Casey's pink power the plunge - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Spiking Glue

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Pink Girl Kebab.

Ultra cutesy, girly, and pink, the waterproof, multi-speed ‘Casey’s Pink Power, The Plunge’ is squishy fun, with its globby form and moderate vibrations. While it may be a bit more fiddly due to its material, its downright fun-ness make it a worthwhile ride and purchase.
Blobs and heart decorations are quite stimulating without being irritating. Waterproof.
Medium to low vibrations aren't enough for some, TPR can be linty and a bit of a hassle at times.
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Casey’s Pink Power, The Plunge|Casey's pink power the plunge’ looks like a short stack of jelly balls on a silver stick--a kebab of sorts--and each little pink nugget is decorated with hearts. Failing to arrive with a tutu and a pretty princess crown, it’s still one of the girliest things I own. It is also the only vibe I own whose name is so long that it involves a comma.
Now, I’m not a ‘girl power!’ kinda person, but even so, this vibe’s easy for me to forgive. It’s frivolous and pleasurable, and that really kicks the balance in its favor.

Made of phthalate- and odor-free TPR, 'Casey’s Pink Power, The Plunge' has a slightly gummy, squishy quality. This makes it a very comfortable ride, as it conforms slightly to you as you insert it. TPR is somewhat porous, so if you’re sharing, it’s recommended you use a nonporous barrier.

The trade off for the squishy, unfortunately, is the gummy. By ‘gummy’, I mean that it’s a little sticky, and while it admirably doesn’t become a lint ball when left alone, it can become a lint ball if you aren’t careful when you set it down. Also, it’s just gummy enough to make lube a requirement for fun, and not a happy extra. Since it’s made of TPR, you can use your lube of choice, water or silicone.

Clean up isn’t as carefree as I’d like, also due to the gumminess. Toy cleaner is safe to use, but the gummy TPR causes paper towel to catch, making it difficult to wipe. I have not tried *actual* wipes on it (I only use wipes when I travel), which leaves me with gold ol’ soap and water. It cleaned very easily with soap and water, however, and I never had difficulty getting fluids out of nooks and crannies. I prefer using soap and water most of the time, anyway, so I’m not particularly bothered by this.

The vibrations are sort of mellow, so it’s not a vibe for people who want a powerhouse. I really like it, personally. While it does sport a dial base, theoretically giving it many levels of power, I’d say that I can’t personally feel very much difference between the lowest and the middle settings, although the highest setting is definitely a stand out. One quibble I had concerned the controls. The dial control nob is very thin, and tight, so while I won’t accidentally change speeds during use, I probably won’t be able to purposefully change it either. Lube on your hands also makes the dial impossible to twist. So, make sure you set the speed before you use it, and lube up last.

All the vibrations radiate from the tip. Vibrations which originate from the tip provide you with two great benefits: they dull noise and focus stimulation. The noise level outside my body? Fairly loud, not extremely so, but I think it’s audible from the hallway. Inside my body, I’m fairly sure the hallway has no idea what I’m doing anymore. The directed vibrations also allow me to focus attention on my gspot area, which really intensifies my experience (even though I rarely have G-spot orgasms). I tried using it externally, to stimulate my clit, but I’m not sure why! Gummy consistency doesn’t make for easy application to external skin, it just tugs around skin and hair.

It is also waterproof, however I have not played with it in the shower or bath. I did run it under water to test mine, and it did just fine.

The real thrill behind ‘Casey’s Pink Power, The Plunge’ is in the blobby shape. I had never had a toy with a similar shape, and I found the shape to be very sexy and interesting. I could feel all the little balls going in and coming out, and the soft undulations were just… erotic. The raised heart outlines were also quite interesting, with enough give to make them stimulating but not abrasive. Coupled with the vibrations, I think this vibe is worth what little extra effort the gumminess of it causes. I could almost enjoy this toy without the vibrations, that’s how much I liked the blobs.

I’m a little bemused when I pick this toy up and get ready to use it. It’s just so silly, and girly, and pink. But when I do actually use it, and I thrust and feel the pink girly nuggets pop in and out, and the toy vibrates and I angle it to my G-spot area, and it slips and squishes just a little as I squeeze it, and I stop and I play with my clit, it’s just *fun*. It’s a *fun* toy. Fun is good! Silly is good! Hell, I’d buy it again if it broke. Damn the torpedoes.
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  • Epiphora
    Hm! I wouldn't even think twice about this one without your review. I wonder if there's something else out there with a similar shape that's made of silicone.
  • Spiking Glue
    :) It's a fun toy. I keep saying that, but it seems like it's the best word for it. I'd call it a "High 3", slightly above average stimulation but not above-enough to make it a 4. I had no idea I'd like blobs, but these blobs are so yummy. I suppose that'll teach me to be a bit more adventurous with shapes, because the gummy balls seem to stimulate my g-spot area very nicely...while it's not a toy I'd ordinarily pick for myself, it's proven itself to be worth its spot on my nightstand. At $24 a pop, if you know you like blobs or are curious about 'em (and don't mind that the vibes are on the low end), it's worth your time.

    Here I am, writing a whole new review of it. :x
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    A sex toy Kabob! Hehe. It is quite girly and the name is HUGE. I don't usually go for pink toys, but because you can see the silver through it, it's not quite so offensive. :) Thanks for the great review!
  • Spiking Glue
    It's soooo girly. >< *laugh* After years of having pink shoved down my throat, pink has become more of an obstacle to overcome than a feature to promote, for me. You're right, I think the fact that it's translucent helps it be less obnoxious, although the hearts nearly tweak it out of sorts... I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
  • Willis2011
    thanks for the review
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