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Not my favorite but definitely in the top five

Bendi Beaver, while having a silly name, is certainly no laughing matter! Overall, I would say this vibrator is a great value with a reasonable price. Also, I would say this is a great vibrator for a brand new user. I would stress, however, that you read the instructions and purchase lube to enhance your experience.
Its rounded "tail" allows for a more gentle stimulation of the clitoris.
It could be slightly wider in diameter to allow for the enhancement of "adjusting".
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The Bendi Beaver vibe is a great addition to any sensualist's boudoir. Sleek, sexy, and easy to use - this toy, while made for fun, delivers some serious sensation. Alone, listening to some smooth tunes stretched out on your bed, or together with your sexy significant other; fogging up the windows as you keep each other warm in that cold cabin, your playtime can only be enhanced with this little treasure.

Also, feel free to think outside of the box - literally! While created primarily for the lusty lady's clit and pussy, the Bendi Beaver can easily rev up her, or his, motor by running it over nipples. You really want to turn it up a notch? Adjust the Bendi Beaver, and use the clitoral stimulator directly on your lover's nipple and watch them burn!

As a side note, buyers of the hummingbird style vibes, who found the pointed beak almost painful due to its sharp point, will find the beaver's rounded clitoral "tail" just right to fit their stimulation needs.

Material / Texture

It's sleek design and attractive color, make this vibrator far less intimidating than some on the market today. Its soft jelly covering allows for smooth entry, often without even the use of lube (though it is recommended).

Design / Shape / Size

With an insertable length of 6", and a circumference of 1 5/8", this vibrator is pretty much of average size; and therefore beginning friendly, and easy to hide in a drawer or shoebox. However, I and most of my friends, appreciate the sensations that are experienced during the "stretching" portion of sex, and therefore I believe it would not have hurt for this vibe to be a wee bit larger to enhance the experience.

The rows of beads that are at its center, rotating within the shaft, may shoot other sensualists into the stratosphere - but quite frankly did little for me. Though, it should be noted, they were also not a hindrance to any lusty liaison I may have been enjoying.

The clitoral stimulator, you may notice, has a rounded tip rather than the hummingbird's sharper point. During my initial arousal phase, the beaver is far more appealing as it smoothly glides against the clitoris. Whereas, the hummingbird's pointed "beak" can almost be painful in the beginning of arousal. By that same token, further along in playtime, as things begin heating up and glistening nicely, the hummingbird's pointed tip is suddenly far more appreciated as a little more stimulation than what the rounded tip of the beaver then offers.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Picture this: you're getting closer and closer to that much anticipated state of bliss, the backs of your knees sweating, sparks of electricity shooting down your back and exploding out of the base of your spine, you're biting your lip to contain the scream you feel bubbling up within you, fireworks are just shy of shooting off behind your eyelids. Your fingers go to adjust your trusted BOB, just so (to push you over the edge and into that blessed state of oblivion where bluebirds sing your name and butterflies flutter as they braid your hair), only to push the wrong damn button.

Suddenly your vibe is doing the horizontal mambo in time with "The Way We Were", and you completely lose all momentum to finally say, "Screw it!". You throw your vibrator across the room and against the wall because, damn it! You were so close! It was right there! This brings us to the controls which, thankfully, are fairly simple. Everyone knows brain cells go on temporary vacation when an orgasm is imminent!

You have a couple of options for intensity of the pulses, and vibration in the clitoral stimulator (aka "beaver"), and you have a couple of options to increase and decrease the shaft's rotation speed. As a bonus there is an additional button, which offers random patterns to alleviate any boredom that may otherwise be found in a vibrator. Bonus: it's quiet enough to not rouse the neighbors. If you share a room, though, you may want to wait for his/her snores to commence before playtime first!

Care and Maintenance

I found that the beaver was easy to clean with a warm, and a soapy cloth. I simply rinsed it with a warm wet cloth (not putting the actual vibrator under water) and allowed it to air-dry. So far, so good!


While I wouldn't suggest attempting to wrap this as a gift, before placing the packaged vibe in a shoebox, it's packaging is concise and gives intelligent directions.
Follow-up commentary
It's still pretty great though the massaging balls seem to be losing their vim and vigor! The clit stimulator definitely makes it still worth the money spent along with the vibrator-cum-dildo.
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Did the beads continue to rotate when you clinched down on them?

    It appears the clit stimulator can be bent into different positions relative to the main shaft, but you didn't really address that in your review. Does the clit stimulator bend, and does it stay in the position it is bent into?
  • Sugar Pirate
    I addressed repositioning the stimulator here:

    "Also, feel free to think outside of the box - literally! While created primarily for the lusty lady's clit and pussy the Bendi beaver can easily rev up her or his motor by running it over nipples. You really want to turn it up a notch? Adjust the Bendi beaver and use the clitoral stimulator directly on your lover's nipple and watch them burn!"

    As for the beads rotating, that is its given function and I did not make a note that there was a problem with it not rotating. In other words, if I didn't make a note of something breaking then you can assume all functions were working.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    I wasn't asking if the toy broke, simply if the beads continued to rotate under pressure. If you will read other reviews of rabbit vibes, you will see one of the main complaints is that the beads get jammed or just stop rotating when the user clinches down on them. I would wager that is the most frequently asked question on reviews of rabbit vibes.
  • Sugar Pirate
    As I said, it continued to operate as it should
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Good review.
  • Britni TheVadgeWig
    Your review was great and informative, but your tone in replying to comments comes off a little rude and harsh. People are simply asking questions because they would like to be as informed about the toy as possible. Please don't view it as critical of your review.
  • Tart
    Great job! A very well written review.
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