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Cuddle Me

Rabbit vibrator by Lady Calston

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My Kind of Cuddling

As far as rabbit style vibrators go, the Cuddle Me is the best of it kind that I have found. With a clitoral attachment designed for many different body shapes, it is great for all users. While there are a few small issues that could have been avoided, overall its worth the money.
Good clitoral stimulation, Great design, Easy to use, Good for many body types.
Batteries were confusing, not quite strong enough.
Rating by reviewer:
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As long as I have been using sex toys, I have wanted a rabbit style vibrator. The idea of only needing one hand to satisfy two cravings at once really appealed to me, yet in all my searching I had not been able to find one that really fit my needs and my body. It seemed like such a toy just plain didn’t exist that truly fit and did what it was intended to do. So when I came across the Cuddle Me by Lady Calston, I’ll admit I was skeptical. What would make this toy any different from the other rabbits I had tried? But keeping an open mind and with a hopeful spirit, I ordered, yet again, another rabbit vibrator.

After a couple weeks of waiting (post office’s fault, not Edenfantasys), I finally got my Cuddle Me. It came in a simple black box which has a photo of a woman on the front that lets you know that it was a sex toy, but in a classy way. I looked over the box and found that while it did list the Cuddle’s features in 4 different languages, it didn’t tell you on the box what material it was made of, and the battery type was listed in tiny letters on the bottom of the box. That bugged me. When I buy a toy, I generally don’t pay much attention to the material because 90% of the time it is listed on the box so I know how to care for it (In this case it is made of TPE which is porous, so make sure to use a condom if your going to be sharing), but this time I had to log back on to Edenfantasys to look up the material, more of a pain than I had bargained for. And while it did list the battery type, it took me a while to find it because it’s kind of mixed in with other information, which ended up just making me annoyed.

Once I got over my frustration with the box and I hunted down a couple AA batteries I pulled the Cuddle Me out and looked it over. There was a slight smell, but it almost seemed as if it were on purpose. It was actually a good smell, though I couldn’t figure out what scent it was supposed to be for the life of me. The texture of the Cuddle is supposed to be smooth but I found it to have a slightly sticky, tacky feeling to it which put me off. I was worried that it wouldn’t go in smoothly, but once I got it lubed up with some water based lube (water and silicone based only with TPE), it was no longer an issue. I did have an issue putting the batteries in however; as there were no markings or illustrations to show you where negative and positive go. So anytime you want to change batteries you get to play a little bit of a guessing game to see if you can figure out what goes where.

After a few minor setbacks, I was really discouraged and ready to just give up on my dream of ever finding the perfect rabbit vibrator. Maybe there just isn’t one out there. But I decided to continue on my quest and give the Cuddle Me a try. The Cuddle has varying strengths and 2 vibration settings, though the vibration settings are not something you really can control, it just does it. Which is good and bad. It was nice to have a toy be able to keep you guessing when it would suddenly start or stop pulsing on you, but at the same time, there were several moments where I either wanted the pulsing or the steady vibration, yet I had very little control over either.

I did like how the rabbit part of the vibrator seemed to encircle and “cuddle” my clit. Too many times I have had toys that barely touch it or put too much pressure on it, both of which made it extremely uncomfortable. The Cuddle Me was just the right mix. My favorite part was the fact that the way the clitoral stimulator is designed, it fits a wide variety of body shapes. Pretty much wherever I moved it, I could still feel the vibrations in a good way. And each direction of movement provided a slightly different sensation. Very satisfying. The only problem I could find with this toy is the strength. Even on its highest setting, it wasn’t quite strong enough for my tastes. So while I wouldn’t say the Cuddle Me is the perfect rabbit vibrator, it certainly is the best I have found.
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  • Kmonkey
    I've always been able to trust your toy reviews, and I use them often to tell other people what toy might be good for them. Now if we could just find you a stronger motor Smile
  • TastieStacie
    Oh thank you Kmonkey! Its always nice to know that I have someone who trusts my advice lol. I would definitely recommend this one to friends. I own three rabbit vibrators and this one is the only one I use now. Thanks for your comment Smile
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile

    This rabbit... is ugly to me... Glad you liked it though Smile
  • sweet seduction
    nice review
  • barrettbn2
    great review
  • Lucifer the Cat
    I'm afraid I don't share your enthusiasm for this toy!
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