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Pleasure finder!

The Pleasure Seeker had no problems finding my pleasure! This versatile toy was a blast to play with, and helped my partner and I enjoy some new experiences, such as double penetration, suction clitoral stimulation, and thrusting toys. While I do feel the battery life could be better, I was completely impressed and happy with the Pleasure Seeker. It's earned itself a frequent flyer spot in my nightstand!
Multiple orgasm inducing
Powerful vibrations
Endless combinations on settings
Battery and motors could be stronger
The charger is a bit finicky
May be too intense for some
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First impression

First of all, Eden has to absolutely be commended on the packaging of their products! I had the dreaded, "My sex toy mail went to my neighbors house." incident happen. My package was marked as delivered, and there was no package in my mailbox. Cue panic, which was ultimately completely unnecessary. This toy not only came in the usual standard brown, nondescript box, with the sender marked as "Web Merchant", but the toy itself was sealed in a plastic wrapped white box with absolutely nothing identifying on the outside of it, so I can safely say with 100% certainty, my neighbor had zero clue about what was inside of our mail mixup! The packaging completely covers the package, no see through windows, pictures of the product or any labeling that would identify what it is. Inside, the toy was wrapped in plastic, with the charger. It did not come with any instructions.

I would also add, the charger itself, is an external magnetic battery charger, and I have had some issues with accidentally disconnecting it. I've learned to make sure the toy is flat and securely positioned and to ensure it is fully connected and charging before I walk away from it.

First Use

Upon first use, there was a bit of bumbling around, as I tried to figure out the functions. As an experienced user, it was fairly easy to figure out the controls. One button to work the suction, another for the thrusting, and a third for the vibration in the shaft. After a few minutes of messing with buttons I was confident enough to use the toy with my partner, and Ho. Lee. Cow. I was pretty impressed. The suction cup part of the toy luckily, did line up perfectly for me, and the combination of the suction and the thrusting was an experience I can safely say I had never experienced before. Then I turned on the shaft vibration and I saw stars. This toy helped me attain my first multiple O's in quite some time. I honestly have to admit, I enjoyed it so much, that I may or may not have had some discomfort after the first use, which I'm fairly certain was due to overuse. Whoops.

Further Experience

I will say, this toy may for some be more suited to solo use for some, than it would for others. However, my partner and I have enjoyed it multiple ways together. The options are many! We got quite bold with our playtime with the toy. It was great for mutual masturbation, my partner really enjoyed watching the toy thrusting in me. We also enjoyed using it to experience double penetration, and even ventured to try double vaginal penetration, however unfortunately it didn't quite work out for us. For someone who is a size queen, I could see where it would work great for this use, however it was a bit large for us to accomplish it comfortably.

I also will add, that the battery only lasted about a session and a half, so I would highly recommend charging it after each use. I found that use of all three functions definitely drains the battery quicker. When the battery would quit, I could still get some use if I just used one of the functions versus all three, which was handy in the heat of the moment. I did also notice that the thrusting motion at times seemed to slip, and the toy made a weird sound. I had no issues when the toy was fully charged. I do feel the battery and motors could be stronger, but a smidge of preparation goes a long way!

Vibration Map

The vibration of the suction cup was amazing! I also enjoyed that all three of the motors had multiple settings, and I was able to fine tune each of them to different settings. For instance, I was able to have a fast pulse on the suction, and a long pulse on the vibrating shaft. It was very customizable to my personal needs and desires!
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

My orgasm was over the moon with this toy. If you haven't ever experienced these suction sort of toys before, the orgasm is out of this world! The flickering/sucking sensation, coupled with the deep, intense vibrations of the shaft and the customizable thrusting can quickly bring you over the edge in 0.3 seconds, or they can be fine tuned and played with to enjoy a more slow-burn, high intensity orgasm. The possibilities are endless, I would just highly recommend lots, and lots, of water based (because the toy is silicone) lubricant, so you don't wind up a bit too tender when you find out how addictive these orgasms are!
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