Love bird - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Kat Vanir

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Love bird sex toy review

It doesn't matter what shape you are or where your parts have been placed, this will stimulate you the right way because essentially you are picking where your stimulation goes.  You're in total control of your pleasure with this one and for me that's a great thing.
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Over the years, I've discovered that for more than the obvious reasons, vibrators are far from One-Size-Fits-All. The shaft part seems to be the can kind of judge by diameter whether it's going to be too big or uncomfortable for you. But when it comes to the clitoral part...and that's my favorite part of every vibrator... there are no guarantees. I can't tell you how many vibrators haven't done it for me because of the clit piece not hitting the right spot, or being broken because I have to hold it in place to cum. I could start a vibrator graveyard with all of my abandoned toys. I'm guessing I'm not alone or a vibrator like the Love Bird would be non-existent and I would have completely missed out.

The shaft of this one is pretty classic...soft pinkish purple jelly with beads that rotate. It has 7 insertable inches, and is 1 and 5/8" in diameter. It's textured, with almost a mosaic tile texture at the base, heading up to a layer of brushed spiral bumps, into an adorable layer of shiny little hearts, to the smooth and easy to insert tip. I have to be honest....I can tell it's textured, but I can't feel the differences in the layers. Nonetheless, it is pretty. I also appreciate that they kept the tip un-textured because it makes it slip in nicely with it no being rubbed or pulled the wrong way. The beads aren't very aggressive. The function on the power button says rotate, but what they really do is vibrate. There is a directional button and there is a piece that looks like it should rotate the entire length and do that swirly thing, but mine doesn't. It's possible mine is broken, but it doesn't actually "rotate" per say, it just seems to change the pull of the vibration from left to right more than actually spin anything. I can still feel it, it still feels nice, but if you're looking for aggressive and obvious rotation, you won't find it here.

The battery compartment is a hard rainbow metallic purple case, with the controls being located in the screw on battery top. There are four buttons. An On/Off for Vibration, a Hi/Lo for Vibration, an On/Off for Rotation, and a Direction for Rotation. It's not as simple as up and down switches, but with a little practice you'll get to remember what does what.

Now for the fun part. The rotation applies to the shaft, and the vibration is for my favorite part; the bendable clitoral stimulator that is itself as long as the shaft. They basically took a bullet vibe, molded its wire to run into a sturdy bendable purple tube, and put a clear purple jelly cockatoo over the bullet Ingenious. I can bend it 360 degrees. Not that it's necessary, but I can if I want to. It allows this vibrator to be used for anything, from a clit/vibe combo (at an adjustable depth nonetheless), to vibe/anal stimulation, to use with the shaft alone, to the clit piece being used when you don't want to be penetrated. I had my doubts about the stability of the bullet when I wasn't holding the bird piece against my clit, but it ended up working just fine for me with no problems at all. I do like it better when I can press the little feathers on the birds head into the right places, but I tried it with no hands and it still worked great. I've used it alone, and came just as well as with my silver bullet. Maybe even better, because of the jelly and molded feathers. I've spent the week bending and re-bending it and haven't had a single issue. It seems very sturdy and made to be moved every which way.

As far as noise, it's fairly average. Not obnoxious, but it's definitely audible. Each function only has two settings (the one thing I would'd be nice to have a few more options instead of just Hi/Lo) and they're both about the same noise-wise. If I cover up with a blanket, I can muffle it pretty well.

This vibrator is great. It seem It doesn't matter what shape you are or where your parts have been placed, this will stimulate you the right way because essentially you are picking where your stimulation goes. You're in total control of your pleasure with this one and for me that's a great thing. I give it four stars, only because I wish there were a few more notches on the power button and it doesn't actually rotate as advertised.
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  • Bulma
    The bendable clit stimulator sounds great.  I was looking at a similar rabbit (tpr silicone though, I don't particularly care for jelly toys) and it sounds like such a great idea.

    Thanks for your review, now I know the bendable part that sounded so great to me, actually works! 
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I love that its adjustable! Doesn't look as pretty, but would feel so much better! Great review!
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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