G-spot vibrator discontinued

My Long-Standing Favorite

This is a great toy and an excellent step up from less powerful, more traditional vibes. It's deliciously thick and firm and, although it may not hit my G-spot just right, it's still afforded me hours and hours of fun! ;) It's a great buy and a durable, long-lasting toy.
Sensual, delicious size and shape, powerful, easy to clean.
Does not hit the G-spot.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Well, I've been putting off reviewing this toy for ages now! Every time I logged in and sat down to review it, I just couldn't seem to think of where to begin! So, here goes.

This toy has been a favorite of mine for ages now. I bought it a couple of years ago for myself and it very quickly became my favorite. It's one of the more powerful vibes I own and is just about perfect in that respect. Unfortunately, it took a dive off of my lofted bed and crashed solidly onto the hard, tiled floor. It was a pretty long fall and, while it still ran, it had to be held at a certain angle in order to do so, which was extremely inconvenient, obviously! I've since replaced it, which brings us to this latest review :) Make no mistake, it is a very durable toy and is not at all flimsy. I suspect if it hadn't taken such a bad fall, the original would still be working great today. It worked well for me for over two years before that. It really, truly is waterproof, so have no concerns about that. I've used it in and out of the shower for years with no ill effects.

This item is made of TPR rubber and plastic. The "body" of the toy is TPR, while the dial base to control the multi-speed function is hard plastic. The toy has a very distinctive, strong odor, but it's not entirely unpleasant and fades with time and use. TPR is a very tough, durable material, but is still slightly porous, so be sure to protect this toy with a condom if you plan on sharing the love. DO NOT boil TPR to disinfect as it will damage the material. Wash wish warm soapy water or specialty toy cleaners.

While this toy is intended for G-spot stimulation, I don't feel that it really accomplishes that at all, so I can't give it as high a rating as I'd like to, since it doesn't actually get that spot. However, the shape and size of it are still extremely enjoyable when used internally. I typically alternate between using it internally an externally when I use it, but simply using it externally is delightful as well. It is a rather short, but thick toy at 1 1/2 inches and 5 1/2 inches of insertable length. My favorite thing about this vibe is the way the head of it is a slightly thicker than the rest, popping inside after a bit of a stretch to fit...Delicious. It is a fairly quiet toy, especially if it's inside of you. I've used it with a fan running and someone asleep in the same room without waking them up.

Overall...This is a great toy and an excellent step up from less powerful, more traditional vibes. It may not hit my G-spot just right, but it's still afforded me hours and hours of fun! ;) It's a great buy.
Follow-up commentary
I wanted to note that I have two of these, one in each color, and both of them has a small imperfection around the head/tip of the toy, which I believe is probably from the mold or something...It's a shallow divot and really doesn't affect the overall appearance, sensation, or function of this toy. In other words, I can see it if I look closely, I can feel it if I run my fingertips over it, but I can't feel (or see) it at all when the toy is in use.

I absolutely recommend this item for someone looking to move up from a smaller, less powerful vibrator. It has some girth, but not enough for it to be a huge endeavor to get it inside of you. For me, it doesn't really require any warm-up or anything. It's just a slight, delicious little bit of stretch :) Unless you have a love of lengthy vibrators, this short, chunky little guy will do just great!
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  • Contributor: Jen&Clint
    Nice review. I have been looking for a toy that has some thickness to it vith some powerfull vibes too. I will really have to check into getting this one after reading your review on it. Thanks for all the info Smile
  • Contributor: lexical
    You're welcome, JHall27! It really is a great toy. If this item easily hit my g-spot, I'd absolutely be in heaven. It's big, without being *too* big. Just the right amount of stretch. I've always liked girth better than length, personally Winking
  • Contributor: lexical
    Oh! I also wanted to ask if there was any other information you would like to know that I could have or should have included in the review?
  • Contributor: ~miss.heather~
    Good review, how many different levels of vibrations would you say there are?
  • Contributor: lexical
    Well, it transitions pretty smoothly from the low settings to the highest. I'm not sure there are really discernable levels...It can start off at a very nice, low setting that is enough to tease, but not enough to bring you off. I can get off at the middle range fairly easy and the highest level gets me off *quick* Winking

    I have noticed that as the battery runs out, it only works at one level of vibration...Probably somewhere around the middle to low area. That's my signal to replace the batteries. It won't start to vibrate until I turn the dial base almost all the way.
  • Contributor: Erotica
    Nice Review, I'm definitely interested in this toy! Smile
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Love the look of these. Pitty they aren't available any more.

    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: lexical
    I still use this baby all the time I've had it for about four years.
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