Pure vibes silicone # 72 - rabbit vibrator by Nasstoys - review by Crystal1

Pure vibes silicone # 72

Rabbit vibrator by Nasstoys

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Loud men in bed are great, loud toys in bed are not.

Hearing my lover moan, sign, growl or make other noises during sex is awesome. Hearing my vibrator vibrate so loud I can't concentrate on how it feels is not awesome. Throw in the grinding noises of the vibration, and I'm reminded way too much of a dentist's drill to think much about pleasure.
Pleasing size without being too huge
SUPER loud, medium vibrations, something a little off with the clit stimulator
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The Pure Vibes Silicone #72 is made by Nasstoys, who you may remember from such great hits as the Pure Vibes Silicone #69 and Pure Vibes Silicone #71. (Seriously, some of their toys that have actual names fall into "Things I don't want near my genitals for $200, Alex!" like the Scorpion and the Anal Twister. And some names that just make me giggle, like the Triple Threat Ladybug and The Macho Stallion. And Daffy the Deep Stroker. I wish I was making this up.)

Okay, so these may not be the guys you want naming your kid or coming up with a title for your novel, but do you want them manufacturing your sex toy? Possibly.

The Pure Vibes Silicone #72 (or "72", as I'll call him. We should be on a shorter name basis if it's about to get all up in my business) is a rabbit-style vibrator designed to provide both internal and external stimulation, with a few bonus features. This vibrator is a step up from the totally plain styles, but without too many bells and whistles. It might not be a perfect first toy, but possibly a nice second or third, when you're ready to change things up a little.
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

The name of this toy is a little bit misleading. It says silicone in the title, but this vibrator is made out of TPR silicone, which is a silicone-based rubber. This material is semi-porous, so you'll want to use condoms if you plan to share this toy, since it can't be totally sterilized the way an totally silicone toy can. On the plus side, it is latex and phthalates-free.

Straight out of the box, there was only the faintest odor if I stuck it right up to my nose and sniffed. Nothing noticeable if your nose isn't right up on it.

The texture is a pretty important feature for this toy; 6 little ridges along the shaft and a bulbous head add some variety to the shape. The ridges aren't huge, they're similar to what you would feel with a ribbed condom. I can certainly feel them internally, and in a way they add a little extra girth.

The shaft is fairly rigid, thanks to the rotation mechanism inside. It does have a little bit of give, though- you can bend it a bit each way, but not much. The head is a bulb that feels like squishy foam-type material.

I noticed a few irregularities in the surface of my toy, maybe from the TPR drying weird during manufacturing? I have no idea how these are made, but something in the process resulted in a few small irregularities. Nothing huge, but it does mean I need to be extra careful cleaning those areas to avoid bacteria getting in.
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

This vibrator measures an impressive 10 inches long, but alas, only 5 and a half of those inches are insertable. Such a tease! It measures an inch and a half across in diameter, with a circumference of a respectable 4.5 inches. So basically, this isn't a huge toy, but certainly adequate in size.

The clit stimulator isn't shaped like an animal, which is kind of a plus for me. I always feel a little odd shoving a poor bunny's head there. The clit attachment is curved a bit like a finger, and has some sort of swirly design, but I can't quite tell what it is meant to be, if anything. Instead of floppy bunny ears, the top of the attachment features little nubs, which add texture.

The shaft is pretty straight up and down, there is no curve to it.

I think the dusty blue color and lack of cute animal faces looking back at you makes this a nice choice for those who don't like their vibrators too cutesy or girly, but don't want a plain stick shape, either. Although this isn't exactly penis-shaped, its purpose is pretty obvious, so you may not want to leave it laying out in the open, unless you want it to inspire some interesting conversations!

This wouldn't be my first choice for travel, since it is fairly large and hefty, weighing in at about a pound. Plus it is loud, so if it was accidentally turned on in your luggage, everyone would hear.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Hey, is that a construction crew jackhammering the sidewalk? Oh, no, it's just this vibrator set to medium. This sucker is LOUD! I'd read that it was loud in another review, but I thought "How bad could it really be?" When I first took it out of the box, I turned the vibrations on low and thought "It's not THAT bad." Then I hit medium, and totally saw what they meant! By the time you hit high, the noise level is just absurd. The rotation feature's noise is equally loud, and a kind of awful grinding noise. Oddly, the 2nd time I tried this out, it didn't seem as loud. It still wasn't quite by any means, but I wasn't so blown away by the noise that time. I may have just been less shocked by how loud it is, but I think that if you are careful to screw the battery cap on REALLY well, it does cut down on noise a tiny bit.

