Cupid's stealth surprise - traditional vibrator by EdenFantasys - review by Kayla

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Not Too Stealthy

The Cupid's Stealth Surprise is not a traditional vibrator that I'd recommend to most. Compared to its C battery breathren, it's not the best in its league. However, if you are really attracted to the design or would just prefer this vibrator, the Cupid's Stealth Surprise isn't horrible either.
Soft and slick material, Stronger than most traditional vibrators, Basic and simple
Not waterproof, Eats up your batteries, Vibrations are moderate, Not rumbly
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The Cupid's Stealth Surprise is a plastic, velvety vibrator made by Cupid's Club. It is about 8 inches long, and it has a diameter of slightly over an inch. It takes two C batteries, and it is SPLASHproof, but not waterproof. It is multi-speed, and the base of the vibrator includes a dial to control the vibrations. It's also phthalates and latex-free. It also says "Mix N Match" on the packaging, but I really have no idea what that means, and it also doesn't say anything about it in the directions.

The packaging for this vibrator is pretty basic. It comes in blister pack packaging that showcases the toy through it's see-through front. It also talks about the different features of the Cupid's Club vibrator. The packaging is much larger than the vibrator itself, and as the vibrator doesn't have any special storage requirements, it would be easier to get rid of the packaging after you remove the vibrator and understand its features.

To be honest, I jump on ANY vibrator that uses C batteries. Granted, like the Cupid's Stealth Surprise, they usually tend to be traditional in design and usually are made of plastic, but I just really enjoy the power that's packed into a C-battery vibrator. It's hard to find that type of power in battery operated toy unless it is using C batteries.

Like previously stated, the Cupid's Stealth Surprise is a traditional vibrator. It has a pretty traditional shape as well, and it is made of a nice, silky smooth plastic as well. The plastic glides really nicely against the skin. At the base of the vibrator, there is a turn dial that allows you to adjust the vibrations of the vibrator. This base can also be unscrewed which is where the two C batteries will be inserted. It's extremely easy to insert the batteries, and the batteries slide back out just as nicely. The tip of the Cupid's Stealth Surprise is relatively pointy, so it may not be the most comfortable insertable toy for all women.

The vibrations of the Cupid's Stealth Surprise are moderate. They are stronger than most AA or AAA batteries, but compared to other C batteries, it is not the strongest vibrator. Something about the design of the vibrator seems like it almost "mutes" some of the vibration strength with the material of the sex toy. The vibrations are mostly felt at the tip, and they are not too rumbly. They will make your hand numb relatively quickly (along with the genitals) if you use it for long periods of time on yourself. It just doesn't have that rumbly sensation I'd expect with a C-battery vibrator.

The noise is relatively loud. It definitely can be heard in the same room, and depending upon your door, it possibly could be heard outside of a closed door. The vibrations are loudest when it's not being pressed up against anything, but it does get quieter when pressed up against an object. For those that have to be discreet, though, this will not be a good choice.

The biggest thing I noticed is that, compared to other C-battery-operated vibrators, the Cupid's Stealth Surprise is surprisingly not that strong. I was hoping it'd be stronger and really live up to its C-battery name, but it wasn't as powerful as some of my other C battery favorites such as Intimate Basics Siena or my Precious Metal Gems vibrator that uses two C batteries (not available on EF). It's stronger than most vibrators that run on AA or AAA batteries, so it's stronger than those, but when compared to its brethren that run on C batteries, it just isn't as strong.

As a note, do NOT LEAVE THE BATTERIES IN THIS ONE! I did my video review over the vibrator and left the batteries in knowing I'd want to use it again. Two days later, when I went to use it, my brand new C batteries were drained of their power from the vibrator. Most of my vibrators will drain batteries over a month or two if I leave them in, but I've never had any issue with a non-remote vibrator draining them so quickly.
For most women, the Cupid's Stealth Surprise will probably be enough for orgasm. After all, it is a C-battery vibrator! The vibrator is extremely easy to hold, and with the turn-dial on the base, the vibrator is also extremely easy to control. The vibrations are strong enough that it will make your hand feel numb while holding it which may be problematic to some, but I didn't mind it too much. I wouldn't recommend inserting the Cupid's Stealth Surprise as it was really uncomfortable because of the rock-hard straight design and the pointy end, but it does work well for external and clitoral use because of the straight design.

To clean the Cupid's Stealth Surprise, you'll want to use warm soap and water. As the vibrator isn't waterproof (which is odd because most comparable vibrators are), you'll want to be careful as to where you get the water on this vibrator. The shape is pretty standard, so a condom can be used to cover the plastic if you want easy clean-up. It's compatible with all types of lubricants, and as it's just a basic plastic, it can easily be stored whereever you'd like.

Overall, while Cupid's Stealth Surprise is an okay vibrator, I'm going to have to say that I recommend the Intimate Basics Siena much more highly over it. The Siena has a better design, is stronger, and just looks more "professional". However, if the Cupid's Stealth Surprise is calling to you, it's certainly not a bad sex toy either.
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  • Zombirella
    I never knew or even thought that C battery powered vibes would be stronger! I want to try one now!
  • puppylove
    Thanks for the review and tips about the batteries
  • mpfm
    Thanks for the review. Now I'll have to look up some C-battery operated toys.
  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    I never knew they made C-battery powered vibes period. Great review thanks for sharing!
  • Nice to Eat you
    C batteries are great for power, really heavy though
  • unfulfilled
    I haven't tried a vibe that requires C batteries. All the ones I've tried use watch, AA, AAA, are rechargeable, or plug in. Thanks for letting us know to remove the batteries from this. I try to do this with my toys, but I sometimes forget.
  • SadoMas
  • Do emu
    Thanks for sharing!
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