Harmony wireless wonder - bullet vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Zandrock

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Nice Bullet But Design Issues

This toy comes with a nice bullet and a fun concept. The patterns are fun, and it is a good size, but an unreliable and battery guzzling remote ruins the experience. The toy is simply too unreliable and takes up too many batteries for me to recommend it to another person. I would recommend other remote controlled toys for a fun wireless, or public sex experience.
-Nice bullet
-Unreliable remote
-Batteries did not work
-LED does not show on/off
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The Harmony Wireless Wonder by Doc Johnson is a remote controlled bullet vibrator. The toy is marketed as something you can use in a lot of places. Like in public, around the house, on dates, really everywhere and anywhere. In order to use the bullet in public you would likely insert the bullet vaginally, which is likely why the bullet is so large. However you could also use the toy externally on your clitoris. The only way to control the bullet is from the remote. There is no way to use the bullet by itself, so it would be a tad bit awkward to use clitorally.

The bullet does have a retrieval cord, that facilitates easy vaginal removal. The cord is too short for anal play though. It would not stick out far enough to use as a retrieval cord. You could elongate the cord if you wanted, but you would have to feel very comfortable in knots, and it would be a bit riskier. Personally I am not going to use this toy anally ever. I think there are other better options.

Like all vibrating toys you can use this toy on other areas of the body, such as nipples, thighs, or neck. Again I found that having to find the remote when I was using this toy on my partner to change the setting was annoying when I was using it all over her body.

I found the best use of this toy was foreplay around the house. We did not want to actually use the toy in public, but we did have some fun using it for foreplay around the house. During dinner, and the dishes, and a movie it was fun to play with.
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The toy is two parts: a remote and a bullet.

The bullet is composed out of plastic which rates an 8 out of 10 on Eden Fantasy's safety scale, because plastic is non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free. The plastic is very smooth and there is no texture to the toy at all. The toy has no real smell, or odor to it. It does smell like plastic, but it is not something you notice at all. I would definitely consider it a beginner friendly toy. It is a nice basic bullet that most people should find enjoyable. The only potential concern would be size. It is on the larger side, but I will discuss that in the next section.

The remote is also made out of plastic. I seems a bit cheap and poorly made though. It is a plastic that seems very similar to the bullet. So it is also non-porous, latex and phthalate free (not that it really matters since you are not inserting this toy).
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The bullet is shaped like a pretty average bullet. It is long and shaped like an oval. It is largest at the base (where the retrieval cord is) and tapers down as it gets to the head of the toy. This bullet is larger than most average bullets. It is 3.5 inches long and about 1.25 inches in diameter. So if you are very new to toys, or have never had vaginal penetration this might be too large for you. But I do think most users will have no issue with it. The toy does have a seem in the middle of it where the two halves unscrew. When it is tightly screwed together you can barely notice it if you run your finger over it, and if you are using it vaginally you cannot feel the seam. At the base of the toy there is also a retrieval cord. It is made out of a plastic as well. It is quite hard, but does have some flex to it. It is about 3 inches in length. Overall I think the bullet is nicely designed. The seam could be a bit better, but the toy has nice size for keeping it in place during play, it has a good retrieval cord, and it works well as a bullet. I do think this toy would be very easy to hide. It is big for a bullet, but that does not actually mean it is very big. It would be very easy to store it and the remote somewhere discreet. I also think you could easily travel with the bullet. It seems sturdy enough to travel in a suitcase.

Then there is the remote. The remote is about 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide. It is shaped like a rectangle. On the top of it there are two button and a cord made out of the same stuff on the bullet. The cords ends in a little clip, so you can clip the remote to your jeans or belt, or wherever you want. The remote is a good size and shape. It fits easily in a pocket and really is not very big. It too would be easy to store and it would be okay to travel with. The remote seems a bit more flimsy than the bullet, so I would be slightly worried about breaking it if I went traveling with it. I would probably wrap it in a t-shirt or something.

Photo of the remote and the bullet

From the left: high intensity bullet, tantus' bullet that comes with the dildos, a bullet from another website, and then the Harmony bullet. As you can see it is the largest bullet.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The function of the toy is where I had issues. And actually I did not like the toy, because of how it functioned.

We will start off with the bullet. The bullet takes 3 N-3 batteries. I personally do not like toys that use batteries very much. I find an investment in a rechargable toys ends up being cheaper pretty quick. And the batteries it uses are not the cheapest ever. Really anything that is not a AA or AAA battery is expensive in my opinion.

