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Mini Cordless "Hitachi" Like Wand

Looks like a microphone or a lollipop or a Queen's Scepter but No. It's a power wand!
My husband OH used to call my Eden wand, my boyfriend. Now he says I have TWO bf's. Good thing he's not the jealous type!
Cordless with endless power, Lightweight but powerful, Discreet looking
Heats up after 30 mins, Handle shakes a lot
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First impression

Wow, when I first saw this, I thought it resembled a big lollipop. My husband thought it looked a scepter. Actually, he said it looked like that Jack In A Box character in the commercials with the big round head. At any event, this is my new favorite vibrator. I love power, and this is definitely "Hitachi" like.

This wand is a new age. I used to lug out my bulky Hitachi. Then got the Eden Wand because it had speed control. Then I progressed to the convenient mini cordless Pretty Love wand. The Pretty Love was nice, petite and convenient, but often I had to get out the larger wands to get off.

Now my new love is this, the Easy. Its name Easy because it's easy to get out, easy to use (1 button operation), easy to charge (and charges lasts over a month) and most importantly easy to come to orgasm or very close to it.

My Wands
Eden vibrating wand, Pretty Love Mini, the Easy

First Use

Of course, I used this the first night I received it. Fortunately, this already came with a charge. When I powered it on, it "jumped" to life, and the button lit up. I tested it and discovered the first 3 settings were steady vibing. Went from low to medium to high. After that was some different patterns. The very last one it shut off. I also discovered to power it off at anytime I had to hold the button down for 5 seconds. Then when powered back on it always reverted to the first setting, steady low vibing.

My husband was in the shower, so I jumped under the sheets and buzzed away. It was powerful but very quiet. When he came to bed, he didn't even know I was pleasuring myself with it. The head reminded me of the Eden Vibrating wand, my favorite. I like the big head wands more than the Pretty Love mini. Bigger is better!

The head was very powerful on the 3rd setting. The vibrations were also felt in the handle and discomforted me. I put back on my undies and tucked it in. I used it like this for about 30 mins. I had to stop because the head was getting pretty warm. Anyway, I had enough, and the hubs wanted some attention.

Further Experience

My next session with Mr. Easy was on the weekend. Weekends are our regular sex dates due to work. After my nice warm shower before turning in for bed, I got out my new wand. I started on low and loved it. Nice steady powerful buzzing. After I got that urge to cum, I played with the button until found a nice rumbling powerful setting. It was total bliss! It made me groan, and in a few minutes, I felt a little O. He asked me if I came, and I said," yeah, just a little one." I wanted him in me, but he told me to cum some more first. He always likes me really wet.

I vibed for about 15 more minutes til my hand was tiring from holding it. The handle shakes a little too much to my liking. He offered to hold it, but I said the head is getting warm too. And I could wait any longer to have him inside me. He was excited knowing I came a few times, and we had some great sex! He was an absolute animal, just the way I like it.

I can hardly wait til next weekend!

Vibration Map

All the 8 settings were fairly strong. The 3rd was very strong. The 7th and 8 were mind-blowing.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I "o ed" at least 3 times with this. They weren't over the top, eye curling like my cored wands but rather still very enjoyable. It has enough power to deliver. However, I can't use it longer than 30 minutes. It just shakes too much. I normally can use my big wands for 45 mins plus. My husband says I one of those with a clit of steel.

The Easy is still new to me. I'll eventually find a way to use it longer. Perhaps tuck in my undies or have the husband hold it for me.
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  • Contributor: Soundside46
    If I were to get just one wand which would you suggest?
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    I recommend this one. Head is a good size, long lasting charge, lightweight, no cord, and very powerful. I used it for an hour last night. He fell asleep and it didn't even wake him up.
  • Contributor: Soundside46
    Ok, thanks I will definitely consider this one
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