Near the base of the vibrator, you'll find a control panel with two sets of up and down arrows. One set controls the vibrations, while the other controls the rotation. Above each of these is a set of three lights that indicate which setting you're on. There's also one additional button that controls the direction of rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise). The buttons are slightly raised, but you may have to feel around a little to find the one you need.

If you push the up arrow, you scroll from low to medium to high. Once you hit high, pushing the up arrow again doesn't do anything-- I kind of expected it to turn the vibrations off at first and hit it a few times before I realized that ohhh, duh, I have to hit down arrow for that. For me this is both good and bad, because it means that you won't accidentally turn the vibrations off when you try to turn them up, since we all know how frustrating vibrations suddenly ending at a crucial moment can be. On the other hand, it means that if you needed to turn this off suddenly for any reason (roommate comes home, for example), you have to scroll back down through medium and low to get to off. If you have both the vibrations AND the rotation running, that's a lot of scrolling, and with how loud this thing is, the roommate that just came home by now already thinks you are being attacked by a gang of clunky robots and has called the police.

The vibrations are located in the clit stimulator and carries pretty well up through the shaft. Given the noise level, you would expect to be blown away by the vibrations, but they were really just so-so at best. I found myself really frustrated that they just weren't getting the job done.

Good old #72 uses 3 AA batteries, which is nice since they're easy to find, but not as eco-friendly as just being able to plug in and recharge. I've never seen a battery area like this one! When you unscrew the bottom of the toy, the whole section that the batteries goes into pops out. You put the 3 batteries in (it does have + and - labels, yay!)

The special features of this toy list that it is waterproof. So far, it does seem to be, but again I'd be extra careful about making sure the battery cap is screwed on well.
    • Multiple settings
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is silicone-based rubber, you shouldn't use a silicone lube, go for water based instead. You can keep this toy clean with a mild soap and warm water, or an antibacterial toy cleaner. When cleaning, you may need to pay a little extra attention to the ridges to keep anything from building up there, but this is still a lot less complicated to clean than many toys that have more intricate designs.


The vibe arrived in a cardboard display box printed with a huge picture of the vibrator on both the front and back, so it isn't exactly descreet. Inside the box, it was wrapped in a sort of thin styrofoam pouch, and then shrink wrapped inside of that. I actually like the styrofoam pouch for storage, it breathes a little more than a plastic bag, but is easy to just toss the toy into to keep it from smooshing against others in my toy drawer.

The box that my vibrator came in (the toy's box itself, not the USPS box) was a little beat up and dirty, maybe from the recent move to Atlanta? Despite the extra layers of wrapping inside the box, I made sure to give the vibrator a really thorough cleaning before use.

There was a little paper pamphlet of care instructions included, which repeated the same info in 8 languages. There is also a guide for how to insert the batteries on it, but it shows diagrams for over 20 different toys, so you might have to spend a second finding the right one.
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

I was quite pleased with the length and girth of this toy. As pleasing as smaller toys are, this one actually gave me that feeling that, for lack of a more polite phrase, I had been seriously fucked. It is pleasingly large without being huge, but the ridges mean I need to be a little more gentle with it than I would like.


Although the clit stimulator did its job (in its sort of blah way), I really missed the more flexible and delicate ears of a more traditional rabbit vibe. This thumb-like appendage just didn't transmit vibrations as well. The nubs at the top give some extra stimulation if you physically rub against them, but they aren't long enough to really vibrate themselves. I can't figure out exactly what about this part made it so disappointing. It reached my clit, but just didn't seem to hit it *right*, no matter what I tried.

Although the noise level is the only *major* con to this toy, it is a huge one. I live alone, so I don't usually mind if a toy is loud, but this is "can't hear myself think!" loud. The noise is impossible to ignore, it totally kills the mood.

My favorite way to use this so far is to not even turn it on but use the shaft part for (gentle, due to the ridges) thrusting, and using a small bullet vibe for actual vibrations. With that combo I can come in like a minute, and don't have to suffer the grinding noises.
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    Great review.
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    Ick @ the loudness. I hate noisy toys - I find them too disturbing which ruins the moment.
    Plus I live with others

    Great review
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    "Things I don't want near my genitals for $200, Alex!"
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    Great review! Sorry this one didn't work out for you except turned off.
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    Thanks for the review
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    great review!
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