Now in terms of performance the bullet worked quite well. It is waterproof, had nice vibrations, but unfortunately can only be controlled by the remote (which was an issue, because I had problems with the remote working). It had nice vibrations. Nothing mindblowing, but pretty good for a remote control toy. Definitely strong enough to get you nice and aroused and in the mood, which in my opinion is the purpose of the toy in the first place. The vibrations did rumble throughout the entire toy, quite consistently. So that was nice.

Here are the patterns of the toy:
1. Low Continuous
2. Medium Continuous
3. High Continuous
4. Low vibrations that rise in intensity. Stop. Repeat
5. Pulse
6. Quicker pulse
7. Short-Short-Short-Long

Overall the bullet is very quiet. Especially if it is inserted you cannot hear it at all. If you are using it externally a blanket on top of you and a door would easily mask all of the noise.

Now for the remote. The remote was the portion of the toy that made this toy not enjoyable for me at all. So it too takes a weird battery. A 12V one. When I got the toy I put in the batteries the toy came with, was excited to play with it, turned it on and...nothing. The batteries they had sent me were dead. So that was a bit disappointing. I read some reviews and someone else had issues with the remote battery, so I replaced it and the toy actually worked. The next day I went to use it again and...again nothing. The remote had drained all the batteries again. I have read that other people have had the same issue too. At this point I had a decent idea of how the toy worked and did not really care to keep buying batteries.

In terms of distance I found the remote worked okay across a room. Not as well as my We-Vibe 3, but still okay. The remote has two buttons on it. One that is an on and a off button, and one that scrolls through the functions. It also has an LED light that turns on, but it just randomly turns off and does not actually provide good information (like if the toy is on or off)

Overall the remote is just cheaply made and is not as nice as the bullet. That is why I mention not being able to turn the bullet on without the remote. If I could just use the bullet I would be at least slightly happy. Because it is a nice bullet. But I cannot use it because of a poorly made remote. The remote is not waterproof. They say that it is splashproof. So even though the bullet is waterproof you play options are a bi limited.

Overall I just found the toy not to perform to my expectations. I have both a We-Vibe 3 and a club vibe and both are just way better remote controlled toys. And in the case of the Club Vibe it really does not cost much more.
    • Battery guzzler
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very easy to take care of.

The toy is made out of a hard plastic so storing it is very easy. I store mine in just a plastic container under my bed. You could drop the toy and it should be fine. I store mine in a Ziploc bag so that the remote and the bullet stay together.

In terms of cleaning the bullet is also very easy to take care of. Since it is waterproof you can submerge the toy. When I am done playing with this toy I just used warm water and some antibacterial soap and cleaned it in the sink. The toy does have that seam, so just make sure you spend a little extra time making sure there are not any fluids there.

The remote is only splashproof. So you should avoid getting it wet. To clean this toy I use a baby wipe, or a toy cleaning wipe, or just a damp cloth and give it a quick wipe down. Since the remote is not coming into contact with any body fluids you do not need to clean it very often anyways.

The bullet since it is made out of plastic can be used with any type of lubrication. Water based, or silicone based (oil based lubricants really should not be used vaginally).
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The toy comes packed in a small plastic box. The box is see through, so you can see both the remote and the bullet on the front side of the toy.

The front side does not provide very much information, but it is not discrete at all. You can tell this is a sex toy by looking at the packaging.

The back side of the toy gives you a little information about the toy (ABS plastic, 7 function, tells you its made in china, that it is a novelty toy only, etc.)

There is no information about how to use the toy. I think they could include some basic information about how the the toy works, and the different functions, or something like that. But the toy was still usable without any.

I would not store the toy in the original packaging. It is simply too big and bulk. I just store mine in a Ziploc bag and it takes up a lot less room.

Front side

    • Not discreet

Personal comments

As I have stated earlier I do not think this is the best remote control toy you can buy for your money. I have both a We-vibe 3 (which is not a bullet, but still a remote control toy) and the club vibe (which also is not a bullet vibe, but still provides a similar experience) and both of them are just higher quality and better toys for you money. I would personally not recommend this toy to you unless you have an abundant supply of batteries or are willing to remove the batteries every single time you play with this toy (a big pain in my opinion)
Follow-up commentary
I still do not like it. The mechanical issues with this toy were simply too much to deal with and it never gets used. There are far better toys I enjoy use much more.
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