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Let's Keep You My Dirty Little Secret

The Little Secrets Kiss is a set of a bullet and a silicone sleeve. Each item can be used separately, but when used together, you can expect a good toy for general stimulation and teasing sensations. The silicone sleeve's squishy silicone feels sensual while the bullet's plastic surface makes it an ideal candidate for clitoral use even when not in the silicone sleeve.
Silicone is plushy, Quiet, Versatile, Good choice for low-vibration lovers, Can use other bullets
Not for pressure-lovers, Only one speed, Vibrations are pretty soft
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The Little Secrets Kiss is a bullet and silicone sleeve set. This set is intended for vaginal, clitoral use, or external use. This toy should not be used anally because it lacks a flared base. It can, however, be used to stimulate around the anus as long as you don't attempt to insert it. This toy may be a bit short in length to be used for a lot of vaginal use; it's only four inches tall. This toy can be used on either male or female bodies, and it is a good candidate for couple's use because it's soft, flexible, and easy to hold and manipulate. The vibrations are not strong enough for most women's orgasms, so this is a toy best suited for foreplay.

The silicone sleeve and the bullet come apart from one another. This gives you the opportunity to try out two different toys in one. The silicone sleeve can be fitted onto the bullet, and the vibrations from the bullet will transfer through the silicone sleeve. The one-speed bullet vibrator can also be used on its own. For those who are creative, the silicone sleeve can also be fitted onto a finger and used as a way to extend a finger's reach and add some new possibilities.

This sex toy can be used in different places. The bullet is louder when not in the sleeve, but even when out of the sleeve, this toy can not be heard through a closed door. This makes this a perfect toy for use where sex toys must be kept a secret such as when living with parents or in campus living. This toy looks like it is waterproof for shower use, but because I can't find information on its water-status, I will not say if it goes one or another. Because the toy is so small and it easily pulls apart, this toy is also travel-friendly.

Material / Texture

The sleeve of the Little Secrets Kiss is made from a plushy silicone. This plushy silicone does require a bit more lubrication than your average silicone because of how plushy it is. (About an eighth of an inch of material for each of the "walls" at the insertion end of the sleeve. The walls get more thick towards the tip.) The silicone is more slick than matte, and when held up, it's obvious how shiny the Tantus silicone is. Silicone is body-safe, phthalates-free, and easy to clean. It also requires a bit more of (water-based) lubrication than hard materials do, and silicone is known for being pretty flexible.

With the Kiss, this is no exception. The Kiss's tip is very flexible - even when the bullet is inserted. If you apply pressure to it, the tip will just bend. If you enjoy applying pressure, this may become very frustrating to you very quickly. However, if you enjoy the sensation of a rabbit vibrator's ears lightly fluttering, the Kiss offers that same type of sensation by using the tip of the silicone sleeve. The Kiss has no texture to it; it is completely smooth. It only has an interesting design.

The bullet of the Little Secrets Kiss is made out of plastic. The bullet resembles the RO-120mm bullet in design, but this bullet is much, much smaller. The plastic is extremely rigid which provides a nice backbone to the silicone sleeve to keep it from bending anywhere aside from the tip when in use. Plastic is also extremely smooth, so when using it by itself, it only requires a dab of lubricant (if any) for use. Plastic is also extremely easy to clean, body-safe, and phthalate-free.

The bullet does have a bit of a texture on it. The body of the bullet is completely smooth except for one side. On the one side, it says "Levett" which is engraved into the toy, so you get a bit of texture on the side of your toy. When the bullet is placed into the silicone sleeve, this isn't noticable. During clitoral use with the bullet, it wasn't noticable either. However, it's easy to see when touching or messing with the bullet with your hands.

Design / Shape / Size

The sleeve of the Little Secrets Kiss is unique. The silicone itself is very plushy and sensual-feeling. The silicone is plushy enough around the bullet to make the bullet area feel squishy and not plastic. The tip of the Little Secrets Kiss is the place where all of the Little Secrets vibrator vary though. The Kiss has a little ice-cream-cone-tip. The tip is slightly curved, and it has a diameter of about 1/8 inch. This tip, during vibration, ends up fluttering really nicely, and it will flutter up against sensitive areas. The silicone is thick enough throughout the entire sleeve that it doesn't feel like any part of it is going to tear.

The sleeve is exactly four inches in length. At the widest point, it's about an 1 and 1/8 inches in length, but because the sleeve is so squishy, it doesn't feel nearly as "big". The Tantus Kiss sleeve is meant to be used with the included bullet. The bullet is a bit longer than the average bullet, but it's about the same diameter. If you don't like this bullet, it would be possible to use an average bullet inside this silicone sleeve, but be careful about losing the bullet "inside" the sleeve. The sleeve's "entrance" is a lot longer than an average bullet is, so it'd be easy to push the regular bullet too far into the sleeve which could just cause a giant headache. It's best to stick with the included bullet or a bullet like the included one. However, since the included one only has one speed, it's understandable why someone would try to use a different bullet instead.

The bullet has a pretty basic design. It's just a regular bullet vibrator. The entire body of the bullet is pretty rounded and slick except for the tip. The tip does come to a point. This point would be uncomfortable if "jabbed" into the skin, but during regular use (or use in the sleeve), you will not notice this tip. This bullet is about the average diameter of a regular bullet, but it's just much longer to fit comfortably inside the silicone sleeve. The bullet is slightly over three inches in length, and it has a diameter of about a 1/2 inch.

