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Little Lips with a LOT to Say

This toy is one of the most exciting in my collection. The intense orgasms given by this toy make it well worth the small price you pay. Easy to clean, easy to use, and so many amazing options for play. This toy definitely stands out to me from many of the other clitoral teasers out there.
Good, no-fuss suction; Amazing pulse/vibe cycles; Very quiet and discreet
Material isn't very safe; Pretty sure it's not waterproof
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Let me start off by saying that this is the second of this toy that I have owned. A few years back in college, I was shopping around for my first sex toy, and settled on this due to the price, and its promise of amazing orgasms. It did NOT disappoint. A year later it stopped working, so I don't know if you can expect this to happen to yours, if you purchase one. Three years after buying my first, I was looking around for something to add to my collection, and wandered to this old friend, remembering how many explosive orgasms it had given me. The decision was not difficult.

Since I ordered this 3 years ago, they have updated the packaging to something cute and classy, not the packaging that is shown in the product description (unless they use two kinds). The packaging is very easy to open, and batteries are included! A huge plus since they take some of those fussy types of watch batteries. Now, if you don't leave the thing on in your drawer, it will last quite a long time! However, the button is very easy to accidentally push, so be very cautious of that (I just ran through a pair because of this).

The toy consists of a soft, pink jelly cup shaped (vaguely) like a pair of lips, open and waiting for your clit. One minor annoyance I found is that the jelly has a bit of a harsh smell to it, even after cleaning, though it did dull down after several uses. This material probably isn't the safest, but if you are very hygienic, there shouldn't be a problem. The suction of this toy is great - there is no pump, you just push down and it stays, with a gentle suction that gently draws blood to the area, increasing your stimulation. The size is a bit larger than I expected for a clit toy, but this ended up being a plus - it covers much of the erogenous zone surrounding your clit.

In the back of the toy there is a small hole, in which you can insert the multi-speed bullet. The bullet is the highlight of this toy - it's *amazing*. The bullet can make a great toy on its own, without the cup if you wish.

There is a little button at the bottom of the bullet which cycles through five different pulsing and vibrating patterns. There are patterns for warm-up, climax, and everywhere in between. The warm-up patterns tend to be slower, and have short pauses to heighten your arousal and tease you. There are solid pulsing, and solid vibration patterns in between, and two more frantic, mixed patterns. You can adjust the vibration intensity of ALL of these patterns with a simple little dial.

On top of all of this (it's like Christmas, I know!) the bullet is extremely quiet. You can hear it through the covers, but that's about it. It is amazingly discreet.

If you have the patience to play around and find the right combination to set you off, I can guarantee this toy will not disappoint you. For me, I enjoy slow and intense orgasms, so I tend to finish up on the first setting, as low as it goes... go figure Smile. How many different ways will you find to have your orgasms?
I've got that little 'itch' again... that little voice deep inside me that's begging for release. But how to accomplish this? My dildos and vibes are filling and satisfactory, but I can never pace myself, and it's always over too quickly, making me ache for a slow, tantalizing, mind-blowing release. No, I need something that paces itself.. makes me beg even though there is no one to beg. That's when I remember the My First Clit Kiss.

I take it out of its hiding place, squeezing the soft jelly cup to warm it up. I strip down and settle myself luxuriously onto my bed, and slip the cup into place. Speed one, low intensity. I lay back and feel the vibrations and pulsations wash over me, lazily stroking my nipples. It's not going to take long for me to warm up. The bullet pulses softly and erratically, the cup hugging my clit. I long for more, so I hit the button and turn the dial up a bit. The bullet begins to alternate between a quick pulse and a soft vibration, with unpredictable pauses in *just* the right places to make me sigh in frustration and lift my hips.

My own pulse quickens, and I skip two levels and head to the Climax level of the toy, and turn up the intensity. The bullet begins to sputter, buzz, and pulse at an alarming and sporadic rate, resulting in sheet-grabbing ecstasy as it thuds away against my swollen clit. But, before I allow myself that shattering release, I push the button back to the first setting, and turn the dial down, amazed that I have the self-restraint.

As my clit acclimates to this calmer setting, my need becomes deeper, more urgent. I writhe and twist (amazingly, the cup doesn't move) as the cup coaxes me to the very edge, only to pause and pull me back, leaving me panting with need. After a few rounds of this though, my clit just doesn't care anymore, and my whole body is wracked with one of the many intense, shuddering orgasms that this toy can give if you just take the time to coax it out.

Do you have the patience?
Follow-up commentary
This toy has broken *again* on me. It just doesn't work, even after a battery change. After having two of these break on me, I guess I have to say it's not worth it to buy another, as much as I've been wishing I still had it.

Looks like I'll just have to find something similarly awesome =/
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  • Gary
    It says a lot about this toy that you would get a second one after the first one stopped working. How long do the watch batteries last?
  • Sammi
    How powerful is this? I've had a lot of trouble with toys powered by watch batteries - not much vibration.
  • EdenReviewer123
    I've had the batteries last up to 2 months with regular use a few times a week, give or take. This probably varies from person to person, depending on usage sessions.

    As far as power goes, the bullet itself is quite powerful, a little too powerful at the full setting for me, though I can handle less than some. On full power, with the cup, the vibrations are much more muted, and may not do the trick for everyone. For me, they are perfect.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review! When I clicked on this one I expected it to have like no stars! Glad I took the time to look.
  • snowgirl
    Love your review! Especialy the Experience! I just may have to get one! Thanks!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • Eucaly
    Thanks for the review!
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