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Little Bunny Buzz Buzz

This rabbit vibrator is truly one of a kind. It is a vibrator which is easily adjustable and customizable. Curve it to to try and hit your G-spot, or use it straight like a classic vibrator. The possibilities and different vibration/shape combination's are endless, and it's up to you to decide which combination is perfect for you and your body.
Adjustable shaft, powerful vibrations, and the ability to register the product.
Not much shaft vibration, material attracts particles, doesn't have a low intensity setting.
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The "Nestlin' Bunny" is a vibe that provides both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. It is a traditional rabbit vibe with a twist: the insertable portion of this vibe can be bent to make it more comfortable, or to help you reach that special spot. The vibrations are limited to the bunny portion of this vibrator and because of this, powerful vibrations are sent directly to your clit. Not only can the shaft be bent into whatever position you may desire, it also holds the altered shape well. Since the vibrations are strong, you may need to work up to this vibrator, and it may not be suited for those that aren't fond of intense vibrations. This toy is suited for people who enjoy rabbit vibrators, or may want to try a rabbit vibrator. If you are not fond of rabbit vibrators, you may like the way that you can adjust the shaft on this specific vibe to accommodate your preferences.
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Material / Texture

I was so excited to use this toy when I first held it and felt the soft TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) between my fingers. In fact I just sat there for a few minutes and squished it in my hands because it felt so smooth and appealing. Personally I think the material feels like a mixture of Jelly and rubber. It has the soft squishiness of Jelly, but is slightly firmer like a rubber material. Sadly, after several uses and washes the material doesn't feel as soft and starts to feel more rubbery, but it's still very appealing. This particular vibrator smells like a mixture of rubber, jelly and plastic, and although it was noticeable when I pulled it out of the box, the smell has faded with the help of soap, water, and repeated use.

Design / Shape / Size

This vibrator has an easily adjustable shaft with three balls which vary in size. The largest ball is at the base of the shaft, and the smallest at the tip of it. The bunny is attached to the base of the vibrator, and below that is a screw on dial bottom which can be turned to adjust the intensity of the vibrations.

I liked how adjustable this toy was, as it made the vibe very user friendly. As previously stated, the shaft holds its shape pretty well. However if you are thrusting particularly hard, it wont stay curved and will go back to its straight shape. What allows the shaft to be so adjustable is the fact that there is a tightly wound metal coil that goes from where the batteries end inside the base, to the tip of the vibrator. I would think with time this coil may become looser, and therefore make the shaft less firm, but after intentionally bending it back and forth many times to test its durability, it has held up very well.

The insertable portion of the shaft is about 6 inches, which I found to be acceptable, but might not be a sufficient length for some users. If the user wanted, they could use the back of the bunnies head to stimulate the clit, without inserting the shaft portion of the vibrator. Depending on how large you like your vibrator I think that this toy could be suited for everyone from the beginner level to the more advanced user. The only thing that may intimidate a newer user is the larger ball near the bottom of the base, which is thicker than the rest of the vibe. With sufficient stimulation though, I don't think it would be an issue for anyone to insert it.

This toy is not very discreet, as anyone looking at it would recognize it for what it is. The fact that it is bright pink, and has a bunny sticking out of the side of it makes it very clear that the "Nestlin' Bunny" is a vibrator. The entire vibrator is about 9 1/2 inches long, so it isn't the easiest toy to hide, but I found that the bendability of the shaft made it easier to store.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I was impressed by the intense vibrations of this particular rabbit vibe. When you twist the dial on, the vibrations start at a medium intensity, and work up to a high intensity when it is turned all the way up. This vibrator doesn't really have a softer vibration setting, so those who don't like strong vibrations might not be fond of this toy. For those who like stronger vibrations, but need to work up to them, I suggest starting out with another toy and working up to this particular vibe.

