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Not An Odyssey, Just A Stroll In The Woods

For rabbit vibe aficionados, this might be a really nice alternative to the typical design. For me, it's a fancy vibrator with an extra hunk of toy attached.
Separate clit stimulator, higher-quality material.
Not enough shaft strength, odd random patterns.
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This toy was something of a scientific experiment for me. I’ve never used (nor been very interested in) rabbit-style vibes|Ch'i odyssey vibrator, but the more I read about them on Eden, the more curious I became. Similarly, though I keep my trusty Hitachi next to my bed, I’m not a vibe connoisseur by any means. I figured it was high time to branch out, and see what all the fuss was about.

After reading some reviews of rabbit vibrators|Sex toys reviews – Rabbit vibrators, I was excited to see one with a separate stimulator, since that would cut down on positioning problems. Also, TPR silicone is a vast improvement over the usual materials for these vibes (jelly, rubber, etc.): while it’s still porous (so use a condom when sharing, or if you’re just a little OCD about clean toys), it is not smelly and chemical-laden. I noticed a very slight smell upon opening, but it was pretty negligible, and the toy got a good wash first (warm water and soap). I was careful to keep water away from the base of the shaft, and also out of the area where the sleeve covers the vibrating bullet (it's not waterproof, and seems pretty susceptible to water damage). Stick with water-based lube, too. It's a pretty loud toy, but I'm used to the Hitachi, so I really didn't care.

Before getting naked with my new toy, I pushed some buttons to figure out how the thing worked. The controls have an up and down button for each part, the vibe and the rotating shaft. Then, there’s a fifth button on top for function- this was the point that my experience with this toy truly turned scientific. I cycled through the functions, trying to figure out what each one did and how many there were (8). I’m still not sure I can describe them- mostly they were some combination of pulsing in gradually increasing intensity with short breaks. The shaft movement changed in each, as well as the vibration pattern.

There is the requisite non-stop function, but I wanted to see if I could actually get this toy to do some of the work for me, so I tried all the others first. It felt kind of like driving with cruise control- worth something, but in the end, not for me. The shaft is just not strong enough to be left to its own swirling devices- my pelvic muscles had it stuck in no time and the controller end, rather than shaft end, was moving around in little circles. The vibrator has good power (by the way, it’s attached to the base of the toy by a cord about a foot long that will probably get in your way at some point), and I was entertained for a while by the different settings. I found a couple settings that felt good, and a couple more that frustrated me because of seemingly random pulsating patterns. The clit stimulator also offers different sensations- the long thin tip vibrates strongly, but I found it to be too much and used the area further down the body of that piece. The shaft does not vibrate, only rotates- which it does in both directions and in different patterns. However, only the head and about upper one-third of the shaft moves. Initially, I thought this might be a good feature, to better target my g-spot, but it ended up falling short- which may be because I just couldn't stop squeezing it. I was occasionally able to relax my PC muscles and feel the rotations (and they were nice), but it was nothing mind-blowing.
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  • Dame Demi
    I *hate* it when the handle rotates instead of the shaft of the vibe.  Strangly enough, I find this happens with some vibes more than others--maybe because of where they rotate in the shaft?  Good review!
  • Cock Wrangler
    Alright so it's not just my inexperience with these toys, good to know.
  • Dame Demi
    No, it's not.  Bracing the hand holding the handle can help, but there are some vibes that just rotate in the handle more than in the shaft. 
  • Epiphora
    I definitely had something similar happen with the Sally Seal rabbit I got. Once I inserted it, it seemed to be working REALLY HARD to churn out the rotations. I was like, "aren't you supposed to be used to this??"
  • BlueEyedBitch
    I own one of the other toys from this line and love it and was considering ordering this one as well.  I definately think i will be looking into a different toy.  Thanks for a informative review
  • Jimbo Jones
    This does sound like a different kind of rabbit toy, it's too bad it didn't work out well for you. Excellent review!
  • nicole07
    great review
  • Eucaly
    Great review!
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