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Not as Blissful as I would've hoped.

I wanted to love this toy, I really did; I was very hyped for it when I got it, but it didn't bring me bliss even once. It simply disappointed me. The nubs don't feel anything like oral sex to me; they just feel annoying, and I wish I could get rid of the clitoral portion altogether. I'm just happy I got it on 85% off sale rather than paying the full list price.
Silicone (body-safe), waterproof, decent battery life, 'ok' vibration strength
Clitoral portion/nubs not pleasurable or stay in place, small/short vibrator portion, loud-ish
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First impression

Bliss arrived in a typical, unmarked cardboard box, sent from Web Merchants. Within the cardboard box was a second box; it was black with blue flowers and "Bliss" written across it. Upon opening Bliss's box, I was met with the device itself, a USB charging cable, and beneath that cable, a mesh pouch for storage. The box itself is very sturdy and elegant - it could fend quite well as a gift. Bliss came pre-charged, but I plugged it in overnight anyway, as I do with all my new-arrivals. The toy is made of silicone, and as with Eden's other products, I can't get enough of how silky it is to the touch. There is a slight silicone smell, but it doesn't get in the way & disappears after a good soap n' water cleansing. It's important to note that silicone products are ranked 10 on the body-safety scale & should only be used with water-based lubricant.


First Use

The next day, I grabbed Bliss, a bottle of water-based lube, and put it to work.

And I truly disliked every living second that those little nubs were turned on. No matter how delicately I pressed them against my clit, no matter how hard - moreover, no matter how much lubricant I slathered upon my clit and those nubs, it just didn't work. They simply didn't feel good, at all. In fact, they felt annoying. Not only that, but I had to use both hands - one to hold the entire toy in place, and the other to hold the clitoral attachment in place because it kept changing both the nubs' positioning AND the entire toy's if it (the clitoral portion) touched my skin. In other words, it was too flimsy - I had to focus on keeping the toy in place, on trying to make it feel good, and it just wasn't working. The fact that I had to think about (hopefully) feeling good, almost as if trying to fool myself into it was mentally and physically a turn-off for me.

On the other end of the spectrum, the vibrator portion isn't as bad. The insertable portion isn't as large or lengthy as I'd like it to be. I have to press/push it as far inside myself as physically possible (up until the clitoral portion reaches my entrance) in order to get it anywhere near my g-spot. I guess that's just my anatomy. It wasn't as strong as I wish it were; when I used it as a wand, it made me squirt, but just barely. After about 45 minutes of trying to finish, I gave up.

Further Experience

Further experiences didn't differ from the first. I hate the clitoral portion. The texture/feeling doesn't come close to feeling like any type of oral sex, even when it's dripping with lubricant. It's gotten to the point where I just use this toy as a regular vibrator/wand, and even that isn't satisfactory enough because of how small/weak it is. I wish the tip were more bulbous, or at least a little bit longer, because I have to actually strain to reach my g-spot, and it's just not comfortable.

I tried using it in conjunction with the Wicked Bunny & Satisfyer Pro 2 amongst other toys on my clit instead, but it didn't make any difference. Usually, those two toys in specific can make my experience worlds better, even with a toy I'm not particularly fond of, but Bliss feels like a lost cause. I have to focus on thinking about how to put the clitoral portion, so it doesn't piss me off, and that just turns into a mental block. The clitoral portion ruins any and every experience I try to have with it, even when it's off; it just gets in the way.

Taking the toy to the shower didn't make the experience any better either. Any water-based lube I applied would simply wash away, and those nubs would drag along my skin, eventually resulting in a sore, borderline painful clit. The only way I can see myself using Bliss is as a wand replacement, which is not the reason why I bought this toy. It's not even strong enough to do a wand's job effectively, as that one squirt (during the first use) was all it ever got out of me - probably because I was hyped about getting a new toy.

Bliss is going to end up collecting dust. I don't see myself using it anytime soon.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are average and borderline buzzy. They can be felt throughout the entire toy, and can & will leave my hand numb after about 20 minutes. The clitoral portion rotates. Depending on how you use Bliss, the toy becomes louder (eg., if you clench down on it with your muscles, it becomes louder; using one rotation versus another result in either a louder or quieter toy).
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I struggle with orgasm by default, but at least toys usually make me feel good, and I can consistently/regularly make myself squirt. But this toy can't even make me feel good nor can it make me squirt consistently.
I didn't get anywhere near orgasm with Bliss, even when I used it with other toys. The most it did was make me squirt once out of at least a dozen attempts.
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  • Sclava
    I do have this same toy at home and found the rotational attachment too flimsy and more distracting than helpful. I agree with the comments by iovys, very well explained.
  • iovys
    @Sclava: I totally agree on the distraction notion, but all we can do is keep looking for something better!
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