The motor is located in the bunny, so the vibrations are centralized to the clit area. There is no motor in the actual shaft, and although some of the vibration is transferred from the bunny to the shaft, it wasn't enough to satisfy me. It is because of this that I would categorize this vibrator as a clitoral vibe. I have had some bad experiences with rabbit vibrators in the past, where the ears were pointy or stiff, so I was very pleased that the ears on this bunny were soft and flexible. The bunnies face also felt very nice when pressed up to my clit, and I found the bunnies nose to be very stimulating. If the user wanted, they could use the back of the bunnies head to stimulate the clit, without inserting the shaft portion of the vibrator.

The balls on the shaft of the vibrator provide nice stimulation to the inside of the vagina as it is thrusting in and out, but I personally wish there was more texture to the shaft area, perhaps more like the ridges on it's counterpart the "Dancin' Dolphin."

I was not very fond of the dial, because just tapping it will cause the vibration's intensity to fluctuate. I also found that as I was thrusting it the dial turned a little bit as I was gripping it in my palm, and I had to adjust it back to where I wanted as I continued my thrusting. Make sure that you secure the dial of this vibrator, or you may accidentally open it and pop out the batteries when you are trying to reduce the intensity of the vibrations.

How loud is this vibrator do you ask? I turned this vibe on while I was on the phone with my boyfriend and he asked me if I had a weed wacker. When I tested it on high behind a closed door, my roomies could hear it on the other side. It isn't the loudest vibrator I have ever heard, but it definitely produces it's share of sound. When you grip the base tightly, which is where the batteries are located, the sound of the vibrator gets even louder. So, if you are trying to make it sound quieter, I would suggest squeezing it to try and muffle the sound.

The box states that this toy is waterproof, and although I used it in the shower with no issues, I would be wary to use it in a bath. The only thing that keeps the water out of the battery compartment is the dial which screws onto the base of the vibrator, and a thin plastic band located underneath the dial where the vibrator meets the screw on base.

Care and Maintenance

TPR toys can be cleaned by washing them with warm water and toy cleaner, or a mild soap. Since this toy is waterproof, there is no need to remove the bottom dial. You can just stick the whole vibe under the faucet and lather it up. This specific material cannot be cleaned by boiling it. I would suggest use a condom if sharing this toy just to be safe, as this material is limited when it comes to cleaning possibilities. This vibrator can be used with both silicone and water based lubes.

Sadly this material attracts particles like lint, dust, and hair, so I would suggest keeping it in something to protect it from these tiny attractables. I would also suggest cleaning it before you use it just to make sure none of these unwanted little particles find their way into your private regions.


The packaging of this vibrator wasn't really anything special. It came in a box with the name of the toy: the "Nestlin' Bunny," and pictures of the vibe plastered all over the box. It also displayed two pictures demonstrating how the vibe is able to "Flex as You Move!" The box advertises the "Nestlin' Bunny" as a "Powerful, Multi-Speed Vibrator with Soft, Supple, Flexible Shaft that Resonates Throughout." At the bottom of the box is a website that you can go to for product registration.

Personal comments

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with this vibe. I really wish that there was more vibration in the shaft area, as I think this would have greatly improved the overall performance of the "Nestlin' Bunny." It isn't the most durable vibrator as I don't expect it to last forever, but it does get the job done.

On the positive side, I thought it was awesome that I was able to register the product. This is a feature that one doesn't often see with a less expensive vibe. After I registered my "Nestlin' Bunny" I got an email stating that the toy would be covered for 30 days after the purchase, and to keep a proof of purchase in case it is ever needed.
Follow-up commentary
I tried to give this vibrator a fair chance, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Had the vibrations transferred from the bullet to the insert-able portion of the vibe better, I probably would have liked it more. My boyfriend isn't the type of person to throw away a perfectly good toy, so he ended up detaching the bullet and control area from the rest of the vibe. The bullet still works as well as it did when the vibe was in one piece. So, in terms of the actual vibrator I liked this vibe less the more I used it. I probably would have ended up tossing it if my boyfriend hadn't modified it. As a bullet I like this product a lot more.
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