Sparkle softees swirl - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by TwiggY

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My little pink Swirl!

You should really give this toy a go. It's both soft and hard, exactly what a girl needs when she needs a little bump and rub! It is also a great tool for foreplay, because it can really get a guy going to see their lovely lady playing with a toy, I'll tell you what, it drives my man wild when I surprise him like that and it is the best sex I have ever had!
I'd have to say the swirl is one of the best aspects of this toy, makes inserting it very pleasing!
I think the fact that it gets tangled with hair takes away from the toy a little.
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I really enjoy the Sparkle Softees Swirl! This is one of my most favored items on this site so far. I have used it for a number of reasons so far. Whether it is for my sweetie and I to fool around, or if I just want to let him rest and fulfill my need for stimulation. I have even used this toy for anal, and it worked like a charm. It wasn't too rough for me, and the swirl just added on to the pleasure.

I think this toy is great for anyone single and even couples. The best occasions to use this toy would be any romantic time you want to have with your sweetheart, during foreplay, and even while you are lonely and want a good time!

Material / Texture

This toy actually does not smell bad to me at all. You know some toys you pull out of the package and the first thing you smell is that horrible plastic smell, or something the company sprayed on it before packaging. Well this toy does not have that nasty plastic smell. It has no taste to it, and the feel of it is incredible; almost feels like the real thing.

I think the texture of the toy adds to the pleasure. It is a little bit softer than some, but still has the stimulation you need to really make you feel good. The texture can be mostly for anyone, truthfully this is my first one with this type of texture to it, and I'll have to admit it is my new favorite!

Design / Shape / Size

The design is fantastic, I couldn't ask for a better one! I have always love swirled. I have a glass one at home, but this one tops the cake on any toys that I own at the moment. The shape of the toy really gave it a phenomenal feeling. The swirl made it easier to do anal with, and made it feel that much better to me!

The size all together is 6 1/2", but the insert length is at 5 1/2", which to me is all I need. I also think I could give or take another inch maybe. The diameter is 1 1/4", and I do have to say maybe a little bit bigger would make it more exciting, but all in all the size is perfect. This size is more for a beginner who has never really used before. I know some would say that maybe smaller would be better, but if you've had sex before at least once than this toy is perfect for you!

The toy is actually quite easy to hide as well. Besides it being a bright color, hiding it is a very easy option! And if you really want to travel with it, I wouldn't see why it wouldn't be a good choice to take with because it is somewhat discreet.

Functions / Performance / Controls

It has multiple speeds to it, which still makes it my number 1 choice out of my toys! The speeds include low, medium, and high, which to me is just as much as when having sex; because the constant change in speeds. The vibrations in this toy is located more towards the bottom. But if you look real closely, it actually has the vibrator part in the middle of the shaft to make the whole thing vibrate instead of just the bottom.

I think I like that fact that this toy is waterproof. Anything waterproof is definitely acceptable in my book, that way there are so many more uses for it than just in the bedroom. You can take it swimming with you, in case you wanna have some fun with someone at a pool party, or you can take it into the shower where a good majority of people love to have sex.

I think the functions are somewhat easy to use, although the button is somewhat hard to get to, and can be hard to click, but that gets easier over time. This toy can be a little bit too noisy for my liking. I think it even might sound a little bit like a small razor, so that can take away from the discreetness, but that does not mean this toy does not do its job because it does. It performs the best in water if you ask me. It can make a whole new experience out of taking a shower with someone.

Care and Maintenance

It is quite easy to take care of. I use these wipes I got that are specifically for sex toys, and it is easy to clean up, but can get tangled with hairs if you are not careful. I have a lot of hair and so does my fiance, so hair does get tangled around it, but it is easily removed.

I store it in a little pouch by my bed, so it can be easily stored just about anywhere in your room or house, its easy! I have used this toy with my warming lube before, and I have decided to use it specifically with this toy almost every time now because of that fact alone!


This package was not so easy to open, but that makes me feel better about the toys I am getting because I know no one can mess with it during the shipping process. It was packaged inside of a plastic molding that was sealed all around the outside. I think the instructions that came with the toy were good enough for me. They showed me how to put in batteries, and told me all the functions it had, and that it was water proof.

Personal comments

I especially like the fact that if you are in a hurry, you can put in the batteries just about anyway you want them; as long as their opposite on both side and the toy still works!


The first time I used this toy was when my fiance and I decided to go to my families cabin for a weekend alone. It started out with him making BBQ for me, and then got a little hot and heavy after dinner. We started with a little foreplay, and then led up to me getting out my new toy. He wanted to try it on me so I could write my review!

We fooled around with it a bit, and ended up having sex of course, but we still used the toy while we did it. This was the first time I had sex with him and used a vibrator for anal. I do not think I will ever forget that experience with him, and it is all thanks to this little toy!
Follow-up commentary
I still use this really awesome toy in bed a lot with my fiance. I even use it alone at times. It has always been really trusty, doesn't run out of batteries very often and is very easy to hide fast if ever need be. I really love this toy and will probably in the future plan on getting something else like it.
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