The bullet is powered by one N battery. The bullet comes with the N battery upon arrival. To change the battery, the end of the battery compartment has to be unscrewed, and another N battery can be slipped in. On the end of the battery compartment is a button, and this is the button that will turn your vibrator on or off. As the bullet only has one speed, it does not cycle through vibration speeds.

When put together, the two pieces are about five inches long (depending on how far you push in the bullet, it can get a bit shorter). The rigidity of the bullet keeps the silicone sleeve from bending in the middle. At the same time, the silicone can still bend on the tip, and since the bullet is inside the silicone sleeve, the entire sleeve gets a lot better vibrations than if it wasn't inside the sleeve.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet for the Little Secret Kiss is a one-speed bullet. This is a vibrator that is pretty quiet; it could not be heard outside of a room with a closed door. However, at the same time, the vibrations of this bullet are just on the low side of moderate. They are okay for most teasing sensation, but most women would have difficulty orgasming with these vibrations. The silicone sleeve's tip ends up making the vibrations much stronger for a fluttering sensation, but if you are just using the bullet by itself, the vibrations may not be enough for strength if you require stronger vibrations.

The vibrations transfer well through the silicone sleeve. The vibrator can make your fingers numb if you hold it on the bullet's end, but if you hold it on the base of the silicone sleeve, it's much more comfortable to hold. The tip of the Kiss is what vibrates the best. It flutters around with the vibrations that the bullet gives it. If you enjoy light, tickling sensations and you usually enjoy holding a vibrator slightly above the area you want to stimulate, the Kiss's tip is going to be great for you.

The Kiss, however, is not a vibrator that can be used for pressure if you enjoy pressing vibrators against you. The one-speed vibration setting of the bullet is great for vibration strength as long as the vibration is just tickling you. However, if you attempt to use pressure, A) the tip of the Kiss bends under any pressure, so instead of standing firm against your body, it just bends farther and farther B) The vibrations end up being muffled by the silicone sleeve since it isn't having the chance to vibrate, so the vibration strength is a high soft setting instead of the low moderate that the vibrations are when the vibrator is fluttering.

Be sure to plan your sexy time ahead of time before you start using lubricant and using this toy. If you want to use the bullet and sleeve, make sure to have them separate ahead of time. It's nearly impossible to pull out the bullet from the sleeve while the two pieces are lubricated. Your hands will slip off of the silicone sleeve and make it very difficult.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Tantus Little Secrets Kiss is made with two separate parts, this toy is very easy to clean. The silicone sleeve can be pulled off of the bullet (though it is hard to do when the toy is lubricated, so wipe the toy down before you do). The silicone sleeve can then be put in the top shelf of the dishwasher (with no soap), boiled for three minutes, or placed in a bleach solution for sterilization. The plastic bullet can be wiped down with a damp washcloth and cleaned with antibacterial soap. The bullet does not state if it is waterproof, so this should not be submerged in bleach for sterilization until you know if it is.

The silicone sleeve is easy to sterilize for multiple-person usage, but the plastic bullet is what you have to watch out for. The non-porous surface of plastic makes it possible to sterilize, but it can't be put in the dishwasher or boiled because of the mechanical parts. It can be dunked in a bleach solution to sterilize it, but make sure this toy is waterproof first. If both can be sterilized, then this is safe for multiple-person usage. If not, this toy easily fits into a condom to keep it safe while using it with multiple people.

The silicone sleeve doesn't seem to pick up much hair or lint, but it does pick up a small amount. However, it's extremely easy to store it in a little plastic baggie with the bullet sitting next to it. The silicone tends to stick to the baggie when attempting to pull it out, but it isn't anything that makes a baggie unsuitable storage. Make sure not to store this silicone sleeve next to any other silicone products as they could interact badly with one another.

Because the sleeve is made from silicone, this little bullet and sleeve are not compatible with silicone-based lubricant or oil-based lubricant. Only use water-based lubricant on your toy to extend its lifespan.


It may be because this was one of the first copies to come out, but my Little Secrets Kiss did not come in any sort of packaging. It came in a little plastic bag that was wrapped around the sleeve and the bullet. It's possible that this toy, when not the first batch to be produced, will come in typical Tantus packaging which is a clear, see-through box that is tasteful and classy. This toy did not include any instructions on its use.

Personal comments

Tantus doesn't list this on their website nor does EdenFantasys have much information about this little toy up either, so it's a bit hard to gleam if this was supposed to be waterproof or not. There is a little rubber seal around the bullet portion of the toy that makes me think it is supposed to be waterproof, but I will admit that I did not test that claim because this bullet's odd size would require purchasing another Little Secrets toy to replace the bullet. From my cleaning experience, though, it is very splashproof for shower usage; I just didn't try it underwater.

Personally, I'm "meh" on this toy. It's a great choice if vibration strengths of the average vibrator are too strong for you or if you want something for a teasing sensation instead of orgasm, but if you want something that has strong vibrations through the silicone sleeve, this is probably not your best bet. If you apply pressure, the vibrations get even weaker (almost to the point of not being able to feel them at all), so if you, like me, enjoy applying vibrations, this is not your toy. Using a different bullet may make things a lot stronger though. I, personally, like strong vibrations and to apply lots of pressure, so this was just not a toy made for me.

As a sidenote, from what I know, all of the Little Secrets sleeves and bullets should be interchangeable with one another.
Follow-up commentary
I like the Little Secret Kiss, but it's just not the best toy for me personally. I don't feel like the vibrations transfer well enough through the silicone sleeve, and as I need strong vibrations, this doesn't work too well for me. However, it is really well-made, and it looks really adorable and has held up fantastically.
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