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Mini Mite Needs A Bit More Might

Fetish Fantasy's Mini Mite includes five attachments so you can customize your experience with this pocket rocket vibe. It features easy to use controls and moderate vibrations. Take caution when opening it so that the metal insert doesn't pop out.
Includes P-spot attachment, easy to use.
Two spiked attachments, weaker vibrations, can break easily when opening.
Rating by reviewer:
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The Mini Mite Vibe is Fetish Fantasy's pocket rocket. A pocket rocket is an external vibrator intended for clitoral use. Pocket rockets are usually advertised and packaged as massage products, and usually contain some attachments that can can used for back, foot, etc. massages. The Mini Mite is no exception.

The Mini Mite also includes a P-spot teaser attachment. This portion can be inserted vaginally or anally. Use caution when inserting anally as the attachment can easily pop off the pocket rocket. There is a light flare to make the teaser anal safe, but it's not as big of a flare as many anal toys come with.

The Mini Mite is small enough to use during sex or along with another internal toy. Since it includes male and female attachments, it could be used as a couple's toy.

Material / Texture

Fetish Fantasy lists the materials of the Mini Mite as ABS plastic and metal. Plastic rates a 7 on the safety scale and metal rates a 9. Both are non-porous and phthalates free.

The primary material is plastic. The Mini Mite itself and the four head attachments are all made of ABS plastic. The plastic has a velvety coating to it which gives it a light powdery feel. There's no drag to it at all. It is hard and firm with no give. This allows for more pressure to be applied.

The metal portion is three small rounded and raised bumps on the Mini Mite. If you don't use the attachments, this can be used by itself. Metal is another firm material that has no give to it. It's smooth and shiny.

The P-spot teaser material is not specified. Since the packaging states the only two materials are plastic and metal, the teaser is likely made of plastic. This attachment is shiny and pliable. It has a strong scent that doesn't smell exactly like plastic. It can be bent in half. The portion that gets inserted pushes in a small bit. The portion that attaches to the Mini Mite can be pushed in to make it flat.

This attachment has a swirl texture on it. It also has a light seam that runs along the insertable part and the part that attaches it. The texture is not overly extreme but may not be suitable for those who are texture sensitive.

Design / Shape / Size

The Mini Mite is 3.75" in total length. It is 1" in diameter at the widest point. The small attachments are 5/8" high. The P-spot attachment is 3 5/8" in total length. The insertable portion is 1.75". This part is .5" in diameter and 1.5" circumference. The base is 1" diameter.

The length of the Mini Mite is just a bit longer than my middle finger and a little wider.

The size of the toy is average for pocket rockets. It's small enough to be easy to hold, but long enough so that you don't feel cramped up on yourself when you use it. It's easy to travel with and store due to the small size.

The design is that of your typical pocket rocket. It starts with the base, the thinnest part of the toy, which can be unscrewed. The top half has two layers where the top is bigger than the second layer. The tip comes inward a bit so it's smaller than the top layer of the toy. It ends with the three metal balls that are raised from the tip.

There are five total attachments for the Mini Mite. Four of them are used for external stimulation. The first is a rounded dome shape. The second is flat with five small raised plastic circles that make a star shape around a final smaller raised circle. The third and fourth are spiked attachments. One is a lot of very tiny spikes, and the other is 12 larger and sharper spikes.

The fifth is the P-spot attachment. It has a base that attaches it to the Mini Mite, followed by a long, thin, twisted top. This attachment doesn't come with most pocket rockets.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Mini Mite operates on a twisting middle. There are three settings - open, off, and on. Twist to the right to turn on. Twist to the left to turn off. Twist further left to open it. The controls are easy to use and are not placed in a way that would cause you to accidentally turn it off during use.

There is only one power setting on this toy, and no patterns. The power level is a mid-range three vrooms. It's kinda loud, about three bees. It can be heard through covers and possibly through a closed door.

The vibrations are on the higher pitched, buzzy side. They're not overly buzzy to the point of causing numbing and itching. They penetrate the skin a little bit, but not like rumbly vibrations do.

If you use one of the attachments, it slightly weakens the vibrations. The small attachments don't diminish the power too much. The P-spot teaser attachment carries some of the vibrations to the tip, but drops the total strength by about one vroom down to 2 vrooms.

The vibrations won't be enough for those that need a lot of power, but should be enough for more sensitive users.

The Mini Mite features a clear O ring near the battery compartment. This makes the toy fully waterproof.

To power up the Mini Mite you will need one AA battery. This is not included in the packaging. To insert the battery, switch to the "open" setting. This pops the bottom half off to reveal the area for the battery. There is a silver attachment inside which allows the battery to work. Please be careful when opening as this can easily pop out, breaking the toy.

Care and Maintenance

You can wash the Mini Mite with soap and water or toy cleaner. You could also use a wipe or toy spray. Since it's waterproof you just need to make sure it's closed up before wetting it. It cannot be boiled or placed in the dishwasher. This means it cannot be fully sanitized.

Any lube type can be used with this toy. Silicone, water, and oil are all okay to use.

You can store this toy in the packaging it came in or a baggie. Since it's plastic there's no concern of it destroying other toy materials.


The Mini Mite comes in a small box with a hanging top. The front has a photo of a woman using it to massage her back. It says "Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Mite Vibe with Attachments" and has the Pipedream logo. The back has a photo of the toy with the P-spot attachment on it and a photo of the Mini Mite and other attachments near the bottom. It has a paragraph explaining what the toy is, which is not discreet. It cautions that it is recommended for external use only. It also has a QR code for Pipedream.

The cardboard used to make the box is sturdy and would hold up for storage for a while. It's not overly bulky, but a baggie may be better if you're limited on space.


The first one of these that I got ended up breaking when I opened it to place the battery in. The metal part inside broke off and ruined the toy. Thus why I say to use caution when opening it. I now open it very gently and have not had issues with the second one I received.

The vibrations of the Mini Mite are too weak for my personal preferences. I need at least a high four vrooms and prefer five in external toys. The power of this felt nice, but was nowhere near enough to bring me to orgasm. It was also a bit more buzzy than I like.

I found that only two of the attachments were useful for me - the domed top and the one with raised circles. The two spiked ones would be good for actual back or foot massage, but not for use on my clit. Most pocket rockets only include one of these spiked tops, so I'm not sure why Fetish Fantasy decided to include two of these over some other type of more clit friendly attachments.

My husband doesn't like vibrating P-spot toys, so we didn't get to test out how well this worked for the P-spot. My thought is that it would probably work a bit better for that if it had a bit of curve rather than being straight. I was not able to get this to work on my G-spot. It was also far too weak once this attachment was placed on it.
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