Le Curve - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Spicy Sunday

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Le Curve hits the (g-) spot!

Overall the Le Curve is a cute, palm-sized, non-phallic vibrator, that delivers a range of different vibrations and some gentle blunt g-spot stimulation. Despite a design flaw that makes it a bit difficult to clean, it’s a winner in my opinion. It can also multitask as a neck/muscle massager!
Variety of vibration, strengths, patterns, cute discreet design, gentle blunt g-spot stimulation.
Too many seams in the plastic, difficult to clean if not using toy covers.
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Le Curve is a g-spot vibrator/massager from California Exotics. It has 7 different vibration modes, and a discreet design that doesn’t make it look like an obvious sex toy. The vibrations are strong enough that you could use it as a general massager for non-erogenous body parts as well.

The Le Curve is made of hard plastic. Part of it is clear over colored plastic, and part is “metallic” plastic. It’s not actually made of metal, just metallic-colored plastic. Typically hard plastic is one of the medium-safe materials. You can’t heat it to sterilize it for sharing, but it is relatively non-porous. This toy’s design negates the “non-porous” benefit of plastic. It has many seams in the plastic that let in liquids. For that reason, using toy covers or condoms with the toy when it’s exposed to lube or other liquids is necessary to keep the toy clean.

The curve makes it difficult to give a single “insertable” measurement. To give you an idea of the curvature, the outer curve insertable portion length measurement is about 4”, and the inner curve measurement is about 2”. The circumference at the tip is 4”, and widens to 5” at the end of the insertable portion. (This corresponds to diameters of 1.3”-1.6”.)

There are 7 vibration modes. I’ll try to describe them. 1) constant medium vibration; 2) woo-woo-woo-woo (pulsed – that’s the sound it makes); 3) cycle through pulsed, constant medium, constant high, pulsed; 4) alternation between hard short pulses and medium fast pulses; 5) alternation of constant medium and constant medium high vibration; 6) erratic hard pulses with lots of space between pulses; 7) alternation between pulses and constant high vibration. Phew! I’m tired after trying them all out. #6 was my favorite and #5 was different, but also good.

To get to a particular mode you do have to cycle through all of the previous modes, but the control pad is wonderfully simple: there is a power button and a button to cycle through the modes. There is also a red light that sort of flashes in time with the vibrations. It didn’t really add that much to the experience for me, but I thought I’d mention it for all the blinking light aficionados out there.

The vibrations of the Le Curve are very strong when held against the body externally, almost too strong for my taste, but your taste may vary. I did find it pleasant to hold against my neck when I felt a little neck strain. Inserted the vibrations were dampened somewhat, of course, but remained fairly strong. I felt the difference in the vibration patterns clearly, and for the stronger patterns (but not all), when the toy was held a certain way it felt like my whole pelvis was vibrating. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you, but I liked it! For me the curve was well-placed to reach my g-spot, but it is very blunt. So if you need more pointed or focused stimulation of your g-spot, this toy may not be for you.
I have used many phallus-shaped vibrators before, and was always disappointed with the strength of vibrations once inserted. The Le Curve delivers a range of vibration strengths and patterns, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something you like. The sound level of the vibrations is medium, to medium-loud, depending on the pattern you are using.

In my opinion the only downside of the toy, is the puzzlingly high number of seams in the plastic where fluids can leak in. Once fluid has seeped in, it is difficult (if not impossible) to clean out. I learned this the hard way. Use of toy covers or condoms is highly recommended, even if you are the only one using this toy! I used toy cleaner on mine, but it can't get into the little cracks and crevices.
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