Might Require Creativity

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler didn't work well for me at first, but after some time and patience (maybe a little creativity and effort on my partners part) I was able to get off using it. Now I love pairing it with my collection of dildos and use it often when my partner and I have sex.
• Pairs Great With Dildos
• Travel Case Attached
• Lowest Setting Is Weak
• Magnetic Charger Can Be Finicky
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First impression

When I first received the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, I was unsure how I felt about it. I had already used the original penguin, the pro deluxe, and the second generation penguin. The Traveler just didn't look like it had it in it to provide what I had come to expect from a Satisfyer toy. It came in the regular box, details on the outside, an open, two-piece clamshell on the inside. I also found an instruction manual and a magnetic style charging USB cord.

As I do with most new toys, I plugged it up and went about my day. It is important to give your toys a full charge before playing with them. I don't recall how long I left it to charge, but it was a few hours before I got back home and was able to play with it. With it finally, in my hands, I turned it on. The buttons are a bit more difficult to press than the Penguin Second Gen - but they do become more pliable with time.

My first impression with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler on and in my hands was that, still, it wasn't going to be able to live up to my expectations. Nonetheless, I was excited to give it a try as I love all of Satisfyer's toys.

First Use

Excitement still brewing, with an underlying tone of expected disappointment, I stripped down, opened my favorite erotica website, and got myself revved up. When I was into a really juicy part of my story, I turned on the Satisfyer Pro Traveler and... nothing. I was completely torn from my story and now staring at my new toy is frustration. That is when I noticed the small piece of silicone pulsating in the back of the opening. I brought the Satisfyer Pro Traveler close to my ear, and sure enough, it was on. Quiet as hell, but still on.

Getting back into my book, I stuck the head of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler to my clit. The suction was slight, but definitely there. The lowest setting on the Traveler is much lighter than the lowest setting on the Penguin Second Gen. Wanting the full experience, I left it on the lowest setting until I was aching for more. I slowly climbed the settings, of which there are ten steady, slightly more intense levels of pleasure waves. On the tenth setting, after about half an hour of playing with the toy, I had a small orgasm.

I'm unsure how else to explain it. Usually when I get off the warmth and tension starts in my lower abdomen and quickly spreads out to fill every inch of my body, setting my skin alight and causing my muscles to contract in glorious anticipation. But with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, it was less of overall experience and more of a localized orgasm just in my labia and vaginal canal. A little disappointed, I put turned the toy off (via the minus button), reconnected the magnetic cover (which makes it perfect for travel), and set it aside. I promised myself I would try again later and that time have a better orgasm.

Further Experience

When I finally picked the Satisfyer Pro Traveler back up, I was determined to make it work for me the way previous Satisfyer toys did. I tried it nearly every day for a week, each occurrence fizzling out with a less than great orgasm. Finally, my partner, having had enough of my griping, took control of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler one night and started on the fourth or fifth setting, rather than the first as I had been doing.

Paired with a dildo, something I had not done yet, he held the Satisfyer Pro Traveler on my clit at an angle where the suction was almost broken and slowly thrust the in me. The combination of the almost immediately intense pressure waves and the slow yet firm feeling of the dildo on my labia and g-spot quickly had me moaning. Within five minutes my entire body was tense as I begged him not to stop - at last, a real orgasm was achieved with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler.

Now I don't use the Satisfyer Pro Traveler unless I have it paired with a dildo or my partner is inside of me. The buttons have given a bit and are easier to use, but not as easy to find as they are on the Penguin Second Gen. I do love that it comes with a cover, creating its own storage unit. The magnetics may not be incredibly strong, but they do hold up well in my purse. My only complaint about the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is the magnetic charger as I have very few flat, steady surfaces in my room that are close enough to a plug.

Vibration Map

I don't like assigning vibrations to a pressure wave toy. One, because that is not how they work, and two, because it is meant to be focused in the opening. That being said, I have found that tilting the head until suction is almost broken, and making contact with the top of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler and my labia does provide some different vibrations over that area that I am not used to - and it is very pleasurable.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

As I said before, my first orgasm with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler was subpar, but after letting my husband take the reigns, I was pleasantly surprised and was able to reach the "O" I have become so accustomed to. If you find yourself struggling to fully enjoy the Traveler, I recommend pairing it with other toys until you find something that works for you.
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  • Contributor: Soundside46
    Nice review. I was going back and forth between this one and the Satifyer 2 and after reading this I think I made the correct choice.
  • Contributor: Lilith Bealove
    What did you wind up getting?
  • Contributor: Soundside46
    We got the Satisfyer Pro 2 and it is working out great.
  • Contributor: Lilith Bealove
    Most of their products are amazing. I wish eden carried more of them
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