy, SECRET PLEASER. The mailed box was a small box inside. The mailed box was a typical EDENFANTASYS box with no description saying it was from them. (I sometimes wonder if the mail person knows, but I digress.) After opening the mailed box a smaller EDENFANTASYS labeled package was inside. That box was a nicely packed box that contained the SECRET PLEASER, a remote with tape release to start the battery, a cord for charging the device up, and quick instructions. There was no bag. One thing is the box design was nice. We like the lettering and different colors. We both agreed that while some toys come in boxes and others just in plastic wrap, we would like the toys to be packaged in a carry bag with the EDENFANTASYS in BOLD on the bag along with the toy name. That way everything gets sent in a bag along with no waste of box and the cost of the box is offset via the cost of the bag. Make the bag like the box in terms of color and item. The only time someone would look into the purse would be if we went through the airport and would have to take it out of the bag and prove that it works. In looking at the SECRET PLEASER when we took everything out we immediately notice the difference between it and our current PANTY SECRET. One thing that we thought was the same was the metal part on the SECRET PLEASER. We thought it too was going to be a magnet so that we could "clip" it to either her underwear, biker shorts, or pantyhose. However, there was no magnet on top of that piece. I ran into the bedroom and got the PANTY SECRET magnet and applied it to the metal-looking part but it did not stick. She turned to me a little disappointed but said you will think of a way to make it stay should we need to when walking around outside or in the bar. My mind was already thinking but I started processing those ideas for the house at first before her request. I agreed that it should be for an attempt outside the house and thus I started to think of some ideas.

So far the first impression is very good. In looking at the SECRET PLEASER more closely she immediately said that the reason for this choice was because it was 3 stimulations and the clit stimulator she had never tried before. Turning it on she put it to her finger and immediately her eyes grew wide. Why? That leads to our FIRST USE....

First Use

Husband: From our impression, she turned it on and put the "clit mover" part on her finger. Her eyes grew wide. She told me as she put it down to turn it off and go wash it and get the remote ready. I pulled the tape from the remote and went to the bathroom to wash the SECRET PLEASER. Coming back she was already legging pants and thong down on the ground laying down with the TV on mute. I said wait, last time we did this with the PANTY SECRET and it ran out of juice maybe we should just run it out and then re-charge it and do this tomorrow. She said she was not waiting as she was really impressed with the "clit mover". She said if my finger was like the Bionic Man's then this was how fast that thing was moving and since she likes when I fingered her clit while we had sex, she could only believe this was going to blow her away.
So, she positioned it and did not need any lube whatsoever as she was already wet. I had offered to go down on her beforehand, but she said no and wanted to try the SECRET PLEASER as it was and not have prior stimulation or excitement. When it was in position, she initially kept her hand there and I asked if it was staying in, but she said she wanted to position it after I played around with the remote.
I clicked the remote first with the vaginal stimulation and then as we cycled through with the clit mover. As everything including the "tail" was wagging in the "taint" or perineum area. She was truly enjoying it. I asked if she wanted any outside stimulation on her body or if she wanted to perform oral on me at the same time, but she said no she wanted to enjoy this and take it all in.

Wife: Ok. That was how he saw it and what my husband wrote is all true. Now for my feeling and what was going through my mind. While my husband has fingered my clit his finger does not move like this thing moves. Nor does his tongue. A wand rubs up against a clit and vibrates, this was like it was flicking it and sort of sucking it at the same time. How do you put that ecstasy into words? It was mind-blowing! My eyes were rolling in the back of my head. My head was moving back and then I would move it forward to look down at this toy, the SECRET PLEASER, and just be WOW'd. I could not think I could only feel. I could not believe it- I could only wonder at what it was doing to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. He obviously was watching me because every once in a while, he must have hit the remote because different patterns were going through. I wanted to stay on one pattern at times, but I could not say stop. I could not speak. Then he asked me what it felt like and that is where we got the headlines for the SECRET PLEASER. I just kept saying "IT'S" and then moan. It had me so dumb-struck that no words were really being said. My brain could not form a word much less a sentence.

I was SSSOOOOOOO close to an orgasm I mean right there where you can feel yourself tightening and building up and getting to release and then, it died on me. AGAIN, I shouted. My husband whom I love, but at times he does not say the right things said, "I told you we should have let it run out and then recharge it for tomorrow." REALLY!!! I am about to orgasm, and you want to throw at me that you were right? I just said shut the f-ck up and get inside me now and you better give me such an orgasm like this would have or I will replace you with this toy for the next two weeks.

