Waver groove - traditional vibrator by Orion - review by Crystal_Rose

Traditional vibrator by Orion

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"May The Force Be With You!"

...I'm actually quite happy with this toy if for one purpose and, one purpose only. The concept which it's based on actually comes through with this toy, as the Wave action is incredible...
Its concept delivers, and delivers quite well!
This toy will not be for everyone.
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useful review
OK, there are so many reasons why I should hate this toy: It's rigid with no flexibility, bulky, the texture makes no sense to me (and I think it actually hinders the process), the battery compartment is a little bit tricky. And then of course, last but not least, the thing immediately had me snorting over all the cheesy and ridiculous lightsaber jokes I've ever heard over the years. I kid you not, the second of I pulled it from its box, that's exactly what it reminded me of!

But despite all of this, I'm actually quite happy with this toy if for one purpose and one purpose only. The concept which it's based on actually comes through with this toy, as the Wave action is incredible!

And the truth is, if one looks at the toy logically, there is no way to make this toy softer, more flexible, or lighter with our current technology. When one takes into consideration the motor that's running this thing, what the "waves" moving underneath the surface of the "skin" have to do, and what they have to be made from and mounted on in order to work effectively. So even though I don't like these things about the toy, I don't feel like I have a right to pick on them. It just means that some more sensitive buyers may not enjoy this toy as much as I did.

And when I get right down to it, I did really enjoy it. The wave action simulates a penetrative stimulation better than the other dildos and butt plugs I've gotten that were supposed to either flex or roll or thrust. The strength of the device is even better than I thought it was going to be, given some of the other reviews, and the size although large, worked for me with what I wanted the toy used for.

The wave action is very rhythmic, fast, and right underneath the "skin" of the dildo. The first time I turned the dildo on, I just held it in my hand for a few moments, watching the smooth ridges rolling underneath the surface. When I turned it off, my hand was actually thrumming. If it could do that to my hand I knew I was going to be in for a treat, and despite the points brought up at the beginning of this review, that's exactly what I got!
It’s amazing vaginally, but it's OUT OF THIS WORLD for anal play. I had four rather extreme orgasms close together during this particular session, and that's never happened before. The ripples in the shaft are strong, travel up most of the shaft, are very easily felt, and do something to the sphincter muscle that I was not expecting. Not only do they cause that ring of muscle to flutter and contract at a fast rate, but you can feel the internal stroking action better than anything else I've ever tried. You are very much aware of this toy and everything it's doing from every angle. (Just remember to use a condom if you're going to be using this toy for both vaginal and anal play and/or if you intend to share.)

The same came be said for vaginal play, as it will work for the women who like either shallow penetration or deep because it has both bases covered. That fluttering sensation will be a hit with women who are aroused by stimulation of the outer and inner rim of the vaginal opening more so than deeper penetration, and the women who like deeper penetration are going to FEEL this toy no matter how deep they go.

A lot of vibrating dildos have a problem with only vibrating at one point. Either close to the head, or close to the base, so some buyers are going to be disappointed regardless of how well rated a toy is, just because most dildos can't please everyone's tastes. And I'm not saying that this one will either, because some of the issues mentioned at the beginning of the review are going to be a problem for some buyers. But if they can work past that, then they're going to be in for a nice surprise as the wave action starts from almost right below the head of the dildo and travels almost all the way down to the base. There is only a couple of inches at the very bottom, before you get to the controls, that there's not that much sensation.

As far as the controls are concerned, they are pretty cut and dry, and easy to understand. I really like the fact that with a press of a button, you can change the direction in which the waves travel, as that does create a new sensation.

All in all, this toy was a really nice addition to the box and I would recommend it to anyone who was experienced with toys, and wanted to do a little bit of experimentation with a toy very different from the others on this website. I'm looking forward to using it regularly over the coming months and I'll be sure to report back if I come up with any new points on its performance or durability.
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  • deceased
    With four AA batteries, it should be powerful. TPR isn't too bad of a material either. Can you use silicone based lube? I love silicone lubes, they don't dry out so quickly.
  • Alt
    That sounds amazingly fun for anal play, the way you described the feeling of what it did to your sphincter.
    I think I will have to eventually try this one from your review alone.

    Did the rubbery TPR material and texture make it hard to insert anally?
    I would probably prefer a smoother dildo for anal play, but I would be willing to give this a try Tongue out

    BTW, I voted extremely useful, for describing how it felt anally Winking
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    love the purple color

    Nice review! Big smile
  • Lelogirl
    Thanks for this review!
  • Localtweaker
    good review
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