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Kiso Me Goodnight

I did enjoy this toy, and if it's on sale for the right price, I do believe it's worth it. It's great for foreplay and use during sex. It would be a great addition to a beginner's toy box and something fun for couples to add excitement to their sex life.
Body-safe silicone
Comes with storage box and bag
Sucker could be a little larger for better suction on clit
Can be loud
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First impression

Kiso arrived at my doorstep just like any other toy I have ordered from Eden Fantasys, in a plain brown box with no markings on it that could give away that there are fun new toys awaiting me inside. Opening the box, I find Kiso in its own adorable little box. The box is decorated and says Kiso in big letters on the front, under it says Air Flow Oral Love Imitator; the box is nice and could be used to gift to someone, I would say still in private though.

It lists features on the back like 7 patterns of airflow, Premium body-friendly silicone, and USB rechargeable. I pulled the sleeve of the box, revealing a sturdy white storage box opening the storage box reveals the Kiso nestled inside a plastic form with a black netted storage bag and the USB charger. There are no instructions in the box or on the box.

I pulled Kiso out of its nice packaging and holding it in my hands; it feels heavier than expected. It is soft, smooth silicone with a piece of gold trim around the base of it.

There are 3 function buttons which had me a little puzzled; on top there is a small button with a water drop on it which, I think, is to turn on the cleaning function ( not sure though since there were no instructions). In the middle is a button with a heart on it that controls the sucking function and on the bottom is the power button which you just press to turn it on and press to turn off. It says on the description page that it is self-cleaning, just add water, so it should be pretty easy to clean. It also says it's bleachable. I tested out the water droplet button finding that you need to turn Kiso on and then run water over the sucker while holding the water button down, it spits the water out the small hole located under the sucker.

I used soap and water to wash the outside of the toy. I then plugged the toy in to charge.

I was excited to get to try out this cute little sucking toy!

First Use

After patiently waiting for Kiso to charge, I finally got to test it out. I decided to test it out by myself. The first time I tried Kiso out was a bit of a learning curve, I had to find a sucking mode that I liked. The modes are hard to tell one from the other. After getting used to it, I was able to have an orgasm with a dildo inserted. It feels good for a little bit of time with the sucker on the clit, but I found that after more than 30 minutes of using the toy it started to hurt me so, I was only able to get one orgasm from my first use of Kiso. Despite the difficulties, I was still excited to try Kiso out with hubby later. This time with lube perhaps. All in all, I still enjoyed my first experience with Kiso.

Further Experience

After the not so wonderful first time using Kiso, I decided to let hubby try it out with me the next time. To start out, we added lube to the mix. I was hoping that was the issue with the first run. I can confirm that lube was a big help with more playtime with Kiso. Hubby had lots of fun playing with me with the sucker; we found that it feels good on my nipples also, not just my clit. He started by exploring my body slowly with kisses to get me warmed up and ready. Then he decided to try it out on my nipples first to see my reaction. It made me moan almost instantly. He continued switching it between my nipples with him sucking on one while Kiso sucked the other. Sorry to say Kiso doesn't compare to the nice warm sucking of hubby's mouth, but it comes in second just fine. Once he had me all hot and bothered from the nipple play with a huge smile on his face. He moved down to my clit and started to play first with his hands rubbing my already wet pussy. He poured some lube on me and out Kiso on my clit, I jumped almost clear off the bed. He laughed a little and said: " Is that too much baby?" I moaned and said: " No, please don't stop". He continued to play with my clit again, taking it off my clit to use his mouth, making me moan more and more until I came several times. Kiso doesn't hold a candle to hubby's sucking action, Kiso still comes in second. He couldn't hold back any longer he handed me Kiso and stood up revealing his huge erection. He put his cock slowly inside me, making me moan with every slow thrust. I continued to use Kiso on my clit while he started to thrust harder and faster, making my moans grow louder. He leaned into me kissing and sucking on my nipples, making me squirt all over his big hard cock as he came inside me. I took Kiso off of my clit and turned it off. I was glad that to have such a great experience with Kiso after the first hiccup.

Vibration Map

The intensity level of Kiso is about a 7 out of 10 it doesn't really vibrate. Kiso works really well on the clit the sucker could be a tad bit larger, in my opinion, it would be a lot quieter if it were larger and able to completely suction to the clit. I have also enjoyed Kiso's teasing sucking on my nipples. It's a fun little toy for sure.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I have had some strong orgasms with this sucking machine, I would rate them as a 6.5 out of 10. The reason that the rating wasn't bigger is the only way I was able to squirt with the toy was with something else inside me (hubby's penis or a dildo). This toy worked best for me when I used it during sex to stimulate my clit and to suck on my nipples.
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