Further Experience

Wife POV: As for further experience we have many since we got the SECRET PLEASER. I also like to combine as many of the toys together to get the full experience as time goes on. Just using one toy at a time can be nice, but when items are included, the combinations keep things interesting. I enjoy using the EDENFANTASYS OOMPH BUMP along with vaginal toys. The SECRET PLEASER was in place, and I was also on the BUMP. This is a go-to addition when using a vaginal toy combined with him giving me oral as it raises me off the bed and allows also for oral and finger play. With my husband controlling the remote and touching me it feels great. He is cycling through at the beginning as I slowly build up. Stop and start. I would jump not from pain, but from the sudden feeling that overcame me. It is hard to describe the shock and pleasure at the same time. This occurred for a bit and each time I was getting closer and closer. Then would remove the SECRET PLEASER and give me oral and finger me. I love it. After a bit, he would stop and put the SECRET PLEASER back on me. This went on for a bit. The on-again SECRET PLEASER along with different vibration modes kept on raising me to a higher peak with me trying to lift my ass off the OOMPH to get over the orgasm hill. I told him I could not take it anymore and needed him to give me my 1st orgasm NOW. With him near my head he reached over me and slightly moved the SECRET PLEASER around my clit and vag area in mini circles all the while playing with the remote and changing the vibrations. I just reached up and took him in my mouth. The whole combo was creating a whirlwind of exotic pleasure. He would circle the SECRET PLEASER in different patterns from clockwise to clockwise from zagging left and right and this was all in small motions so that my clit was just being pushed/sucked/moved in different motions with the SECRET PLEASER. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! Him in my mouth me sucking vigorously and my clit and vag being stimulated I started to raise my hips and ass off that OOMPH because I was going to have an incredible orgasm. It was one for the books. I could not believe it. I wanted to scream but couldn't and he was holding on to that SECRET PLEASER to make sure that every last spasm of orgasm came out. I then pushed him out of my mouth and said YELLOW which is code to slow down. We continued our love-making session after I rested a bit. Yea, the SECRET PLEASER is a keeper. While we have been constantly using it, I know he has more ideas to use it, but this adventure was one for the books with me and the SECRET PLEASER.

Husband POV. I am somewhat of a nerd and investigator. I want to know where these toys can go and where it would not be a good idea to use them for us. An example is that this toy goes from clit to the anus area whereas the PANTY SECRET was not as long. In a bar/nightclub where we listen to music and drink from time to time, the stools and chairs are wooden. Can sit, dance, or stand around. I had my wife try the SECRET PLEASER on at home and sit in a wooden chair. NOPE. You could feel the whole chair vibrating so not good to use when sitting at the bar for us as people would know. The PANTY SECRET did vibrate a little as well when she sat on the chair but not as much and you could hide it by tapping your foot against the leg or front of the chair. Here, no way, they would guess what was going on. As for a restaurant with a booth again the vibrations of the SECRET PLEASER would be felt. As for walking around outside my wife said it works but before you leave your place make sure it is positioned nicely because you don't want to be sticking your hand down your pants in front of the neighbors. In your own car works great as well. When wearing an outfit with a skirt and underneath if underwear, biker pants, or pantyhose are worn we could not visually see the SECRET PLEASER. So can be taken out but be aware of where you are sitting and that others may feel the vibrations.

Vibration Map

The clit mover is where you get the most vibration/action. This is what initially drives your orgasms to start with. It is intense. The vaginal walls are stimulated as well and they are a moderate vibration. This keeps things wet so that if you want to stop and have vaginal sex or use a dildo afterward you are more than ready to go without lubrication. The tail that wags on the SECRET PLEASER you feel it vibrate. Did it cause me to want to have an anal play right then and there, no. It was noticeable but not earth-shattering like the clit mover was.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Wife: Orgasm Intensity is off the charts. As I stated above when all are going at the same time and everything is being stimulated while mentally you know each part that is being touched and stimulated you to get this overall feeling and build-up that really lets you achieve an orgasm that is unbelievable. I know that it may take me a little longer now to achieve orgasms than when I was younger and I do have multiple orgasms, but if you orgasm quickly, the SECRET PLEASER I would think would bring you to multiple orgasms quickly and I would hope many of them. As for the placement of the SECRET PLEASER, there is really one way. It can't be turned upside down like the PANTY SECRET. Each vibration area is designed for one part of the body to be stimulated.
Pleasure Meter

This is how
I describe
my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
We still love it and it is our go-to toy when going getting ready go come home after a night out. While this can't really be worn in a tight outfit as it would like something is there, we use this on the rides home. She likes the feeling and anticipation of not knowing what speed or mode I am going to put it on and I like bringing her pleasure and edging her without giving her the orgasm right then and there. When we get in the house, we attack each other. Still a great device and we loved it when we first got it and still do!!!
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