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The Dryad by Eden Toys is a high-quality little vibrator with the potential to provide G-spot orgasms if you know what you're doing and it fits your body and preferences. I really wanted to love it, because it had so much going for it, but it just wasn't a match for me. But it may turn out to be just what you're looking for!
Beautiful vibe with safe, soft material
A variety of vibration patterns and intensities
May not reach every g-spot, not much clitoral pressure
Average noise level
Unclear if waterproof
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First impression

First impression

When I first opened up my package from EF, I was surprised by the size of the Dryad. The product page images make it appear much larger than it actually is, and I was a tad relieved to see that it was only slightly longer than my hand and not very wide. The vibrator is 6 1/2" long, with an insertable length of 3 3/4". Circumference is 2 3/4," and the diameter is 1", making it on the smaller side and very non-threatening to new users as well as their partners.

I was impressed by how soft the silicone felt, and what a lovely shade of purple it was. Silicone is a 10 on Eden's safety scale, and you can really feel the quality. The fact that it is hypo-allergenic, latex-free, non-porous, and phthalates free provides wonderful peace of mind. If you're going to use lube with this toy (which you may not need to do, because it is so soft and small), make sure it is water-based.

I was somewhat dismayed to discover that there were no directions or instructions included along with the vibrator. I like to know at least if there are care instructions, a list of vibration patterns, or any indication of whether or not the device needs to be charged before first use. Included were only the vibe itself, the USB charger, and a black see-through bag. I'll be keeping the bag for storage, though it is not very discreet (it literally says "SEX TOYS" multiple times on it). Do not store it with other silicone toys and do not try to boil it (wash with soap and water or silicone-safe toy cleaner).

Out of the plastic

First Use

Almost ready

After a little less than an hour of charging, I knew the Dryad was ready for me when the charging light turned off. Before actually using the toy, I cycled through the settings to try and get an idea of what my options were. I'm glad I figured out the buttons (power on/off, next mode, previous mode) before I got going because once inserted, the control pad was positioned away from me, which was annoying.

I prepared myself for a bedroom solo session with this toy and enjoyed the sensations of the various patterns. However, the design was a bit confusing to me. It looks as though one "arm" is meant to be inserted and the other goes against your clit, but the power level and function are the same in each arm. The arms are very flexible, which added to my confusion—was I supposed to try to insert both parts internally?


The Dryad is billed as a G-spot vibrator, but with its relative shortness, just didn't do the trick for me. I couldn't really thrust with it (rocking into it was more like it). And, given its shape, I did not receive enough pressure and stimulation on my clit to orgasm. Eventually, I just gave up.

Further Experience

I gave this toy a second chance, but my frustrations remained. Not enough pressure on my clit and I couldn't find or reach my G-spot.

I did enjoy the variety of vibration patterns and the texture, but this one was just not a good match for me. Given that there were no indications anywhere that the toy is waterproof (I did not see a cover over the charging port), I was not comfortable trying to see if taking it in the bath would help.

The Dryad could be used externally on other parts of the body, and that did feel nice, but it should absolutely not be used for anal.

Vibration Map

Here, as best as I can describe, are the 12 settings I identified from power-on:

1) Constant vibration
2) Constant vibration, higher level
3) Constant vibration, the highest level
4) Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble
5) Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse
6) Long pulse, rumble, rumble, rumble
7) Ascending rumble
8) Fast, constant rumble
9) Rumble, rumble, pulse
10) Ascending pulse
11) Fast pulse
12) Multi-tempo pulse

The vibrations are strong—not the strongest I've ever felt, but very buzzy. Noise level is moderate (I noticed that patterns were louder than the basic vibration)—could definitely be heard in the same room, but not through a closed door with music on (perhaps through a closed door with no ambient noise, so be warned).
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Sadly, I didn't get an orgasm from this toy. I just couldn't get enough pressure on my clit while keeping the Dryad inside me. It did feel very nice internally, but that illusive G-spot orgasm remains a mystery to me for now. There are various G-spot gels available that may assist in reaching orgasm, or a different anatomy/pleasure preference may be all that it takes to do get you there...
Follow-up commentary
I gave this lovely toy another chance, but it still just isn't for me. The power isn't as much as I need and I can't get enough pressure against my clit. Regardless, this could be someone else's new favorite!
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